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Dmitry B. Zimin

( Owner 'Vimpelcom')

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Biography Dmitry B. Zimin
photo Dmitry B. Zimin
Parents: Father Boris Zimin, head of the Department of MVTU. Bauman, was arrested in 1935. Mother worked as a typist. Father Dmitry Zimin - Nicholas Makarevich - was married to Vera Nikolaevna Guchkov, a close relative of Alexander Guchkov, 3rd Speaker of the Duma, and was renowned for being designed and built the capital's water supply. More ancient ancestors Dmitry Zimin - Moscow merchants, the Old Believers - the founders shelkotkacheskogo production in suburban Drezna and Orekhovo -. At the beginning of XX century, his distant relative Sergei Zimin show business - created the opera, in a room which is now located the Moscow Operetta Theater.

In 1956. Dmitry Zimin graduated from the Radio Engineering Faculty of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

After graduation he worked 6 years at the Department of MAI, was engaged in scanning arrays.

In 1962. moved to the Radio Engineering Institute. Mints. He worked as chief of the laboratory, head of department, Deputy Chief Designer. Participated in the works to build radar stations, missile defense (NMD).

From 1990 to 1992. - CEO of KB 'Momentum'. He was the head of JSC "United cellular communication '.

In the 1990's. during the conversion of cooperative headed 'KB' momentum ', formed at RTI and specializing in a variety of consumer electrical engineering.

In 1992. became one of the initiators of the cellular company JSC "VimpelCom".

Since 1992. - President, CEO of JSC "VimpelCom".

"VimpelCom" Russia became the first company whose shares began to trade on the New York Stock Exchange. And in December 1998. When it seemed that the Russian company's shares are not interested in any of Western investors, Zimin has managed to capitalize (for $ 162 million) to sell 25% stake 'Telenor' the Norwegian company Telenor.

Since October 2000. Dmitry Zimin, a member of Business Council under the Government of Russia.

In November 2000. elected member of the Board office at exhibition industry Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

May 30, 2001. was dismissed as director general of JSC "VimpelCom".

Since June 2001. again assumed the post of President of JSC "VimpelCom"

Since June 2001. - Member of the Working Group to develop RSPP RSPP's position on Russia's accession to the WTO and the reform of customs policies.

In June 2001. not included in the Board of Directors of JSC "VimpelCom".

Doctor of Technical Sciences (1985). Author of more than 100 scientific articles on problems of microwave devices and scanning antenna arrays.

State Prize Laureate (1997). Winner Prize. Popova Academy of Sciences.
. Lobby

. After the acquisition of Alfa-Eco Telecom 'more than 50% of the shares' Telenor' analysts suggest that the interests of mobile operator and Dmitri Zimin would lobby with extensive contacts' Alfa-Group '.
. Partners

. The greatest care, . as claimed by the media, . in obtaining licenses to broadcast in GSM has Zimin Naum Marder, . former First Deputy Chairman of State Committee of Russia (now - Ministry of Communication and Information), . and an adviser to Director General of NGOs 'Crosna',
. To obtain a license to operate GSM services in Moscow and Moscow region say helped Boris Nemtsov, then vice-premier of Russia.

According to information posted on the website 'VimpelCom', 28 April 1998. RF State Committee summed up the contest for the right to deploy networks GSM-1800 in Russia. "VimpelCom" received a license to use GSM-1800 standard in the Central and Central Black Earth, Volga, North Caucasus and Siberian regions of Russia. Also, the RF State Committee confirmed the previously issued "VimpelCom 'license to use this standard in Moscow and Moscow region. However, according to some media, a genuine competition has been carried out: Naum Marder collected Licensing Committee, which without much debate gave 'VimpelCom' desired frequency.
. Opponents

. The main competitors 'Telenor' is Russia's leading companies - mobile operators: OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC and 'Megaphone'.
. At that sent the interests

. The main interest - Saint-Petersburg and North-West Russia, which does not work Network 'Beeline'
. And without this "VimpelCom" can not call itself a national operator. The company plans to launch a network in the North-West during the 2 nd quarter of 2003. Investments in construction will be about $ 50 million. Initially will be provided covering the city and major highways. Further expansion of the network depends on the growth of subscriber base in the region.

The conquest of frequencies in the Volga Region (Samara conflict over the telecommunications company 'SMARTS').

At the end of 2002. "VimpelCom" received a license to broadcast in the Urals region and West Siberia.


Married. There are two sons and grandchildren.

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Dmitry B. Zimin, photo, biography
Dmitry B. Zimin, photo, biography Dmitry B. Zimin  Owner 'Vimpelcom', photo, biography
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