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TAYLOR, John Keith

( Football referee)

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Biography TAYLOR, John Keith
photo TAYLOR, John Keith
Full name: John Keith Taylor
. Born 21.05.1930 year.

. Achievements:
. Included among the best arbiters of FIFA as a 2 nd judge mid-twentieth century.
. Unique in the history of the arbitrator has received the prize of the Association of professional players (1974 for refereeing the World Cup finals)
. He was awarded the Order of the British Empire
. (1975)

Held 650 English league matches.
Judged matches of the FA Cup and European cup tournament.
In 1971 European Cup Final
. Represented the English judiciary in three World Cups: in 1966 (two matches on the line), 1970 (Italy-Sweden in the field and three on the line), 1974 (Bulgaria - Uruguay, East Germany - Argentina, Germany finals - Holland, and two match on the line)

End career

In memory of Jack Taylor will always be the last game in 1977. He / she turns 47 years old, the time comes care of the judging. On that day in Anfield, the stadium Liverpool he had not the best game.

Legendary coach Bill Shankly said, then the phrase: "You can judge the best". During his long life in professional football, he, . happened, . left field, get the bird, . it threw tomatoes in Europe, . Asia, . Latin America, . home he could hear an expression of dissatisfaction with the fans, . when on the porch with a crash scattered coins, . simulating a bribe.,

. That day he was leaving after all, . his only desire was to hurry to be home with his 25-year-old wife, Susan, . suddenly from the darkness came a boy and asked: "Are you a judge?", . handed him a can of beer: 'My dad did not always agree, . you judge, . but still believes, . that you are better than others,
. Take, he said, to tell you this'.
This can of beer - one of the most expensive for Jack Awards. Another, a silver tray was presented to him by the Association of Professional Footballers ", when in London's Park Lane was declared a list of the best players, the. He was and remains the sole arbitrator, awarded the prize, which awarded the only players. He cares for them more than the silver medal of the Dutch Prince Bernhard or the Order of the British Empire, which he presented the Queen Elizabeth II in 1975.

He could not become a professional player. But being a devoted football chose to become a referee. Get a qualified judge in England is not easy, but after the war, the association experienced a great shortage of arbitrators. Of 23, Taylor - a judge on the line in 26 - Chief Judge, and a 44-year granted the right to serve a third world championship matches.


Grand finale

But in the history of world football Taylor has inscribed his name after the final World Cup-1974
. Less than 80 seconds of the game, as in the punishment of the Germans was shot down by Johan Cruyff. Taylor without hesitation points to 11 - meter mark. The atmosphere was tense, but the Germans did not give vent to his emotions.
Only Franz Beckenbauer, known for its Nordic temperament, turned to the judge and said: 'You - Englishman'. It was the rudest phrase which was capable of Germany captain. A return hit the ball well from the penalty spot after Jansen knocked in the penalty Holtsenbayna. Implemented penalty Breitner. And before the break Mueller led the Germans ahead. Many people believe that Taylor managed to escape thanks to ascertain the relationship. After the first half Cruyff lost control of his emotions and threw the ball to Taylor, but he just picked it up and moved toward the dressing room, showing that he understands the feelings Dutchman. However, he did not leave the field, and non-stop express outrage, even though the team had already gone to the locker room. Taylor hailed Cruyff, but he did not respond to the arbitrator and received a yellow card.

In the second half Taylor made one mistake, not counted as a goal the Germans. The game should have ended with the score 3:1. After the game Cruyff once again started to complain but saw the red card.

That game made a splash. The fact that the Germans have forgotten to set before the match corner flags. Taylor noticed it before the game. In football the rules are not written about the availability of screens at the gate, but absolutely clearly states flags. If the game started without them, the Dutch could appeal against the outcome of the match, which the rules would have been replayed.
'Once, early in his career, I gave the whistle to start the game, only then noticing that one of the teams 12 players. Since then I have checked all '- said Taylor about this episode.
In the final judge interfered with a language barrier, laynsmenami were Uruguayan and Mexican Barreto Gonzalez, who did not understand a single word in English. Was found out of the situation: if laynsmeny were willing, they lowered their hands down if he did not notice any event, brought the box to his chest. In one scene, a touch judge raised his flag to his chest Taylor approached him on a yellow card, he wrote a number '3 ', after which Taylor issued a warning to Van Hanigemu, Mueller pushed behind the Chief Justice.
. Later this method was used by all teams of the arbitrators.

. Although only the final error was held by Jack Taylor is so brilliant that the Government of the defeated country, he received the Order, as most Dutch national team players who spoke at the World Championship in 1974!

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TAYLOR, John Keith, photo, biography
TAYLOR, John Keith, photo, biography TAYLOR, John Keith  Football referee, photo, biography
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