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Shaov Timur

( Bard)

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Timur Shaov

I met Timur under circumstances more than a comical. He was supposed to play at the Theater of the song "third ear", where I work ugorazdilo art director.

. In predkontsertnoy confusion, I slowed a skinny young man in glasses, rushing into the hall without a ticket: "Where are you, young man?" The young man, upon closer examination turned out to be no longer young at all, smiled shyly and said: "I've got this concert"
. I had to miss.

Since then it has only year and a half, but Timur, had just moved from Karachay-Cherkessia in Moscow, made himself suspiciously quickly. And now can compete with the popularity of virtually anyone from senior colleagues.

Our conversation took place before handing Timur Shaov Award "Golden Ostap". By the time the interview in light of all of you will know that he became its owner. (Some replica - SK - belong guitarist Sergei Kostyukhin, paired with whom Timur played in recent times.)

. -Let's start with the "Golden Ostap".

. - Organizers are called my producer and congratulated, they also pre-determine the winners
. Here, they say, Rejoice.

- So far so happy?

- I'm glad, of course, but all the time to rejoice, in my opinion, stupid. Suddenly, everything turned out, even thought of this award has never arisen.

- When you met with Mr. Bender, and in what ways are now?

- As all enlightened people of our country. In 12-13 years, probably, so long familiar. We are friends.

- As a child, who loved the characters of the book and identify themselves?

- P Bender, of course. It. This was the idol.

- No kidding? The award has found his hero?

- No kidding. Not because he was a crook, but because he was a funny man. Between the ages of thirteen tried on a note of something to play. I went to school, but quickly dropped the case - carried away by the creation of vocal-instrumental ensemble.

- How do you bards retrained?

- Our group was for us a part of life. We were ready to go to any village, any village, to play there at the dance. And they tried to carry off with a little more, because the equipment is desperately short and the sound was usually not very good. They dragged it all on himself, on foot. It was a great desire to show people what you do, but never had a desire to plunge it in the author's song. Somehow, I specifically did not go into it, it is very gradually fit into my life. And now climbed so much that had to do it professionally.

Genre dictates much. Tell big ballads in rock 'n' roll style is impossible, although a couple of things I have pure rock. But when I listen to the author's song - miss.

I do not try to adhere to a certain style. "On the harm of drinking, I wrote a country style. I have an idea to write Tango. I want to write a gypsy song, even the beginning is: "Hey, Romale, Ela-paladins". Who needs standard harmony, the standard moves?

- How are you with such blasphemous views Grushinskiy became the winner of the festival?

- Random. Arrived there on its own in 1995. My friend Mishan, who will then dedicated the song "Letters to a friend of Israel". We were then living in the city Arkhyz, took the tent and sack this Grushinsky Festival. Well that Boris Vahnyuk before this came to Arkhyz and heard my songs, when I was in a local festival jury. There, he sits at the audition, I was - to him. Passed to the next round, then even further ... became laureate. About me soon forgotten, as the majority Grushinskii festivals. When we missed the train and we had no money to buy other tickets, bear walked through the cars and shouted: "Give money winner Grushinskiy festival!" I have suggested: "Maybe we'll sell a medal?" - I gave it a great medal. We left the next day, when good people gave us money - had to sleep near Samara.

- You - only the young bard, recently broke through in a cohort of leading, formed quite a long. How was that?

- Thanks to "Moscow windows". Specifically, due Volodia Rozanov, dig out my cassette among many others, and Evgeny Vdovin, who became my producer. If not for them, I probably still be sitting at home, occasionally leaving at some festivals. Of course, the author has something of themselves to represent, but still have to live in Moscow and displayed where possible. On the periphery of the break is absolutely impossible to. There Grisha Dansky - a wonderful writer, but he is not from Moscow, from Perm. I love Valera Mitrofanenko from Stavropol, is also quite remarkable by. Many of those whom we do not know, and then wonder: "Oh, what an interesting person". A lot of people, just try and make it! Formerly there were obstacles censorship and ideological character, and now - obstacles our market wrong.

- How long have ended your career as a doctor?

- In August, two years old. Recently I saw some medicine at the pharmacy and realized that I do not know from what it. It was a shock.

- Why is it so happened that rock and art song has long been disjoint flows, and only now, there has been some interpenetration?

- I think that in rock and author's songs have much in common. Same Makarevich, Choi, Grebenshchikov, Shevchuk interesting, of course, and its energy, but in the first place - their texts. That is what unites our rock and author's song.

With. AK: I do think that many of them sing the song's original, using only forms of rock music, the main thing - the text.

. - Nevertheless, there is a situation that representatives of these cultures with some disdain, relate to each other.

. - Well, yes: "From Bard hear!" There are some conservative orthodoxy as a bard, and rock 'n' roll hangouts
. Although, for example, the group "Grassmeyster" has taken root in the events for bard.

With. K.: Separation of the public sector rather. Musicians involved with much more pleasure in contact with each other than their audience.

. - And what, in your opinion, the contradiction between the aesthetics of rock and the aesthetics of art song?

. - I judge from his point of view, because I find it hard to get into the skin of another person
. I do not understand what prevents. I, for example, nothing prevents. I can listen to Nikitin's two o'clock in the morning and in the same day to listen to the group "The Doors", with the same pleasure. While I understand that the same Nikitina, for example, has developed already age audience and they heavily vosprinyatchto something new, but what prevents young - I do not understand. To understand, we must listen. But do not listen, because there is a wild snobbery: "Oh, it's a Bards". Or: "Oh, it's rockers". The inertia of thinking - a terrible. You go, listen, and then only judge.

SK: Stravinsky said that the public is generally more prone to recognition, rather than to the knowledge. To understand something new, we must listen, scratching turnips, such as the change itself. Therefore, it is on "sectors" and the audience is split.

TS: I think at my concerts the audience is varied, there are going to people who listen and rock music, and author's song. Mass of notes along the following lines: "We're a bard does not like, but you we listen with pleasure". I was pleased. I believe that stereotypes have to break.

. - Never tried out as a advertiser? In Kiev, my friends were doing the festival, . using the slogans of your songs: "If you are not confused with Sartre's toilets, . Baudelaire in a brothel, . and Rimbaud and Rambo for you - different people, . then we are waiting for you ... ", . etc.,

. T
. C.: Yes, I tried to do custom things.

With. K.: The designer edition of Sartre, Baudelaire and Rimbaud ...

T. Sh: I was asked because people would not just old style and primitive advertising, but with some jokes. I wrote the whole song, advertised in cup mashed Lux Express. A good song turned out, even it was a pity to give. It seems to be advertising and not advertising at the same time. Just a rock 'n' roll turned. Was what must admit. And "hammerovskomu jeep wrote ... But, even making ads, I'm staying myself. I do not want platitudes, I want to make it funny and at the same time very lucidly.

- Could be a Timur Shaov any alternative life? Unlike medical career and the bard?

- Probably not. Profession: doctor - is without options. When the doctor worked, thought with horror: "pancakes, as if I was an accountant? Or sitting in some SRI? Tosca same death. So, probably, all the same thing happened to. We feel inner harmony, although there is a longing for his former profession, and it breaks a little harmony. But overall good.

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