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Kate Bush

( Singer)

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Biography Kate Bush
The daughter of a physician and former nurse, Kate Bush was born July 30, 1958 in London suburb. For 11 years taught himself to play the piano, and when she was 13 - began to write songs. A small inheritance from my aunt to provide her with financial independence that led to Keith after the age of 16 she left school to do music. She began singing with a band of brothers in the local pubs and clubs, and a turning point in the life of Kate came after it saw Pink Floyd guitarist Dave Gilmour. It made for Dave so impressed that he sponsored the trial and recorded a cassette of songs in her performance, from which Keith has signed a contract with the company A & M, issuing her an advance of three thousand pounds. One of the songs on this tape, The Man with Child in His Eyes, later became her biggest hit.

The company feared that in his 16 years, Kate would not stand all the tests show business, and gave her three years on education and training. Kate wisely ordered this time: writing songs, and attend classes, which led the panto, Lindsay Kemp, but most of the time spent in the seclusion of his home-hundred homes, where the shed in the yard, she made a home studio

. Then, . equipped in the art studio in Oxford Street AIR, . abode George Martin, . which arose albums by John McLaughlin, . Jeff Beck and Pink Floyd, . Bush sang, and as a pianist playing in a full instrumental ensemble, accompanied by his first single, Wuthering Weight and debut album,
. The happiness she has not changed and this time - although the company wanted, . that for the debut of Keith performed the song over the more traditional way, . singer, . counting, . that for, . to make an impression in the world of pop music, . need something out of the ordinary, . managed to convince the leadership,
. Her orkestralny arranger reasoned that in her, at first hearing, comic voice (later critics compared him with a cry of passion sick of cats) is a special charm and gave her a show.

Wuthering Weight in January 1978 won first place in the list and held this position for a month. The success and enjoyed the entire disk (1), . in which Bush has demonstrated not only the novelty of the sound of your voice, . but also, . what, . With looks helpless child, . it can reach depths of lyrical mature-age man twice her age most,
. In songs like Feel It, and Room for the Life, she says frankly about love and women's issues - a rather bitter pill, sweetened with a string accompaniment, and Strange Phenomena drawn to the mysterious world and the strange coincidences:

. Soon overtaken by the phase of the moon,
. People relieved mood
Know girls punctuality anguish,
But no one knows what we are motivated

. Strange and supernatural phenomena of interest obviously Kate - one of the songs from her debut album, she speaks of the teacher-mystic Gurdjieff, . and the creation of Wuthering Weight inspired her eerie scene telepostanovki the novel by Emily Bronte "Wuthering Heights",
. "I only caught the very end - she recalled - when the ghost of Cathy to Heathcliff is through the window. I've always been interested in ghosts and science fiction, but the scene just acted on this aspect of my mentality. It is a few years did not come out of my head until I wrote a song about it ".

Cycle in which the singer got his unexpected success, was inexorable. She was supposed to record a second album - and did not have any songs that need to be prepared in less than three months. "In the forced always have something useful - she says. - This is - a huge momentum, and when you take up the case and achieves results, you thus prove something, even if you lost ". And she learned to work at a pace of David Bowie, Elton John and Queen.

For three years Bush has achieved tremendous popularity. She recognized the best singer of British rock. Keith has won several awards in the Netherlands, Italy and Japan, where she represented Great Britain at the Tokyo Music Festival. Her songs appeared on first place in popularity in Brazil, Portugal and South Africa.

The long-standing admirer of David Bowie and the musical theater of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, Kate attaches great importance to entertainment. Many of her songs - a kind of dramatic miniatures. "Performance has to be a musical poem in motion - says Bush. - All on the stage - to communicate ". To this end, in its concert program for the development of which took two years and six months in rehearsal, included two dancer, a magician, an instrumental ensemble consisting of seven people and amazing scenery and costumes. To take advantage of their dance and laughter abilities, Bush began to appear on stage with the cords do not have microphones and headphones. This view, shown in 1980 at the London Palladium, was no less than a resounding success, than it drives.

The album was released in October of that year. Keith has done everything herself - from the author's songs to the arrangements and even production. Each of the tracks had its inimitable flavor. There were some wonderful new moments - such, . in the capture of the album's single, Babooshka (hint of Slavic origin singer), . in expressive pacifist Army Dreamer, . or ballad Delius, . devoted to the tragic fate of the English composer-Expressionist, . died in 1934,
. Song Breathless is a kind of roll with floydovskim album "The Wall". Two songs are inspired by works from other genres of art: The Wedding List is composed under the influence of Francois Truffaut film "The Bride Wore Black" and The Infant Kiss - Henry James novella "In the grip of fear".

In preparation for the next album, Bush spent two whole years. This, . perhaps, . too eclectic collage contained a heterogeneous elements - from the intimate lyrical songs, . built on the orthodox principles of the genre, . up fantastic images of feverish dreams and complex mnogosmyslennyh Associations,
. Part of the repertoire is inspired by historical sources, tells about the life and culture of Australian Aborigines, in the manner of Peter Gabriel's studio Kate added to the sound expressive percussion rhythm of primitive drums. The songs you can find treatment and to the actors, idols of the past years, and the singers are classics of the genre, such as Buddy Holly and Sandy Denny. This apparent imbalance had its reasons in the principles of life and way of thinking of the author. Kate said: "I went from extreme to extreme. For ages toil, locked in the studio, isolated from the world - and then all I want to reward and use in life. I go to the movies, visit my friends, doing archery, learn to dance. But, most importantly, what I dream - to finish his own studio ". This studio was for Bush is not a luxury but a necessity. Neuyutnost cold and formal studios and astronomical amounts for depreciation of equipment prompted her to organize a "nest" for its own submissions to the semi-barbarous Kent, almost in the nature. This event led to another break between drives - only in 1985 on the market with a new triumph turned up album. Kate first tried her hand at the genre with a large-suite The Ninth Wave, which occupies the entire second side of the disc. It tells about the mysterious interstellar travel, complete the return to Earth and the achievement of happiness in the sense of love. "It was terribly difficult to maintain momentum in a series of seven songs; conceptualization took me a lot of time. I tried to make sure that every song is not greasing the impression from the previous ".

The whole story again filled with associations with films Herzog, Godard, Coppola, but also recalls its own, unusually vivid dreams fantastic. Lyrics are very personal, in the production felt a great experience and professionalism. Songs affect ideas about life and death, using symbols, filled with mystery and suggestive (eg, The Morning Fag). Extract from the Irish roots of Bush and her passion for folk themes is a great Jig of Life with a rough sounding violin and flute, John Bus O'Flynn. The peak of the album was a cover song, full of rich ideas and colorful sound. From the album, which led the list for six weeks, was taken and the hit single Running Up that Hill.

And although the lyrics Bush mnogazhdy stitching erotic motifs, she herself firmly rejects the possibility of using it as a sex symbol. He says that the singer attractive appearance is a handicap, while the public perceives it only in this way. On stage behaves very naturally, does not accentuate her charms. This is one reason why Kate satisfied listeners almost all age categories.

"I want to believe that the audience does not exist barrier generations and that in my music inherent message for each. I have met people who have very different life experiences with people of a different age, which, nevertheless, perfectly understand me. The best reward for me is that I can bring people from different trails on a common road ".

In 1989 the band released the wonderful album where Keith has been experimenting with various musical forms, involving the records, even a group of Balkan folklore. Arrangements were brilliant and unexpected, as well as the choice of tools, representing many musical cultures. Again, was a literary adaptation of the manner of "Wuthering Heights" - this time, Bush said in the title song appealed to the character of the novel of James Joyce's "Ulysses". Album singing the praises of all music publications.

The disk is the same for exceptional merit, was recorded with Prince, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.

Based in the eternal search for creative, Keith stresses its identity and unwillingness to compromise whenever possible - but it does not prevent the recognition of her colleagues and masters of the genre. Its partners Roy Harper, Peter Gabriel, and everywhere she coped with its task, keeping his creative credo. Bush gets out of all the modes and effects. Although it turns the classic compositional style takes us somewhere in the mid 70's, poetics of texts Bush, the fullness of their thoughts and feelings is more likely for many years ahead of us

. Discography:
. The Kick Inside (A & M 1977) M **** 1 / 2
. A Lionheart (A & M 1978)
. Never for Ever (A & M 1980)
. The Dreaming (A & M 1982)
. Hands of Love (EMI 1,985)
. Sensual World (EMI 1989)
. This Woman's Work (with previously unreleased material) (A & M 1990)
. Red Shoes (EMI 1,993) A: 1

. Collection:

. Filmography:
. Live at Hammersmith
. The Whole Story

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