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Ershov, Andrei Petrovich

( Academic)

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Biography Ershov, Andrei Petrovich
Academician Andrei Ershov (1931-1988) - one of the pioneers of theoretical and systems programming, a founder of the Siberian School of Informatics. His significant contribution to the development of informatics as a new branch of science and the new phenomenon of social life is widely recognized in our country and abroad.

Another student of Moscow State University, under the influence of A. A. Lyapunov he became interested in programming. After university, and. P.

In 1957. he was appointed head of department of automation of programming in the newly formed Computing Center of USSR Academy of Sciences. In connection with the formation of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences at the request of the Director of Institute of Mathematics of the USSR Academy of Sciences Academician C. L. Sobolev, he assumes the duty of the organizer and de facto head of programming of the institution, and then passes the Computer Center of SB RAS.

Fundamental Research A. P. Ershov in program schemes and the theory of compilation had a marked influence on his numerous disciples and followers. Book A. P. Ershov, programming program for an electronic computer BESM "was one of the world's first monographs on the automation of programming.

For significant contribution to the theory of mixed computation A. P. Ershov was given an award named after academician AN Krylov.

Ershov works on software engineering formed the basis of this research direction in our country

. Programming language and optimizing Alpha ALPHA-translator, . The first Soviet system of time-sharing AIST-0, . system of educational informatics Schoolgirl, . system of training publications Rubin, . multiprocessor workstation MARBLE - all of these projects were initiated by A,
. P. Ershov and implemented under his leadership.

Thanks to the unique abilities of scientific prediction A. P. Ershov one of the first in our country to realize the key role of computers in the progress of science and society. His brilliant ideas have laid the foundation for development in Russia of such research, parallel programming and artificial intelligence. More than 20 years ago, he began to experience in teaching programming in high school, . which led to the introduction of courses on computer science and computer technology in secondary schools in the country and enriched our thesis "programming - the second literacy".,

. It is difficult to overestimate the role of A
. P. Ershov as an organizer of science: he was very aktvnoe participate in the preparation of numerous international conferences and congresses, . was an editor or editorial board member of both Russian magazines "Microprocessor tools and systems", . "Cybernetics, . "Programming", . and international - Acta Informatica, . Information Processing Letters, . Theoretical Computer Science,

APErshov a lot of attention paid to problems of information support of scientists. His scientific library he collected all his life. At the time of the untimely death Ershov in his personal library contained more than 30 thousand books, journals, conference proceedings, preprints and reprints of individual articles on almost all European languages. After the death of academician Ershov his heirs gave the library at the Institute of Informatics Systems, which by that time from the Computing Center. Now's Memorial Library. Ershov.

In 1988, it set up a charity AP Ershov, whose main purpose is the development of informatics as invention, creation, art and education activity.

Andrei Ershov was not only a gifted scientist, teacher and fighter for his ideas, but also outstanding, sided person. He wrote poetry, translated into Russian poetry R. Kipling and other English poets, and enjoyed playing guitar and singing. Everyone who had the good fortune to know Academician Ershov and working with him will always remember his

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Ershov, Andrei Petrovich, photo, biography
Ershov, Andrei Petrovich, photo, biography Ershov, Andrei Petrovich  Academic, photo, biography
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