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Fabien Barthez

( Brazilian footballers, goalkeeper)

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Biography Fabien Barthez
photo Fabien Barthez
Country: France
. Club: Manchester United
. Date of Birth: 28/06/1971
. Height: 1.83 m
. Weight: 78 kg
. Number: 16

. He played for the team "Toulouse" (1989-1992), Olympique de Marseille (Marseille) (1992-1995), Monaco (1995-2000).
. Player France team (38 matches).
. World Champion 1998
. European Champion 2000
. European Champion Clubs' Cup 1992/93
. Champion of France 1996/97 and 1999/2000.

. This charismatic goalkeeper became a superstar after the World Cup in 1998 and became one of the key figures in the team competition at the European Championship in 2000.

. Barthez has a different reaction, and, despite his unusual style of play, the goalkeeper is a versatile, well-played and feet, and at the goal line, and outputs.

. Barthez played in the French club Toulouse FC, Olympique de Marseille and AS Monaco
. Now Fabien Barthez is a player of Manchester United FC, who bought the goalkeeper for 7.8 million pounds shortly before Euro 2000.

. Barthez missed only two goals in the final tournament of the 1998 World and four times defended "at zero" in the six qualifying matches of Euro 2000
. Won the French championship with Monaco in 1999/2000.

. Sports, which prefers to engage in free time: auto and motorcycle races, swimming.

. Favorite artists - Phil Collins, Charles Aznavour.
. Favorite album - the soundtrack to the animated film "The Lion King."

. Sexuality Fabien - is not an invention of the press
. It is no accident he managed to seduce Linda, evangelical faith, which dragged him from the sunny French slushy Manchester. Well, times have changed: a good goalie now earns more than a famous model, and the glory he had not the example of more. Evangelista, apparently mad about Barthez - for his sake, she may miss the fashion show, and most recently, Linda bought a brand-new favorite "Porsche". It would seem that a guy with a shiny bald head to be faithful to the grave Linde. But nothing of the sort! Evangelist sees rivals in all women, around goalkeeper "MJ". And rightly so. Barthez himself, apparently, something Linda is not happy. Under Christmas to him secretly in love the first guests arrived - Lisa Valois. Of course, Fabien invited Lisa to a restaurant, and then carried to the hotel. What happened next is unknown, but a cleaner that morning soap corridor, allegedly saw a man resembling Barthez, a woman resembling Valois. They either embraced, or kissed. Maybe cleaners imagined: That's all that we know about the personal life of Fabien Barthez.

As for his football career, it is in everyone's mind. Career goalkeeper France Manchester develops successfully, except for the fact that the defenders 'MJ' besyat some of its 'gadgets'. For example, shouting: 'Stam, run there! " or 'Butt, stand here! " When opponents takes the corner, the players 'United' From the cry of a Frenchman's head is spinning - at Korner Barthez particularly nervous. Well, if the ball flies in his gate goalkeeper diverges in earnest, recalling all the parents and relatives of those who, in his opinion, 'brought' goal. Barthez himself as ever in no blame. How can! He imagine, says now is:

- Of course, Peter Schmeichel - a great goalie, if only because he had won the 'Manchester' Champions League. But I think it interfered with huge growth and weight - not by chance at the gate 'MJ' flew as many balls. I am lighter and more mobile than Peter and I think that with me 'United' will win many more titles.

Modesty is always adorned Barthez. By the way, according to fans 'Manchester', he has not won in a team of such authority, which had a great Dane. In part, this does not interfere with the stability of Fabien and his constant vypendrezhi. Look at any game of the Premier League with the 'Manchester': there is plenty of incompetent and makes in the field, and attempts to wrap the opponent forwards. For example, in a duel with 'Ipswich' (1:1) Barthez as 'removed' by a ball, which then drove only just knocked him to the goal line. Supporters clutched at his heart, as Alex Ferguson's side nearly suffered a heart attack not. However, the coach 'MJ' view that they did not for nothing that gave $ 11 million for the French goalkeeper.

- For what I love Fabien, it is for his ability to pull any ball that flies through the gate. He has a cat's reaction, and when he was in shock, it is not possible to score. Does he have weaknesses? He still feels confident enough in the game at the outputs of that in England - the most important thing.

Yes, when Fabien catches his game, attacking the opponent can sympathize. And when his skill does not save, he is taken to fool the public and forwards. In the mast of the FA Cup with the 'West Ham' ( 'Manchester' lost 0:1) defense mankuniantsev 'yawn' in the penalty Paolo Di Canio, and he went to a rendezvous with Barthez. Golkiper, instead of preventing forward, raised his hand, signaling the arbitrator that it was 'offside', and quietly headed for a new ball. However, Di Canio did not succumb to the ruse.

- When Paolo came to me one on one, I realized that prevent him already did not have time, - says Barthez. - So it occurred to circle it around your finger. Unfortunately, not work. But the episode I did everything I could.

. This whole Barthez.

. He decided the main problem 'Manchester' - put an end goalie mess, which was attended by Australian Mark Bosnich, Raimond van der Dutchman Gove and Italian Massimo Taeebi
. Worth Frenchman injured, . a place in the gate 'MJ' take van der Gove, . began as a miracle: in the match against Chelsea (1:1) Paul Scholes, . Paying grazed his head back, . Barthez mistook his bald head with a skull Hasselbaink, . and forward the Londoners took advantage of a gift, . scoring a goal,
. And why van der Gove ran to the corner check box to select the ball from Zola? It is understandable why Fabien terribly arrogant. When the players 'MJ' advised him to continue the tradition of kiss his bald skull, putting forward the role of 'tselovalschika' Jaap Stam, Fabien resolutely refused. And not because he dislikes. Just partner in the French team, Laurent Blanc, he considers worthy of this honor, and the players 'MJ' - no. No fan of Barthez and ordinary fans: they will soon have a drink with Paul Gascoigne, than to get acquainted with the Frenchman. Although sometimes (for advertising) Fabien allowed to quiz winners are eligible to hold with his idol day.

And. In England, 'bald Buddhist' (as his fans dubbed 'Arsenal') eats only organic food, imported in stores in Manchester from France. At dinner, he prefers duck with apples and a glass of red wine for breakfast - coffee and a croissant with fried eggs. Fastidiousness goalkeeper has acquired a legend in France: one day he demanded to replace it with a wax figure at an exhibition in Paris than the organizers picked the entire schedule. In England, Barthez did not change. And why? 'Manchester' - a great club. But Barthez - a great goalkeeper. The only existing goalkeeper who wears the title of world champion and Europe.

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    Fabien Barthez, photo, biography
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