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Melanie C

( Singer)

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Biography Melanie C
photo Melanie C
Full name: Melanie Jayne Chisholm.
Date of Birth: January 12, 1974.
Mesnto Birth: Reynhill (a suburb of Liverpool).
Height: 168cm.
Parents: Joanne O'Neill and Alan Chisholm.
Weight: 57-60 kg.
Hair color: Melanie Brown.
Eye color: brown.
Favorite color: red.

In the spring of 1994 in the newspaper "Stage" advertisement appeared on the recruitment of girls from 19 to 23 years in the "female band". The requirements were minimal: the ability to sing and dance, experience the same appearance and had no any value. But the principle was the presence of the following qualities: looseness, ambition and arrogance. After several stages of selection were the five most brazen and cheeky girls.

One of the happiest п?пЇп?я€п°пҐпҐп?я? was Melanie C, who received the guppies nicknamed Sporty Spice.

Teamwork to boil from the first days. Schedule for the week did not leave a single prodyha between the recordings of songs and dance rehearsals. It should be noted that the serious difficulties encountered in the dances, one Jerry, who could not make your feet move in time with music. But with voice problems have arisen at all. Singing of course they could, but the professionalism they are clearly not enough.

In 1996, after exhausting work, Spice Girls released their first single, "Wanna be". A week later, the song led the national hit parade, and the "peppercorn" became the first women's group, whose debut single was on the top of the chat. Success was lightning. Although he was most striking.

The second album - "Spice World" has not caused such a furore in the world, and the girls began to think about their own solo careers. Melanie C has already proven, something that could handle and one. It is not only industrious, but also intelligent, extravagant, and no one doubts that more besides and talented.

Melanie grew up in Liverpool and most of the time gonyalya ball. Not surprisingly, it was called Sports Spice. In clothes, she also prefers Cц?цўц°ц?ц?ц?цґц?ц? style and goes more often in sports clothes. In her dress can be seen very rarely.

Of all the "pepper" girls only Mel C, who as a child he studied professional singing. Her mother sang in the Liverpool band called T Junctin, and stepfather played in a rock band. Melanie always wanted to play the guitar, not a nice smile and jump around the stage with her girlfriends entertains multimillion army tinedzherov.

. At school, Melanie was reputed to be an exemplary student and was elder class irala football with the boys and worked in the acting and dance lessons
. From stubborn sports her legs turned from "dry trostinochek" in the "muscular trunks", which is why it is complex, and to this day.

. When the turn of the next phase in education, mother identified the future singer of Art College in Kent, where Melanie was to attend ballet lessons, jazz and theater class
. The girl carried away creativity Madonna baldela from Adam Enta and George Michael. At 21, Melanie, well owning art of dance and always wanted to be a pop star, was among the five girls SP.

. We used to see Melanie C in expensive tracksuits, rapidly moving on the stage and waving limbs
. But the new image of the modest and feminine girls, nesomnnno Melanie is much more. Blondes are always in fashion, and Mel pretty much changing hair color and hairstyle ...

Friends in high school I remember that Melanie has been an avid fan of clubs and could not stand rock music. However, there are people and engaged her to the Happy Mondays, Blur and Oasis. So she fell ill Britpop, and later very much wanted to learn to play guitar.
To work on "Norhtren Star", she went to Los Angeles to the famous producer Rick Rabin and William Orbit, and most importantly - Bryan Adams. He was explicitly indebted to Melanie, thanks to a duet, with which ( "When You're Gone"), Brian once again survived the rise of his career. He wrote for her song "Follow Me". And Melanie C started off a career that is successful and is continued to this day.

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  • Hello! you are very beautiful singing, I like your songs
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    Melanie C, photo, biography
    Melanie C, photo, biography Melanie C  Singer, photo, biography
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