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Baliyev Nikolai Fyodorovich

( Actor, director, theatrical figure)

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Biography Baliyev Nikolai Fyodorovich
Baliyeva, Nikolai Fedorovich (real name Balian, Mkrtich Asvadurovich) (1877, according to other sources 1876 or 1886-1936), Russian actor, director, theatrical figure. Honorary Citizen of Moscow.

Born in 1877 in Moscow (according to other sources in October 1876, Region. Don Army, or in 1886 in Nakhichevan). From a merchant family. He graduated from the Moscow Commercial (almost) Academy. During the first foreign tour, the Moscow Art Theater (1906) has provided material support to the theater. In 1906 joined the Moscow Art Theater as a shareholder, was secretary Vl.I.Nemirovicha-Danchenko. From 1908 - Actor Art Theater, . played bit parts: Kister ( "Brand" by H. Ibsen), . Rosen ( "Boris Godunov" by A. Pushkin), . Guest Man ( "Life of Man" Andreeva), . Bull, . Bread ( "Blue Bird" by M. Maeterlinck), . The organ-grinder (Anatema "Andreeva), . Leibovich (Miserere Yushkevich), . Cousin Theodore ( "The life in the clutches K. Hamsun), . Passerby ( "The Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov),
. Hindrance Baliyeva stage career was his appearance neartisticheskaya. In 1912 Baliyev resigned from the company, remaining a shareholder in the theater

. He was one of the initiators and participants 'п¦п¦п©я¬я¦я-п+пTп¦п+п¦' Art Theater, . from which emerged cabaret artists MAT 'Die Fledermaus': together with the patron MAT Tarasova and some artists, theater Baliyev rented cabaret in the basement of the house Pertsova opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Savior,
. The opening took place on February 29, 1908. It was a club for recreation and human communication arts, cabaret, spoken V. Kachalov, Moskvin, O.Knipper-Chekhov, V. Luga, etc.. In 1909, 'Die Fledermaus' moved to Milyutinskij Lane, 16. It occasionally given paid submission. Baliyev conducted ceremonies, sang songs, staged theatrical parody of the Moscow Art Theater productions.

Gradually 'bat' was transformed into an open theater, cabaret, performances have to go with the sale of tickets. Baliyev invited the troupe of artists in Moscow and St. Petersburg theaters T. Deykarhanovu, E. Khovanskii, E. Marsheva, Vl.Podgornogo, Y. Volkov and others. Texts written L. Munshteyn, B. Sadouskaya T.Schepkina-Kupernik, dances staged K. Goleizovsky, music composed by A. Arkhangelsk, V. Garteveld. In 1912, the theater made his first tours - Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Rostov. They began an annual tour to St. Petersburg. In 1914, the theater is located in the House in the Big Nirnzee Gnezdnikovsky Lane.

In his productions Baliyev used household dances, jokes, puns, charades, riddles, impromptu, songs, ballads, etc.. Directing principles Baliyeva found its perfection in the scenic miniatures. He staged performances of classical works: "The Treasurer" by M. Lermontov, "Graf Nulin" and "The Queen of Spades" by A. Pushkin, "The Overcoat" and "The Nose" by N. Gogol, Chekhov short stories, poems by Ivan Turgenev.

Since October 1917 the theater was unable to adapt to new conditions. Shortly after the next anniversary of the 'Bat', solemnly marked by March 12, 1920, Baliyev went on a tour to the Caucasus, and thence to a small group of artists went abroad. 'Die Fledermaus' revived in Paris. First performances were in the Parisian theater 'Fellini'. This was followed by a tour in Spain, England. Since February 1922 balievskaya 'Die Fledermaus' on tour in New York, followed by the performances on the west coast U.S. - Hollywood, Los Angeles. Began playing the old program. Gradually, renewing the repertoire of the troupe, playing in English and French, the theater toured European countries, USA, Latin and South America. The Great Depression of 1929 devastated Baliyeva. In 1931, 'Die Fledermaus' moved to Europe and soon ceased to exist.

Baliyev actively participated in the cultural life of the Russian diaspora. In Paris, tried to create a 'Theater of Russian fairy tales'. In 1934 he returned to the United States, where he appeared as the master of ceremonies in large revue. Attempted to appear in Hollywood, worked in a small cabaret in the basement of a New York hotel 'St. Moritz'.

Baliyev died in New York on September 3, 1936.

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Baliyev Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Baliyev Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography Baliyev Nikolai Fyodorovich  Actor, director, theatrical figure, photo, biography
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