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Norman Mailer

( American novelist, essayist, journalist)

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Biography Norman Mailer
Mailer, Norman (Mailer, Norman) (p. 1923), American novelist, essayist, journalist. The novel "The Naked and the Dead" (The Naked and the Dead), which he debuted in 1948, counted among the best and most important works of the Second World War. The dissident by nature, Mailer became one of the ideologues 'bitnichestva' - Nonconformist movement 1960. In constant conflict with reality, Mailer's hero, outlined in his program essay "The White Negro" (The White Negro, 1957), this existentialist 'hipster' - a person who deliberately alienating themselves from society, in which he does not believe.

Mailer was born Jan. 31, 1923 in Long Branch (pc. New Jersey). Mailer grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In 1943 he graduated from Harvard University in 1944 he was drafted into the army. Discharged in 1946, Mailer wrote feverishly ('200 pages over the summer, 50 thousand words in two months') - this was "The Naked and the Dead". A novel about life routine reconnaissance platoon that captured by the Japanese Pacific island Anapopey, received worldwide recognition.

The next novel, "The shore of the barbarians" (Barbary Shore, 1951), the suppression of radical ideologies, called controversial. The action of the third novel, "Deer Park" (The Deer Park, 1955) unfolds in Hollywood during the McCarthy. The book was met with more than cool, and Mailer at the time away from the prose. Collection of "Self-promotion" (Adverfisments For Myself, 1959), blend of essays, short stories, excerpts from novels, notes in notebooks, connected 'confessionals' notes, regained his reputation as a writer.

Mailer's fourth novel, "The American Dream" (An American Dream, 1965) was a resounding success. Collection of essays "Cannibals and Christians" (Cannibals and Christians) appeared in 1966. In 1967 his novel "Why are we in Vietnam?" (Why Are We In Vietnam?), In which the tense atmosphere of the 1960's passed through the perception of two teenagers. That same year, Mailer took part in a march on the Pentagon against the Vietnam War as reflected in the book "Army of the night" (Armies of the Night, 1968), where Mailer showed himself as a reporter and simultaneously witty, insightful narrator. The book brought him the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award. Behind it was followed by Miami and the Siege of Chicago "(Miami and the Siege of Chicago), covering the convention of the Republican and Democratic parties in 1968.

Continuing in the 1970's to work on the documentary books, Mailer significantly improved its performance writer. "From the flame on the Moon" (Of a Fire on the Moon, . 1971) is devoted to the NASA space program, "The Prisoner of Sex" (The Prisoner of Sex, . 1971) demonstrates the writer to the feminist movement, in "Marilyn" (Marilyn, . 1973) the author gave his own interpretation of the personality of Marilyn Monroe, "Fight" (The Fight, . 1974) recreates the course of the fight for world boxing crown in Zaire between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman; book "Song of the executioner" (The Executioner's Song), . documentary story about the case of Gary Gilmore, . became a murderer and sentenced himself to death, . Mailer has brought a second Pulitzer Prize,

In the next decade to write a novel, ancient night "(Ancient Evenings, 1983), which was set in ancient Egypt, and the psychological thriller" tough guys do not dance "(Tough Guys Don't Dance, 1984)

. In the 1990's created a novel about the CIA "ghost whores" (Harlot's Ghost, . 1991), "History of Oswald" (Oswald's Tale, . 1995) - about a man, . accused of the assassination of President Dzh.F.Kennedi, "Portrait of Picasso in his youth: Version biography" (Potrait of Picasso as a Young Man: An Interpretive Biography, . 1995), "The Gospel of the Son of God" (The Gospel According to the Son, . 1997), . setting out the life of Jesus Christ,

In addition to writing, Mailer edited the magazine 'Dissent', participated in the creation of the newspaper 'Village Voice', in 1984-1986 was chairman of the PEN American Center.

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Norman Mailer, photo, biography
Norman Mailer, photo, biography Norman Mailer  American novelist, essayist, journalist, photo, biography
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