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Biography Hope KADISHEV
Hope was born on 1 June in the small village of Gorki, . but all early childhood memories are connected to the village of Old Maklaush Klyavlinskogo Area, . located at the junction of the Samara, . Orenburg regions and Tatarstan, forest, . surrounded the village, . river and high mountain Maklaush,
. Father, Nikita Kadyshev, worked as a foreman on the railroad, mother - Akhmatova was engaged in the home and children.

. Cuschestvovala family legend of the wealth that belonged to his great-grandfather and grandfather Kadysheva, but by the time of birth of Hope and her childhood, all the wealth was in the five daughters
. Health mother was weak, but the children demanded attention and effort. The family's income was not, but the children were always neatly dressed, fed and did not notice that sometimes the needs that surround them. Hope grew merry, mischievous, the instigators of all the games and pranks. With it all the time happens to different stories: that her head would smash into the blood, prikruchivaya skates to boots, so much so that doctors, fearing for her state, was ordered to lie down for a long time, but for her it was the largest penalty. But my father after work brought her chocolates as the victim, and her sisters - caramels. She was not greedy and willingly changed with them. And on her forehead and left a scar for life. That one with the younger sister went to look for Any "side of the world". Long went on wheat field, tired, Nadia tolerated, but Luba began to cry. I had to return. That in my grandmother's tub floated down the river and nearly drowned. So, playing hide and seek, jumped into the pit and so ripped the leg, which again had to be taken to the hospital.

But from an early age was the most favorite game, playing in a theater. They have never been in the theater, but it is a miracle awakened imagination, dreams. The actress was Hope and Luba. From curtains constructed "ball" gown, went "on the fingers" as the Ballerina, something to sing. "I'll be an actress" - expressed hope sisters. Those applauding, supporting statements. But his childhood, though poor, but happy from the heat of the mother, at home, suddenly snapped. Disease undermined the health of mother and claimed her life 42 years. Nadezhda was 10 years old. Left with young girls, father six months later was forced to marry. And the house became a stepmother, bringing their children and fully justified the word. First left Vera, taking a job at the factory, then Mary was sent to relatives in the North, and Nadia and Lyuba was sent to boarding school in Bugulma. My father wrote a letter, always referring to the daughters of "you" and occasionally sent a little money in secret from her stepmother. Living in a boarding school after his home was not easy, reflected on the nature of girls. It has become more closed, had to grow up early. No one suspected that she had a wonderful ear for music and voice. And suddenly one day in class when discussing the song contest at the boarding school, she was the surprise of all for himself, stood up and loudly sang the song "Eaglet". Her singing impressed everyone, and since then it has become a recognized "star" boarding school.

Flying years of study in an eight-year. Nadia had to decide how to live. Maria has worked in the Moscow region, in the frontal, the cotton factory "Krasnaya Polyana. To her, and comes hope in 14 years doing the same factory. At first it was hard: lived in a hostel, got up early, work hard. But helping a love of music, singing. Her voice sounded in the shop, where she attended between the machines with cob thread, depicting a microphone, performing numerous requests "fans", and the employee did it for the norm. Became active in amateur singing, it liked to listen to, appeared, as they say, "fans". Especially feeling sang "Give me a handkerchief," a song Mr.. Ponomarenko.

The dream of studying in the College of Music has become a fixed. At age 18, went to Moscow in Music College. Ippolitov-Ivanov. For anyone without musical training was virtually impossible. There have been soloist folk choirs, Muscovites, who have been behind his studies in music schools. But life has forged her character. It has not receded, and in 19 years entered the preparatory department, a class of Nikolai Mikhailovich Tarasenko. Doing accounted for in the trains at night in the hostel, after sleep, and sometimes nedoedaya. But the victory was won. It was adopted at the first course.

A new period in life - a student's time. She enthusiastically engaged in the field. If you have free time, she quietly slipped into his class teacher, and sat, listening, absorbing all of his comments that he made other girls. Beautiful voice timbre, musicianship, hard work began to allocate it among the students, and already the third year she was invited to the newly organized professional quartet "Rossiyanochka" at a concert association of Moscow - "Moskontsert". This started professional work: rehearsals, concerts, tours. The repertoire of the quartet were folk songs, but preparing for the contest stage performers, included a song composer Monasypova "white bird flew ...", where hope was charged solo. Here then, many have noticed a young, modest performer, its catchy tone and something special, touching, suffered, sounded in her voice. Yes, she was already something to say in his folk song. She has become the narrow confines of the quartet. She did not know yet what will emerge next life, what will happen to u d b b a.

But fate was, it turns out, quite close. In the hostel, where on different floors housed the students of musical schools and the Institute of. Gnesinyh, there was a meeting, changed the course of a lifetime. Running into the buffet, she encountered a young man, a student at the Institute. It was Alexander Kostyuk. And that something impelled heart. "It will be my husband!" - She thought. I fell in love. Four years secretly loved, suffered, melting eyes. The desire to be together stimulated the desire to continue his studies at the Institute of. Gnesinyh. Submitted to the department's solo singing class of Professor Nina Konstantinovny Mieszko. In 1983, Alexander was finishing institute and suddenly suggested to go to his family and marry. She was happy. This dream has come true and. Alexander put on his hopes of a gold finger ring. A year later a son, who was named in honor of his grandfather Gregory. And 8 years later, Alexander again put the hope of a wedding ring finger, and it happened in the main Orthodox church in San Francisco for their wedding.

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  • Tatiana for Hope KADISHEV
  • Darling, Hope Nikitichna, I sincerely wish you good health and pray for you, Your fan. G. Winter Irkutsk region.
  • Anonymous for Hope KADISHEV
  • Dasha 15 years Zatsepina for Hope KADISHEV
  • Hope nikitechna я?п©пЎя?п?п?пЎ you for your songs
  • Daria for Hope KADISHEV
  • paying little attention to the small homeland r, e, countrymen, you can give byloby At least one concert at half price, because you know Maklaush eternally poor village
  • Julia for Hope KADISHEV
  • Previously, you liked me more ! brown-haired brunette and rule the world)
  • Tanya for Hope KADISHEV
  • I adore you! I'm your big fan, I also sing and dream to break into the scene and I really respect you for what you have and are giving us your wonderful e soul songs, I would like to be a singer like you ...
  • Elena for Hope KADISHEV
  • I very пҐя€п°п?я?я?я?я?я? your songs and how you are doing, always admired your costumes. How beautiful you look in them. Now you changed your style and you become similar to the American Barbie. Do not try to buy at this. M We love you so what you had before.
  • Tatiana for Hope KADISHEV
  • Hope, we invite you to a concert in Mordovia! You recently did not come to us, we love you very much and look forward to. Thank you for the beautiful songs. Health, luck and all the best!
  • Olga for Hope KADISHEV
  • was at your concert in Penza. Thank you for prazdnik.krasivo extravaganza thanks to you and your muzhu.zdorovya happiness come again
  • Alexei for Hope KADISHEV
  • very п?п?п°я?пҐп°я?
  • I like ART HOPE KADYSHEVOYYU let it pleases us ALWAYS
  • Anya for Hope KADISHEV
  • you are such a classroom! I am 13 years old, I love you very much! priezhayte in Kurgan on tour! you have not been there long, I very much want to see you! thank you thank you!
  • Valentine for Hope KADISHEV
  • I love your voice and I already do not care what song, if only it sounded in your performance
  • Anonymous for Hope KADISHEV
  • More vulgar and tasteless scenic image is hard to imagine a la Russe multiplied by kafeshantan ... Could not have Kadyshevo hvataetsredstv for good stylist, because the image does not quite fit in with the theme tvorchestva.V recently often hear from fans of the singer, that we listen, but do not look ..... not possible to perceive the horror!
  • Yulichka Sinicyna for Hope KADISHEV
  • Hope Nikitichna! Happy anniversary you! Always stay young, beautiful, happy, never sad, and do not be sad, always raduyte our new songs. I am your fan since my childhood !
  • Marina for Hope KADISHEV
  • I fully support the guest without a name on the "vulgar" scenic way pevitsy.Pesni sing-zaslushaeshsya.Kak look at it, shame takes over Russian performers, . especially pevits.Nu not the same country so shame! Everyone should do their job: the singers sing, . stylists to create an image and t.d.Eta silly hairdo with a huge forehead, I ubivaet.Zachem such flashy clothes, . similar to the outfits of the ladies brothel to revolyutsii.Uzhas takes on this bad taste.,
  • Komarova Olga for Hope KADISHEV
  • Dear Hope Nikitechna! I love you very much! I congratulate you on your anniversary! I wish you much health a lot, and never think about the bad! Everywhere you love and expect, but many cities in Russia, but you we have one! Take care of yourself, let yourself and relax.
  • Nastya Paklina for Hope KADISHEV
  • Nadia, I just пЎп?п°пІп°я? you, I want to say thank you very much for your husband thank you for what you do not Alenksandr threw a difficult time for you and pulled out of the Depression and built a theater. If not, he would nebylo such beautiful songs that he wrote for you and that you are doing to their beautiful, wonderful, lyric soprano
  • Anonymous for Hope KADISHEV
  • Hope you have visited relatives mesta.mogilku vstalab mother before her knees, relieved to tebe.dedov house osirotel.priehala would have looked at all the sad picture ... Rural pred.ni what did that you obeschal.tolko dome of the church and put vse.snimi burden from the soul will come not as a singer but as a simple man. try. If reshishsya let me know when you'll be there.
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