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Cherkasova Tatiana

( Actress)

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Tatiana CherkasovaV new, fourth season of the series 'counsel' the hero himself is Zimin need legal assistance, resulting in the series appears young and pretty Luba Korotkov and became a partner Zimin. The role of the girls sang actress Tatiana Cherkasova, familiar to us serials' line of fate ',' O. K, ',' Detectives'.

Tell us about his role in 'Advocate'?

I play Lyuba Korotkov - partner Zimin, lawyer. Luba came to Zimin of operational. Here such operas, in trousers and a cap. It appears in this story at a time when Zimin himself in need of assistance of counsel. For Luba is - a chance ...

Tatiana CherkasovaU she would love line with Zimin?

As for love lines do not know any hints there, will it grow? ... Perhaps, yet it is only an assumption. I very much want to have their relationships differed from a previous relationship with a co-worker Zimin. I hope our story will develop in some other way.

What do you like your heroine?

It is difficult to judge. There's always something to bring in their role, especially when long removed .... Luba me sympathetically, she man of integrity ... Something of her character, I would like to take for themselves ...

Who is a lawyer? This is a man who has to deal every day with absolutely different people. Often, people nervous, impressionable, that a lot of lying, fantasize, and so on .... And all he needs to find its own approach, in other words, it should be a great psychologist. And most importantly, the lawyer - is a lawyer, a thorough knowledge of the law. He must protect his client. This is what the profession.

. The most you do not have access to a lawyer?

. No, thank God, and do not want to.

. Preparing for the role, you are ignorant of the legal nuances of the specific work?

. Unfortunately, no, I somehow swiftly approved, no time to lose it, I almost immediately went into the frame
. We have to go into the course of work, something you do instinctively.

. With Andrei Sokolov, how do you work?

. It is interesting and very easy, never had no problems.

. I know he still occasionally serves as a director on the court, it varies from changing position?

. Perhaps more collected, responsible
. He comes and he knows that he wants to see. That it has always been - the charged to work. Of course, Andrew - professional.

Above what is now working?

Tatiana graduated CherkasovaNedavno removed Zinovy Roizman, do not know what the result will be called the painting - 'Week Holidays' or 'SMERSH'. I play a Lithuanian girl Albina, she falls in love with the protagonist, a very dramatic line. Not yet seen the material, postscoring has not yet been, but the script is very interesting. 45 year end of the war ... Time, . the Poles, . Lithuanians, . Russian - all were at some crossroads, . 'knackered' soul, . fatigue, . pain, . hope .... When indiscriminately kill, . and things are moving so, . that this war, . its Strength, . crashes and the fate of our heroes, . they just emerging sense,
. I do not even know how to tell it to look. The peculiarity of this work was also in the fact that we had much of role to play in the Lithuanian language. Another co-starred in the film by Alexei Kozlov 'Winter Western'. My heroine, Vera - an independent woman, one raising a child. Enough strength of character. The work on this film, too, I remember very warm.

A comedy not play?

Currently there are no .... But I would like, of course.

In the theater you work?

I worked in the Theater. Chekhov, Chamber Theater, but left, somehow not happened ... I love the theater, but the mutual love we have not got. Maybe until ...

How did you become an actress?

Just came GITIS the course Leonid Heifits. I am from Samara, there were more than once. But as had happened - went to the second year and passed the first, second round ...

. Dreamed of since childhood, probably more than anyone I have not dreamed of being.

. In Samara, studied at the Institute of Culture in the directing department - two years and has finished in Moscow ...
. But Honestly, directing profession very addictive, it seemed to me more interesting than acting.

. That is, in the future you have an idea of becoming a director?

. I am a little cautious attitude to women directors, once we have few.
. There are exceptions, but such an exception, I become the building do not feel. Although, in the acting profession directorial knowledge can help .... Or stop, because sometimes very useful 'brains turn off' and go with the flow. The fact that I did not always work.

Tatiana CherkasovaKto you have learned on the course of working in film today?

Wick Tolstoganova, Andrew Kuzichev, Elena Biryukova, Maria Kivva ... Unfortunately, all busy, rarely communicate. But the main thing - they are in demand and it's great.

What does it take to become an actor?

I think luck. One talent is not enough.

Do you like your career develops?

No, not like. I would like to do more work in film, the roles were more interesting. I want to meet talented producers, because film is the art director's. I can not say that there are other. No, there is a very good director - Ilya Maximov, Andrei Sokolov. The approach of a serious, creative, despite the fact that take off very quickly. The idea that when the series ends, there. Although the serials am cautiously, and many refused to suggestions.

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Cherkasova Tatiana, photo, biography
Cherkasova Tatiana, photo, biography Cherkasova Tatiana  Actress, photo, biography
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