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Dangulov Albert

( Footballer, coach)

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Biography Dangulov Albert
photo Dangulov Albert
Question for fans of "Spartacus" and connoisseurs of football: Do you know who this Albert Dangulov? Meanwhile, his biography is very unusual and full of sporting events. It was after his work on "Spartacus" for the team of its fame as a fighter cup.

Born in Tallinn in 1903. In 10 years older brother, Henrik, known in the Estonian football led him to the nursery team "Olympia". But better he was given the struggle: the age of 16 he was the champion of Estonia in weight "pen" (flyweight), . in 18 years took 4 th place at World Cup, . then moved to Finland, . where he was engaged in school fight, . moonlighting in the fruit shop, . made friends with the famous Finnish athletes, . his friend was Paavo Nurmi,
. And what is most useful in life - received a diploma masseur. At age 23 he returned home, went to the army. As he himself said: "The service did not prevent me from playing football and I was determined to Role as a midfielder-manager".

Of 24 years began his nomadic life: in Tallinn, said his trainer and breeder of Hungarian "Ferencvц¦ros" Anthony O'Malley. But in the first team he was unable to gain a foothold. However, as a handy club masseur. Dangulov becoming a coach and masseur. Masseur, he was unbeatable (which, incidentally, remember all the players of the Moscow "Spartacus") and his talent has not gone unnoticed. In 1928 Dangulov-chief masseur against Hungary at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

Then ONET becomes the second coach of Ferencvц¦ros and almost immediately he was invited to the Spanish "Barcelona", where he also became the second coach of. Main was the English coach Bilyami. Dangulov worked with "Leopard" from 1929 to 1932. During this time, "Barcelona" in 1929 became the Champion of Spain. Also during this time the club twice became the Champion of Catalonia. Then he was invited to work in London's Arsenal, who had previously won the championship of England and in 1933, when Dangulov Arsenal, became a champion of the country. After one year but decided to end the coaching job and returned to Estonia, bought a seven-story house, converted it into a hotel and lived a quiet life before joining the Baltics to the Soviet Union.

. The arrival in Moscow of his "Spartacus" was a fluke
. Came to Moscow the head of the Estonian republic DSO "Spartak" Eric Bistryum. Moscow leadership team in a conversation with him touched the plight of team. Well, judge for yourself which of the more or less knowledgeable about football, people would even think to look good football coach in Estonia? But here they got a finger in the sky. Name of the Estonian coach was at the hearing, the fact is that coaching Albert Henrikovich left not entirely, continuing to advise the Estonian football team

. "After a detailed acquaintance with the players I realized, . that we must raise the level of physical training "as he recalled Seraphim Kholodkov (defender, . Cup 1946, . 47 years) the team in those years - it was the most exhausting exercise, we climbed all the mountains in Nalchik, . all were in a position close to fainting,
. A Dangulov overweening, and will charge the regular cross the mountains, and he runs ahead, was a hardy ". Alexander trotted (striker, Champion 1952, 1953, Cup 1947), "he coached professionals in Hungary, Spain, England and also sought to build work with us". Dangulov - the first coach to put in our soccer intense exercise.

This brought results: Cup final losing to the Soviet Union a stronger team Tbilisi 1:2, Spartacus "in the teeth" pulled out the victory 3:2. In the championship took 6 th place.

On the train in the gym in the street Vorovskogo came to see many, including Mikhail Yakushin and Viktor Maslov. The combination of head coach Albert Henrikovicha Dangulov and second Peter Isakov was interesting. One - Peter Efimovich - explained the tactics, the other was preparing physically.

. Writes in his book, Nikolai Starostin: "I think that who was then in possession Estonian ensemble at his middle age he could not win in such a long tournament, as the primacy of the country
. But to collect the energy of the playoffs at 5-6 in the Cup coach is more than able. Cheerful and lively in character, he would not know Russian language. This helped him most vividly describes a meeting with Austrian Sindelar, Monti, an Italian and other celebrities Europe prewar years. These conversations and zealous attitude to the case he won strong sympathy for the capital Spartacus'.

. In 1947, the championship team took 8th place, but the Cup was again a 'Spartacus' (from 'Torpedo' 2:0), and in the national championship over a strong 'Torpedo' won 6:2, but again had an ability to adjust Dangulov click on one, but an important game.

. Dangulov characterized by an unusual method of governance: in the first year of work during the games in Leningrad 'Spartacus' with a large account lost 'Zenit' - all the players were waiting for 'crackdown' on Main, . instead Dangulov ordered a good dinner at a restaurant, . during which the players 'thawed' and had a conversation about the shortcomings in the game,
. Game with the Leningrad 'Dynamo' Spartacus had a brilliant. However Dangulov for the 'experiment' would drive the team, saved only victory in the final of the Cup of the USSR.

Albert Henrikovich - one of the first coaches who began to pay serious attention to youth, clone. Calculator 'Spartacus' 50-x is not accidental, that he invited many of these guys, including the Net, Paramonova.

Igor Netto 'in all of football references indicated that I was in' Spartacus' in 1948. Formally, this is so, but: Actually Dangulov invited me out of team 'Young Pioneers' in 'Spartacus' in 1946. I was 16 years old, played for the youth team red-white, but the team is really playing with the masters in 1948, after Dangulov, but always remember with gratitude Henrikovicha Albert, a man davshegomne ticket to the big football.

. Care Dangulov came as no surprise, the fact that he stood reluctant to communicate with high ranking officials, dialogue with the authorities tried to minimize, lived with his wife on the basis of Tarasovka not trying to get an apartment in Moscow
. He never raised his voice and different European intelligence. The official reason for withdrawal was that he drank, but the players remember that he only drank brandy, and 'not in Russian' - pour on the bottom, diluted with water and drank the whole evening.

. With the opportunities that were then with him, he made the maximum, plus laid the foundations for Spartak style of play carried over from 'Barca' and 'Arsenal'.

. He died in Tallinn 10.04.1978 year
. Today, in hindsight, we find it difficult to judge his coaching work abroad, but we can judge the two-year work in 'Spartacus'. It was unusual for its time people and one of the most interesting in the Soviet football coaches. Remember that.

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Dangulov Albert, photo, biography
Dangulov Albert, photo, biography Dangulov Albert  Footballer, coach, photo, biography
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