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ARANA Facundo

( Actor)

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Biography ARANA Facundo
photo ARANA Facundo
Date of Birth: March 31, 1972
. Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
. Sign: Aries
. Hobbies: saxophone, cerfing and riding on jeeps off road
. Favorite sport: surfing
. Fantasy: perhaps she had already come true, but in general, so many of them:
. Favorite food: fried meat in the company of friends and relatives
. Song: Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd)
. Cologne: Insense ultramarine (Zhivenshi)
. Flower: Jasmine
. Color: Black

. This young man happened to come on TV
. He rose from the bottom, passing through all the trials, which offers him a destiny, sometimes not the easiest ...

Facundo Arana - gallant man who conquers women's hearts, he defines himself as: funny, humane and not perfect.

Hohito, called his grandmother, was born March 31, 1972. His full name is Jorge Facundo Arana (Jorge Facundo Arana). He was the pupil in a closed Colegio Bilingue Moorlans de Tortuguitas, between classes, he did what he liked most: drawing. He was a bachelor living alone with his dog kuwacz hungaro (Hungarian kuvaks), Pampa. He has three sisters, one older and two younger.

In 15 years, best friend led him to acting lessons Alicia Mucyo. In 1989 Facundo have found the disease Hodgkin (Hodgkin), cancer of the lymph glands. 10 months of intensive treatment and 5 years of observation by doctors.

Once walking in the subway with his saxophone, a wandering saxophonist, invited him to play, and then Facundo decided to find their own station. 10 months he has played on the station Pueyrredon (Pueredon) line D. Here he was noticed by the series Canto Rodado, Lito Espinosa who later recognized him in one of the castings and offered him the role of saxophonist Ramiro, a character who was written off with Facundo. After some time he invited Alejandro Rama as a permanent actor of the old channel Canal 9. He appeared in Alta Comedia, Marco el Candidato, La Hermana Mayor. In the middle of 1995 Facundo got a small role in the series Perla Negra (Black Pearl).

In 1996 he played the jealous husband, and hard to telekomedii channel Canal 13, Sueltos. In the same year he played the role of the young men who had cancer of the lymph glands in the series Zingara (Gypsy).

In 1997 he began work on the Phone, the program Chiquititas (third fourth season) and in the remake of the series El Rafa in a place with Arturo Puig and Gaston Pauls. First success came to him while working in TV series "Wild Angel". Thus he became known not only in Argentina but also throughout the world.

User comments
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  • Lenka for ARANA Facundo
  • A great actor! Soap opera addict with his participation.
  • Zia for ARANA Facundo
  • Ооочень sexy ooooooochen handsome ! I love it!
  • jamilia for ARANA Facundo
  • Very much I love his creativity, appearance, and especially the eyes, and nose (I really like his nose)) Cute-очаровашка! :)
  • Alka for ARANA Facundo
  • Hello Everyone! I have great respect Facundo Arana, I love his film! I want to see it bigger on the screen! The end Facundo wish a lot of success and good luck!
  • kot777 for ARANA Facundo
  • This actor zaichka! Sugar! Very charming and beautiful muzhchinka! Well, just a peach! No words ! 1
  • Olga for ARANA Facundo
  • I so like to watch when they play with Natalia Oreiro! beautiful couples can not imagine! as they tseluuuuuuyutsya!
  • SALMAN for ARANA Facundo
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • I adored him, HE is very pretty.
  • Olga for ARANA Facundo
  • This man .... Цепляет once ... Interesting, mysterious, charming, I just conceal from him ... would meet such a life
  • Asya for ARANA Facundo
  • Facundo Arana most charming man, . the most talented actor and a very creative person of the actor's environment! That he is able zainteresrvat audience so, . that he could not tear myself away from the TV screen, . even over 270 episodes! If you look in his eyes, . it is possible to drown and forget about everything, . except this man ....,
  • Olya for ARANA Facundo
  • Facundo just super ! I really like when he plays with Naty Oreiro especially sereale Wild Angel! It is wrong to play a love of people and not feel any chuvst in real! Here's how I started watching this series, . then it just could not tear myself away,
    . All so ramantichno, . as much tears in my eyes navorachivayutsya! I love it ! Chen He's the best guy in the world! And what are his eyes ...... if I ever have to look at them ....... Facundo Arana MOST THE MOST THE MOST THE MOST THE BEST IN THE WORLD ! !,
  • Julia for ARANA Facundo
  • On such a man as Jorge Facundo Arana really can only dream of. And what are his eyes ...... if I ever have to look at them ....... I love it !
  • Vika for ARANA Facundo
  • Adore Facundo Arana Handsome .... Pts cool))))
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • Angela for ARANA Facundo
  • My sister also had Hodgkin's disease, . What I would like some words of support probably hear in her address, . it is about your illness in the journal read, . and each time comes to your site, hoping to see, . you after treatment, . how you feel, . it is also the whole year course himiii was, . Now it is my first year student!,
  • Anuta for ARANA Facundo
  • For the first time I saw Facundo in the series "Wild Angel". Even then, he drew my attention to his beautiful and such a realistic game. Years later, . accidentally saw him in TV series "You are my life", . doubt he again took over my attention, . although the series was stupid, . but it only started to watch, . to see Facundo! Now telekanadle "MnogoTV" series is "Padre Karaha" with Facundo Arana,
    . The series is very Interestingly, looking forward to each episode! So get used to the role can only Facundo! Talent this oktera feels bad cause prerikany. One of his eyes, he may refer such depth of feelings, which can not be expressed and a large set of florid speeches! I love him very much and hope that it will continue to please us - his fans with new roles!
  • Catena for ARANA Facundo
  • I just love Facundo, I love him very much! Oreiro Natasha is my favorite actress since 6 years, and I now have 14!
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • very класный actor and he was poluchaetsa play vlyublonnogo macho
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • Oreiro and Facundo very класно play together. I really want to see a new film with the participation of ihnim
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • very sexy while no longer a boy, and what the eye ...
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • super man, watch more movies with a Evo participation
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • a man, but what in bed, probably sex-bomb
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • he's so romantic, but what he vrealnoy zhyzni
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • the sexiest actor on Planet Earth
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • the sexiest actor
  • Anonymous for ARANA Facundo
  • OH sooooo cool! look wild angel and I understand that he is brilliant playing!
  • cutie for ARANA Facundo
  • a very talented actor, a handsome man, romantic guy, they Natalia Oreiro very beautiful couple!
  • Anna for ARANA Facundo
  • Facundo you my eternal love, when I do not watch TV series I am crying, writing, and cocoa, and another ... and this Secret)))
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    ARANA Facundo, photo, biography
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