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ZIMIN Sergey

( Russian theatrical activist, philanthropist)

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Biography ZIMIN Sergey
Zimin, Sergey Ivanovich (1876-1942), Russian theatrical activist, philanthropist.
Born in the village Zuevo (Pskov Province, Moscow Province) 8 (20) June 1876 in a merchant family of Old Believers-bespopovtsev (Fedoseevskaya staropomorskogo consent). His father - Ivan Nikitich Zimin (1818-1887) - was the founder (1884) Russia's largest joint-stock company 'Association Zuevskaya Manufactory I. Zimin'. In 1896, Sergei Zimin, graduated from the Moscow Commercial College, took private singing lessons (had a good bass-cantante). Since the early 1890's, began to attend private Russian opera Mamontov, participated in evenings of vocal music of Moscow's famous vocal teacher NP Miller. After his arrest in 1899 M.M.Ippolitov Mamontov, Ivanov suggested Zimin lead the rest without a trustee of the opera company, but Zimin, not considering himself ready for it, refused, but later saw himself as continuing the traditions of Mamontov Opera. In 1902 in suburban theater in Kuskovo organized its first venture - opera, music concerts. Since the beginning of 1903 arranged public concerts in the Zoological Gardens, then in Sokolniki, on a small stage of the Society of folk entertainment. During the same year organized the opera in the garden 'Guy' in Kuskovo and soon became one of the shareholders' non-repertory opera famous opera singer M. E. Medvedev. In 1904, went abroad to study theater deal. Visited Paris, Berlin, Naples, Milan and return to organize own private theater - 'SI Zimin Opera', which became the largest in Russia. The opening of the theater took place on 1 (14) October 1904 at the Theater 'Aquarium' presentation of the opera May Night Rimsky-Korsakov. The theater became a concentration of the best artistic forces of Moscow. It worked directors AV Ivanovski, . AP Petrovsky, . FF Komissarzhevsky, . Since 1907, the main director was P. S. Olenin; musical direction exercised M.M.Ippolitov-Ivanov, . conductors theater were EA Cooper, . AM Pazovsky, . IO Palitsyn, . MM Bagrinovskii etc.; decorative, decoration performances conducted I.Ja.Bilibin, . Pyotr Konchalovsky, . A. Vasnetsov, . SY Sudeikin, . NKRoerich, . VD Polenov, . Golovine, . VASerov, . FF Fedorovski, . AI Matorin, . IA Mamotin, . I. Fedotov, etc.,
. In seasons 1915/16 and 1916/17 in the theater sang FIShalyapin, . in a number of performances attended LV Sobinov, at the invitation Zimin here, the foreign singers - T. Ruffo, . D. Anselmi, . L. Cavalieri, . conductors - E. Colon (1907), . B. Walter (1914) and others, . many years in the theater sang Italian M. Battistini, in 1915 on the stage dancing MF Kshesinskaya, . in 1916 with the ballet troupe came Fokine,
. In an effort to move to Moscow, the latest achievements of Europe, both in terms of repertoire, and the organization of theatrical affairs, Zimin with staff in 1904-1914 has repeatedly traveled abroad. In 1908 specifically to work with young singers, opened in Moscow theater 'Orion' (as a branch of 'Zimin Opera'). During the First World War, in 1914, Zimin, organized in Moscow hospital where the wounded taken care of artists and members of his theater. In 1916 was opened Opera Studio, where the training of singers conducted by the technique developed by Zimin.

The second important area of activity Zimin connected with the base of the opera in 1904, the Museum of Performing Arts (in 1925 the museum's director was the daughter of a prominent journalist and writer NV Gilyarovsky). Museum exhibits were the work of all artists 'Zimin Opera': more than 1000 sketches of costumes and scenery, lots of models, posters, costumes made in the studio theater, as well as majolica, which Zimin acquired in Abramtsevo have Mamontov. In addition, he assembled a vast collection of paintings (ca. 200), . mostly Russian artists, paintings now dispersed in various museums, . including the State Tretyakov Gallery, . where now is Zimin acquired in 1908 by Mamontov and hanging once in 1908-1929 on the portal Theater Zimin, . now restored panels MAVrubel Princess Dream,

In 1917, Zimin was forced to send his own theater in the maintenance of Workers' and Peasants' Deputies, and became known as the Theater of Workers' Deputies, from 1919 - Little State Opera from 1921 - Theater of Musical Drama). Museum Zimin was nationalized, and the Opera Studio eradicated real estate confiscated Zimin (including removable for his museum's apartment)

. In 1918-1922 headed the music-library music studio of the Moscow Art Theater, . since 1919 while a member of the Directorate of Small State Opera (formerly the 'Zimin Opera') and a former director of the museum (collection of the museum since 1925 is in the vaults of the State Central Theater Museum of,
. AA Bakhrushin).

In 1922, Zimin managed to organize a joint stock company 'first free opera SI Zimin' (actually restore the former 'Zimin Opera'), where for two years, was delivered over 20 operas. In 1924 the theater was closed, the troupe brought to trial (but after the investigation is justified for lack of evidence), was confiscated by the collection of paintings Zimin.

Later Zimin worked as an inspector Bolshoi Theater, then an assistant mechanic montirovochnoy part, while being a member of Arts Council Theater. From 1936 until the end of life remained an artistic advisor to the Bolshoi Theater. Zimin, died in Moscow on July 26, 1942.

In 1996 was held in Moscow International Singing Competition Zimin memory and in honor of 120 anniversary of his birth.

At the State Central Museum of Musical Culture named. Glinka with the participation granddaughter Zimin - Vera Mikhailovna Zimin - is working on publishing his diaries.

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ZIMIN Sergey, photo, biography
ZIMIN Sergey, photo, biography ZIMIN Sergey  Russian theatrical activist, philanthropist, photo, biography
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