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Butterfly Boris A.

( Actor, director)

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Biography Butterfly Boris A.
photo Butterfly Boris A.
Butterfly, Boris Andreyevich (1904-1975), Russian actor, director, teacher. People's Artist of USSR (1963). Hero of Socialist Labor (1974), winner of State Prizes (1941, 1951, 1977). Born 5 (18) January 1904 in Saratov. After training in the Saratov Drama Studio under the guidance of Canina, . In August 1920 he left for Moscow, and comes just two theatrical schools - to the Michael Chekhov and the studio 'Young Wizard' to I. Pevtsov, . but soon withdrew Chekhov: 'They could admire, . but learn from him it was impossible ',

The summer of 1921 among the 'young masters' led by Pevtsov Babochkin spent his first professional season in the theater Ivanovo-Voznesensk. It also played his elder brother, a talented actor Vitaly Babochkin, soon died of typhus. Back in Moscow, Babochkin briefly entered the Drama Theater under the direction of Sakhnovsky. After leaving the periphery, . playing in theaters in Mogilev, . Kostroma, . Berdichev, . Voronezh, . Samarkand, . Pishpek (over five years - more than two hundred roles), . and long serves MGSPS theater (input in the play "Storm", . 1925, . V.Bill-Belotserkovsky on the role of mates, . dir,
. E.Lyubimov-Lanskoy).

Since 1927 Babochkin in Leningrad (Theater of Satire, Theater of the People's House) - the role Sysoeva in the First Cavalry, "Vishnevsky (directed. A. Wild, 1930); in 1931 transferred to the Leningrad State Academic Drama Theater named after Pushkin, where employment in many performances of classical and contemporary repertoire: Chatsky in "Woe from Wit" A. Griboyedov (dir. Petrov, 1932), Castalian in "Fear" Afinogenov (dir. Petrov, 1931), The Pretender in Boris Godunov "by A. Pushkin (dir. B. Sushkevich, 1934), Alex in "Peter I" Alexei Tolstoy (dir. B. Sushkevich, 1935), Khlestakov in "Inspector" by N. Gogol (dir. B. Sushkevich, 1936) and others. Here (on the small stage) had his first directorial work - "Nora" H. Ibsen (1936).

In 1936 at the invitation of A. Wild passes in BDT. After his arrest last in 1937 he was appointed artistic director of Theater. Notable events of those years were as director of a butterfly: "Summer residents, Gorky (1939) (repeated requests directed to this play influenced her theatrical destiny: to that, she was listed in the discharge 'unactable', . 'ungrateful'), . where he played the role Vlas, . and "King Potap A. Kopkova (1940),
. They, . According to the Theatrical K. Rudnitskogo, . already been noticeable 'characteristic babochkinskoy directing sharp, . corrosive psychology, . made itself felt typically babochkinskaya sharpness, . even overexcitement tone, . and above, . felt extremely active interpretation of roles',
. In 1940 Babochkin leaves the BDT, by his own admission, it was the biggest mistake in life. Resumed his wanderings in the theater and troupe.

In 1940 Babochkin moved from Leningrad to Moscow and povstupaet a troupe named after Eug. Vakhtangov, where plays the role of Stepan in "Teacher" S. Gerasimov (dir. B. Zahava, 1940) and fire in the "front" Korneichuk (dir. R. Simonov, 1942) and puts "New Year's night" A. Gladkov (1945). In 1946, the performance Brandenburg Gate M. Svetlov staged a butterfly, and his participation was called The State Theater actor. In 1948-1951 years Babochkin - actor and director of the Maly Theater. In 1951 he was held in Bulgaria, where in the Sofia People's Theater I. Vazov puts three performances (including appeal again to the "cottagers, Gorky), participates in peripheral theaters, teaches at the Academy Theater.

Upon returning Babochkin unexpectedly appointed artistic director of the Moscow theater named after Pushkin (1952-1953). Invites A. Wild put "Shadows" Saltykov-Shchedrin (1953), where brilliantly played Klaverova: 'I put in this role all he knew about the careerists and bureaucrats'. It was one of the biggest actors of luck butterfly. The play enjoyed great success, . but after smasher in 'Truth' followed by the removal of a butterfly from his post and almost three years of unemployment (only staging of "Tosca," Puccini at the Kiev Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet of Taras Shevchenko),

. In 1955 Babochkin returned to the Little Theater, . where in the past two decades of life is mostly in his own productions: Ivanov in "Ivanov" by Chekhov (1960), . Suslov in "Summer residents, Gorky (1964), . Grozny Ostrovsky's comedy "The truth - well, . but happiness is better "(1965), . Reaches the scenes Gorky reaches the "other" (1971), . Kuligin in "Thunderstorm" by A. Ostrovsky (1974),
. Performances in an ad hoc and the original concept, great acting work, including the very butterfly.

Began acting in 1927, Babochkin played about two dozen films, mostly historical and revolutionary. Role Chapaeva in the homonymous film brothers Vassiliev (1934) not only brought a butterfly nationwide popularity and recognition of the authorities, but also dramatically affected the fate of his acting. After Chapaeva Babochkin long been doomed to play a strictly positive, . heroic characters and very painfully term stay 'actor in one role', . prospect that, . that his acting and directing work in the theater will remain in the shadow of this, . even such a large,
. Babochkin sharply negative reaction to the criticism, as is evident from his autobiography (detailed response to the questionnaire, the Theater Museum), it was an artist, passionately and zealously referring to his talent and his creations.

Babochkin paid tribute to filmmaking. He made his debut in that capacity in 1945 film "Mother of the field" (in collaboration with the artist A. Bosulaevym). Then put the movie "The Story of a 'frenzied'" (1947) and filmed "Truckers" (1966).

In the last years of his life in art has become a butterfly video. In a relatively short period Babochkin managed to do a lot: the role of Nikolai Stepanovich in television drama based on the novel by Chekhov "A Boring Story" (writer and director P. Reznikov, . 1968) and Oleshi Smolin in "carpentry Stories" by V. Belov (screenwriter and director P. Reznikov, . 1972), . monologues from the tragedies of A. Pushkin, . television versions of their productions "The truth - well, . but happiness is better "by A. Ostrovsky, . "Counterfeit coin" and reaches the "other" Gorky,

. Babochkin - author of numerous articles, . reviews, . Notes, . published in the journal 'Soviet Art', . 'Work and theater', . 'Theater', . Ogonek, . 'Film Art', . 'Moscow', . newspapers 'Leningradskaya Pravda', . 'Literary Leningrad', . 'Komsomolskaya Pravda', . 'Literary Gazette', . Izvestia, . 'Soviet culture', etc.,

From 1944 he taught at VGIK (1966 - Professor), led the actor's studio, dreaming of his theater troupe which would have been his students.

Babochkin died in Moscow on July 17, 1975.

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Butterfly Boris A., photo, biography
Butterfly Boris A., photo, biography Butterfly Boris A.  Actor, director, photo, biography
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