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Alicia Alonso (21.12.1921 years)

As early as 9 years after his first lesson in a private ballet school of Russian ballet master and. Yavorsky Alicia realized that ballet - it is her whole life. From a desire to express their feelings dance moves, she moves to a desire to become a real ballerina and create the National Ballet of Cuba. Achieve this aim, it is fantastic for a short period raises the young Cuban ballet to the level of world ballet with ancient traditions. Again, the transition to a Supersystem: the creation of the ballet in Latin America

The end of the forties of this century. The small Latin American country in the Caribbean, located under the power of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. All the country subject to U.S. interests. National culture, like all national, the government does not encourage or support.

During these years, violent underground struggle for the independence of the country's establishment of a national ballet was not a priority. Moreover, Cuba has never had its own ballet traditions. Was not known Cuban ballerinas. Not suitable stage. The masses were not familiar with this art form. In such circumstances, Alicia Alonso has begun to implement the purpose of his life - the creation of the National Ballet of Cuba.

There is no doubt that the achievement of this audacious goal exceeded the capacity of young, an unknown dancer. Its implementation required a deliberate plan of action, an incredible capacity for work, mastering the achievements of the world of ballet and original use, as well as the formation of a force to repel the blows of fate and the temptations of a beautiful life.

. Target

. "I think the first time realized what I wanted, when I had my first lesson"
. AA

. Life Alicia Alonso is interesting for us, especially its system of goals, deciding the next task, she switched to a new level of creativity throughout his life.

. Hard to say what prompted the daughter of a veterinarian at the ballet stage
. Alicia herself is telling: "I have always been a ballerina ... As a child, to get me to calm down, there was only one way - to lock me in a room where the music plays. And everyone knew that nothing I've done there, because I'm dancing. At that time I did not know what the ballet. By doing different movements, I have reproduced in a dance that felt. "

As early as 9 years after his first lesson in a private school of Russian ballet choreographer I. Yavorsky Alicia realized that ballet - it is her whole life. From a desire to express their feelings dance moves, she moves to a desire to become a real ballerina and create the National Ballet of Cuba. Achieve this aim, it is a fantastic short term raises the young Cuban ballet to the level of world ballet with ancient traditions. Again, the transition to a Supersystem: the creation of the ballet in Latin America.

"The problem of unity is very important. Reaching it, we can give the world more than we give now. Every Latin American country should contribute to the development of ballet. Folklore enriches and nourishes the ballet. But Latin America has not yet brought to the ballet world and one third of their folklore. "

This line of life goals A. Alonso aims to develop national and enrichment of world culture. But it's not all!

Alicia was not only a talented dancer and creator of a unique ballet school, she decided to turn Ballet of Cuba in the true folk. Ballet ceases to be art for the elite, he is born among the people and goes to him, fulfilling its primary purpose: to transform reality.

. ... If the viewer can not go to the ballet, the ballet itself is to the viewer - where there is no theater, where the play is an open-air
. But it's not all!

Noticing that dance helps control the muscles work, she decides to use the ballet as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of epileptics, asthmatics, people with disabilities that affect the psyche. You receive a new goal - the creation psihobaleta. But it's not all!

Alicia's whole life - this claim victory forces of the human spirit over the inevitable impermanence of the human body. Nearly blind, she on the X Havana International Ballet Festival in 1986, once again, as always, impressed all "his eternal surprise, one of her typical style of dance". She performed within 13 days of the festival several roles as classical, . and new free productions, . where the characters are described amazingly subtle: tragedy (Medea, . Jeanne d'Arc, . Juliet, . Jocasta, etc.) and comic (The Merry Widow), . and flashed "another interesting element of the series fuete diagonally, . clear and rapid, . in which the audience burst into a standing ovation ",
. (Dino Carrera, Well. "Cuba", 1937, бL 4, p.19).

. This ancient art - ballet, . past the ladder of life goals by Alicia Alonso, . - Has become a very fine tool for learning and transforming the world of man: from the moral and physical perfection of the individual to the enrichment of humankind.,

. Program

. On plans? Well, listen: to live to a hundred years and continue to dance, to see life and not get lost in it "
. AA

Throughout his amazing life productively AA. based on a well-conceived plans. To create a Ballet of Cuba, she sought the implementation of the program:

1. Become a professional ballerina.

2. Find a means to create a ballet in Cuba.

3. Create a national ballet school.

When in 1956 the existence of the ballet company in Cuba has become impossible because of government persecution, AA. modifies its program to include maintenance in the form of better times the most gifted dancers.

After the victory of the revolution in Cuba in 1959, it creates a new action plan:

1. Select among the population of gifted students.

2. Raise the Cuban ballet to the heights of world level.

3. Proceed to the creation of the ballet in Latin America.

However, AA. not limited to "the desire to up. In parallel, she plans and implements in the lives of more widespread and profound impact of ballet per person:

1. Create all the necessary attributes to act in any circumstances, to bring ballet to every Cuban.

2. Identify new opportunities Ballet impact on human health.

3. Extension of the creative life of a dancer.

In addition to plans for long periods of life AA, has plans for current. Her daily work is always painted in seconds.


"I - laborer Ballet. AA

Only one, but not the only fact of life in AA, that she continues to dance on stage, not giving a discount on the age and poor eyesight, is a testament to its fanatical efficiency. Alicia herself believes that the secret of its success - a "labor Exercises without self-pity. I am convinced that the duration of the creative life of a dancer depends on its discipline and faith ". "Neither then nor later, not now, I am not a happy!" And Alicia continues to work, giving the work a maximum of available opportunities.

Engineering challenges

"I think in any profession should strive for perfection. To feel a responsibility not only to themselves but also to his people ". AA

I think that AA. intuitively discover and use the scientific method of solving problems, including the collection of information, its synthesis and search patterns.

Here are a few sentences AA on this quality. "I studied a lot and I continue to learn. And not only the big artists ... but at smaller values. In my opinion, if attentive to the case, then a mediocre artist can learn something. "

"In my youth I learned a lot from their more experienced partners. Then came the second stage - we learned from each other mutually. Now my partner is much younger than me, and I think that I helped them grow, mature. Of course, not be them - there would be no me. "

Touring around the world, carefully studying the experience of different schools and artists, AA. accumulates "information foundation" to build their way of educating the dancer.

"We have our own, the Cuban method of preparation, taking into account the climate, especially the physical and muscular structure of the organism. This method reduces the preparation dancer to 7 years.

. According to Fernando Alonso (husband AA), "Cuba does not have a school of ballet masters - we have a choreographer is the one who wants to compose a dance and can compose it.

. ... The dancers put themselves one-act ballets, dictated to them by life itself "
. Freedom of creation, embodied in the life - the basis for solving high-level. Each dancer can contribute to a kind of "information collection" troupe.

Work AA. to create an image of a character in the ballet is typical for high-level actor. This - the study of age and deep penetration "inside" the image. Working on the scene of madness in "Giselle, Alicia attended a psychiatric hospital, talked with doctors, patients observed. Here again repeated information gathering, analysis and synthesis.

It is possible that because of the depth and subtlety of interaction with the way AA. opened a new property of the ballet - the ability to cure some diseases.

Realizing that the ballet is nurtured by people's creativity, AA. seeks the highest achievements of this art form back to the true creator. Not every Cuban might want to get to ballet. But Alicia is not waiting for the audience to rise to the understanding of the ballet. She finds the perfect solution: the ballet SAM goes to the viewer. "We did so many years.

... Now we can go to the factories, fields. We have everything for this ". A mobile stage, equipment, lighting equipment.

. Engineering solving Alicia interesting than a decision of individual tasks, and solving a set of interrelated tasks, which brings her creativity to the scheme of an ideal creative strategy
. From the tasks of the first tier (31) - to master the art of ballet - it goes to system-spanning problem (32) - a ballet of the nation - down again on the first tier (31) and solves a number of tasks to introduce ballet to the people, . notes the impact of ballet at the human psyche and proceeds to develop and implement a new direction in ballet - psihobaleta (32),
. Then she returned to classical ballet on track to meet the new challenges (probably over-system-spanning 33) - the creation of the ballet in Latin America.

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ALONSO Alicia, photo, biography
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