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Chernov Yuri

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Yuri Chernov

Many years have passed since the film 'live till Monday' was released, but one of his heroes continue to cite. Remember: 'A Syromyatnikov someone else's happiness writes off'? Artist of the role - Yuri Chernov - Honored Artist of Russia, one-man band, playing almost all musical instruments. Moviegoers know him and many other paintings: 'Mayakovsky Laughs', 'From the life of the Chief of Criminal Investigation', 'There, on unknown tracks', 'Great Samoyed', 'Citizen Leshka', 'Youth of Peter', 'The Adventures of Electronics':

. - Yuri Nikolayevich, your business card to the movies is the movie 'live till Monday', where you played a cool sort of clown
. It was your debut in a movie?

- I actually made his debut in this film. But I can not agree with your definition. My Syromyatnikov not a buffoon, he just Grade retention, although very nice. Of course, pleased that this picture became a classic of our cinema, and the phrase my hero - cruise. How many times have I heard the following: 'Russia after Peter I on the kings of bad luck', 'And my mother said that killing birds is not good':

. - You were like a hero?

. - No, I studied at school just fine, never copied, I have always had the feeling that life should always rely on themselves
. While in school told me: 'Why do you want to learn, you're born an artist! ". From childhood I was drawn something to show to represent.

- Why did you choose pop-stars, circus school, rather than theatrical or VGIK?

- In fifth grade I decided to become an artist and need to study only in Moscow. After school came to the capital and handed the documents to which only can. And everywhere - failure. A friend with whom I lived in a hostel GITIS asked to go with him to the exam in a pop-circus school, to play along on guitar. I agreed, and it so happened that I noticed there. For some reason, decided that I would very much like the famous clown Oleg Popov. So I became a student. And does this not regret. It has learned to play various musical instruments, many circus skills useful later in my live performances. We had a wonderful course, to our classes in fencing, plastic, riding on horseback coming actors from different theater schools, including Kostya Raikin.

. - What road led you to GITIS?

. - By the time I was five years worked in the Philharmonic
. It so happened that director Sergei Yutkevich invited me to a major role in the film 'Mayakovsky Laughs'. That this film was a turning point in my life. So I finally decided to leave the Philharmonic. My friend, Lesch Baskin, with whom we studied together in the circus school, invited me to the theater of miniatures, where he then worked. He then planned to leave the United States, and needed an actor for his role. The main theater director Rudolf Rudin (remember, the lord of the Himalayas' Squash '13 chairs''?) Promptly introduced me to the performances of 'I want to artists',' Candid Camera 'and other. Working in the theater, decided to study in GITIS, because already the most wanted to try himself as a director. The institute studied at the department directing stage and massive representations.

. - Why you have not played Petrukha in 'White Sun of the Desert'? After director Vladimir Motyl just saw you in this role and you have already been approved.

. - This is also my song unsung
. But of this I have no regrets, then on it was God's will. After a successful debut in the film 'live till Monday,' I really called, telegrams were sent with the invitation in the picture with the working title 'Save the harem', saying that it sort of the first Soviet Western. Then I was a student at the College of Circus and we were not allowed to go to any location. I said: 'choose: either you act in films, or you learn in school'.

. - Then what about filming 'live till Monday'?

. - In the picture I filmed secretly, during the holidays, and were themselves taken in Moscow, I had nowhere to go
. Of course, had to miss classes, but all the troubles connected with them, managed to overcome.

- Whether to continue to work in the theater?

- Five years I worked in the 'Theater of the Moon' under the leadership of Sergei Prokhanov. Played in a children's play 'Dream a little Robinson Crusoe' as well as in the play 'Tender Is the Night'. Then it so happened that I was very much antrepriznyh performances, and I left the theater. Nevertheless, I continue to work with him, playing in the play 'Tender Is the Night'.

- What connects you with the fund 'philanthropist'?

- You see, in my life occurred one meeting, for which I am grateful. A few years ago at the festival 'Kinoshock' I met with the president of the foundation 'Benefactor' Gennady Anichkin. This organization is actively working for more than ten years and has organized art festivals Disabled. Along with fellow actors, we often around the country and who they not only give concerts for the disabled, but also with representatives of the Fund 'Benefactor' search for talents among the people who by fate were disabled.

. And we met two loving hearts?

- Good question. We met in the walls GITIS. She worked at the department of foreign theater; us with her two children.

- Wait, I read that you - the father of three children.

- There is the eldest daughter Anya from my first marriage, by the way, from it I have increased nine-grandson Alyosha. And with his second wife, Valentina, with whom we will soon celebrate their silver anniversary, raised Maxima and Yaroslav.

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