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Arthur Miller

( American dramatist and novelist)

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Biography Arthur Miller
Miller, Arthur (Miller, Arthur) (1915-2005), American playwright and novelist. Born October 17, 1915 in New York. He studied at the University of Michigan, where his first plays were awarded prizes. Written in 1944 play "The man who so lucky" (The Man Who Had All the Luck) not popular with the public, but the author has brought the award of new plays at the Division of the Theater Guild. At the beginning of the Second World War Michener worked at a military shipyard in Brooklyn, New York. For six months as a reporter visited the military garrisons, collecting material for a film Ernie Pyle Story of GI Joe ", which is reflected in the book" Situation Normal "(Situation Normal, 1944).

Miller has brought fame drama "All My Sons" (All My Sons, 1947) won the Prize of the Association of the New York Drama Critics Award and the Donaldson.

Miller's best play is set in the 1949 "Death of a Salesman". She received the Pulitzer Prize, the prize of the Association of the New York Drama Critics Award and the Antoinette Perry ( "Tony").

Drama "ordeal" (The Crucible, 1953), devoted to the prosecution of 'Salem's witches', reflected become widespread campaign on Un-American Activities (McCarthy hearings in the Commission). The play won the 1953 Award 'Tony' and Donaldson. Miller was summoned in 1956 to the Commission on Un-American Activities. He was charged with contempt of Congress, but on appeal the sentence has been commuted.

One-act play "The View from the Bridge" (A View From the Bridge) and "Memoirs of Two Mondays" (A Memory of Two Mondays) were shipped in 1955. For the London production in 1956 Miller rewrote "View from the Bridge" in the two-act play. In 1957 came the meeting of plays playwright (Collected Plays). In the same year in the magazine 'Esquire' has his story "The Misfits" (The Misfits). It formed the basis of the script, written by Miller to Marilyn Monroe, which became in 1956 his second wife. The film was released in 1961. In the same year, Sidney Lumet filmed "View from the Bridge" and Miller divorced Monroe. The play "After the Fall" (After the Fall), first staged at Lincoln Center Repertory Theater in 1964, provoked stormy debate in the press because of the image of Maggie, which saw Marilyn Monroe

. Among other plays Miller - "It happened at Vichy" (Incident at Vichy, . 1964), . "Price" (The Price, . 1968), . "Creation of the World and other things" (The Creation of the World and Other Business, . 1972), . "The ceiling of the archbishop" (The Archbishop's Ceiling, . 1977), . "Open America" (The American Clock, . 1980), . "Dangerous zone: Memory!" (Danger: Memory!, . 1986), . "Broken Glass" (Broken Glass, . 1994),
. Miller released a collection of short stories "You're no longer needed" (I Don't Need You Anymore, 1967). In 1981 came the second volume of his plays, in 1987 - an autobiography "High spots of time: One Life" (Timebends: A Life). In 2000 came the book "Echoes in the corridor" (Echoes Down the Corridor), including various works, published in the period 1947-1999.

In 1984 Miller was awarded the Kennedy Center for the achievements in art.

Miller died Feb. 10, 2005 in the United States.

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Arthur Miller, photo, biography
Arthur Miller, photo, biography Arthur Miller  American dramatist and novelist, photo, biography
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