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Pavel Nedved

( football player)

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Biography Pavel Nedved
photo Pavel Nedved
Born August 30, 1972.
Country Czech Republic
. Height 177 cm
. Weight 70 kg
. Position Midfielder
. Club: Played for Czech clubs Dukla "(1991 - 1992; 19 matches, 3 goals) and Sparta (1992 - 1996, 98 matches, 23 goals); Italian Lazio (1996 - 2001; 138 matches, 33 goals )
. Since 2001, Juventus (61 match, 13 goals).
Team Czech Republic: Since 1994, conducted 70 matches and scored 16 goals.
. Titles: Vice-champion of Europe (1996), . Best player of Czech Republic (2003), . Cup Winners' Cup (1999), . European Super Cup (1999), . Champion of the Czech Republic and Slovakia (1993), . 2-time Champion of the Czech Republic (1994, . 1995), . Czech Cup (1996), . 3-times champion of Italy (2000, . 2002, . 2003), . 2-time Cup winners Italy (1998, . 2000), . 2-time winner of the Italian Supercup (1998, . 2000),

Pavel Nedved. Iron Czech

Last season Pavel Nedved has become perhaps the best player in Serie A. Midfielder Juventus had its most dramatic championship in the Apennines: to his many titles added a third championship in Italy and almost won the Champions League.

. According to one reporter's legends, the Czech was in Rome Lazio thanks ..
. Odessan Ilya Tsymbalar. It was the summer of 96-th. And, as he told me later one of the then leaders of the club Dino Zoff, he went to the location of Russia's national team, to agree with Oleg Romantsev on the transition from "Spartacus" of the midfield. Having been refused, allegedly Zoff instantly updated the plans and with the full consent of Zdenek Zeman got to Lazio Nedved. Not sure Tsymbalar able to cope with the pressure of the series A. Cech is a great success.

Nedved has turned into one of the favorites of fans of Lazio. And just before the departure to Juventus even publicly stated that his suit in Rome literally all he does not expect changes. However, the mutual love of football and the club did not prevent legionnaire Change fabulous Eternal City on business Turin. And while grinding to a new environment was not without rough edges, in the end Nedved has a great deal. After selling Zinedine Zidane, turintsy in no small risk to. But it turned out that the rate of Czech justified itself: inhumanly industrious, he was a worthy substitute for the most talented Frenchman.

Game Nedved last season, I would venture to be called phenomenal. Her enemies, however, they say, that the tremendous dedication and incredible stamina Czech impossible without the use of certain mysterious drug, but the adage "not caught - not a thief, no one has yet been annulled.

. Also in Nedved struck not only his very conscientious attitude to the game
. Immigrants from Eastern Europe, unfortunately, have very stable reputation in the West, few trusted people in terms of compliance regime. So an example of the Iron Czech demonstrating in everyday life of the highest professionalism, I am sure will benefit all people from countries where such liberties to be tolerated.

Power Nedved in his multivalency. It is difficult to determine what kind of position on the field takes the player. His exceptional maneuverability and the ability to move along the whole front of attack open up vast prospects for both partners and confuse opponents. Cech beaten on his legs, touch you - trying to stop the speeding tank by any means. The only trouble opponents that can rarely like. Manly appearance and let the broken-broken, but not willing to give up Nedved merely adds to the passions of his comrades and reinforces the pessimism defenders.

. On the highest authority of the player "Juventus in the European football world and said such a curious fact
. On the eve of the final match of the Champions League with Milan turintsy as the Milanese and a day later, there was an open day. All will remember, that Nedved missed a crucial match because of disqualification. It would seem that people from all over the continent reporters were required to communicate any of the potential heroes of the forthcoming match, but the choice fell on Nedved. That's it for a couple of team captain Del Piero was left to the mercy of the press. And not on the initiative "Juventus", but because of numerous requests from foreign journalists.

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Pavel Nedved, photo, biography
Pavel Nedved, photo, biography Pavel Nedved  football player, photo, biography
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