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Biography CAMERON, James
photo CAMERON, James
James Cameron was born in 1954 in Kapuskasing, Canada but spent his childhood in another city - Chippava, not far from Niagara Falls. His father - Philip Cameron - an electrical engineer and his mother - Shirley - was an artist (she has taught drawing and James once even staged a small exhibition of his works)

. The child with the child was well developed fantasy - still in school he began to write fiction stories, . and was much on any invention - the so -, . He inspired the friends to build this, . working catapult life-size, built a small underwater vehicle, . to send it the mouse on a trip on the river bed, etc.,

. When James was 15 years old, he looked "Space Odyssey 2001," Stanley Kubrick and was left very impressed, I decided to connect his life with film
. Decided not to postpone the case indefinitely, he soon began experimenting with his father's movie camera. However, while the dream to become a filmmaker seemed unattainable - the boy thought that the great directors are born and any young person from a provincial Canadian town is not on forces.

Entering the California State University, Cameron decided to devote himself to the study of physics - he was very fond of science and planned to become a university biologist oceanologer. After studying some time in this area, James decided to switch to the study of literature, but soon realized that this is far from what he would most like to do. With this thought, he dropped out and began to earn a living - was a truck driver, painted pictures, drove a school bus, worked in the auto, and at night went on to invent fantastic stories.

In 1977, the screens came out the first episode of the legendary Star Wars. Cameron was impressed - it was so much like a film that he dreamed off! His dream seemed closer to him, and he was determined to do everything to make it happen.

The way to combine their interests in science and film, James has found reading the book "Scripting", after reading that he and several friends decided to write a script and take it on a 35mm camera. They save money, rented the camera and other equipment necessary for filming and have to try yourself with all this deal. The boys went to the library and began he studied all the literature on the topic movie, which could only be found. Continuing to study the wisdom of Film Technology, . James settled down to the studio of Roger Corman, . first as a manufacturer of mini models (mini sets), . and soon, and having advanced to the art director - in this capacity, he participated in a ribbon on Battle Beyond the Stars (1980),
. He also worked on the creation of special effects for "Escape From New York" by John Carpenter. He advised the film's "Android" (Android) and "Galaxy of Terror" (Galaxy Of Terror). Cameron was so enthralled with his uphill career, that's personal life at that period had been relegated to second place, ending his first marriage.

Cameron first got into the director's chair of a large cinema in 1981, when he was invited to take a sequel to the movie "Piranha". Italian producer Assonitis wanted to make a sequel with minimal cost and thus have full control over the shooting process, but because as a director he took the young Cameron, whom he believed he could fully control. However, they are hard pressed to find a common language - when James arrived at the studio, he discovered that the film crew consists entirely of Italians who do not understand a single word in English, while the budget for the film was even less than the stated. As a result, Cameron both quarreled with the producer that he was not allowed to the process of assembling. However, James did not give up, and being able to "pick up key to the door assembly room (with a credit card), was able to remount the secret of all his film. This was a terrible period in his life - the night it haunted by nightmares, among which was a dream in which he pursued a robot sent from the future to kill him. And so was born the idea of the Terminator, which became the catapult that launched Cameron on stellar orbit

. Trying to find the money to take the first Terminator, James along participated in writing the script for a few more movies - Rambo 2 with Sylvester Stallone and "Alien" sequel of a cult fatnasticheskoy tape.

. Cameron was so confident in the enormous potential of their ideas, that turned her to the action role-producer Gale Anne Hurd, sold her the script for just 1 $, but with a prerequisite that he will shoot this film
. As a result, Hurd has contributed to the shooting pictures $ 6.5 million (at current standards, inadequate budget, even for mediocre comedies), without imposing on this project little hope. As it turned out, nothing. Terminator has been recognized around the world, gathering in the world hire more than 100 million, giving impetus to a career of the Cameron and Schwarzenegger's career.

After this success Cameron offered to become a director of "alien", the author of the script for which he was. He gave his consent, but on condition that the producer will tape Gale Anne Hurd - their creative alliance gradually developed into a union of a different order, and soon ended in marriage.

"Alien" was even more successful than its predecessor - grossed over 180 million dollars, the film received 7 Oscar nominations, received the cherished a statuette for Best Visual and Sound Effects

. After such a success at Cameron began to crumble one after the other proposals, . but the director instead, . to take costly tapes of other authors, . focus on embodiment in the life of their ideas - so, . In 1989 came the publication of "The Abyss" / The Abyss /, . raised the bar underwater filming to new heights - the film has received 4 nominations at the Oscars, . becoming the winner for "Best Visual Effects",
. At the same time as the joint work over Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd, and ended their personal life.

Cameron's next wife was Kathryn Bigelow, who became a director in his next project - "On the crest of a wave" / Point Break /, grossed more than $ 100 million and headed a top video rental.

To fulfill the sequel "Terminator" ('s ideas on this occasion were an order of magnitude steeper than the low-budget predecessor), Cameron founded his own studio special effects - Digital Domain

. In the process of filming budget of the second Terminator began slowly, . but surely stand out among all acceptable framework - the film became the most expensive in the history of film (at the time), . but later he became also the most lucrative career for Cameron (at the time), . grossed over 500 million dollars,
. Terminator 2, as the previous tape Cameron, was not overlooked Academy USA - 6 nominations and 4 awards - for best makeup, sound, visual and sound effects.

During this period, James founded his own production company Lightstorm Entertainment, and once again changed his wife, this time stopping the choice on a star "Terminator" - actress Linda Hamilton. In 1984 she bore him a daughter, Zhosefin Archer.

The next work was a comedy directed spy action movie with Schwarzenegger in the title role - "True Lies", grossed over 350 million dollars. At the same time from under the wing of his company, Lightstorm Entertainment entered band, directed by his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow - "Strange Days" / Strange Days /, to which the script was written by Cameron. Unfortunately, the film is not gained much popularity.

However, the most significant kinorabota Cameron was at that moment is yet to come. By filming of "Titanic" as he approached never seriously, during the filming was preceded by a fairly long period of study of the remains of the ship, to which Cameron himself descended on special submersibles about 10 times. Cameron made when creating a tape, not only as director but also as a producer and editor. The film budget ballooned to gigantic 200 million, experts were predicting the collapse of the tape, thinking that she did not even pay for itself. As a result, the Titanic was the highest grossing film of all time, edging out of the podium with "Star Wars" Lucas, raising over $ 1 billion worldwide. In addition, the tape has been awarded 11 Oscars, including best picture and best director. Undoubtedly, it was Cameron's finest hour - at the ceremony, received the cherished statuette, he shouted the famous line from "Titanic" - I'm the king of the world!

. After 5 years after the release of the movie on the big screen, Cameron once again returned to the theme of "Titanic", removing the system for cinemas IMAX 3D-documentary about the journey to the ocean floor and study the remains of a ship called "Ghosts of the Abyss"

Unfortunately, from the work on the third part of the Terminator (which comes out in the summer of 2003), Cameron refused, but he promised to release a sequel to the screens "True Lies" with the same Schwarzenegger:

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CAMERON, James, photo, biography
CAMERON, James, photo, biography CAMERON, James  Director, photo, biography
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