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Freeland Miriam Pacheco

( Actress)

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Biography Freeland Miriam Pacheco
photo Freeland Miriam Pacheco
Miriam Pacheco Freeland (11.10.1978 years [Rio de Janeiro])

Miriam dreamed of becoming an actress since childhood, with the four years she has attended a ballet school. One day, seeing cousin on a stage drama school "Tablado in Rio, she demanded her father to write it in acting class. After the interview, at age 11 she received a place in the group, and after a further three years, played in a professional setting - child's play "The Royal Palace" playwright Maria Clara Machado. Seeing the success of 14-year-old Miriam, one of the teachers' Tablado "advised her to send your portfolio to" Globo ", and a year later she was taken in an additional part series" Journey ". But then contract with Globo ended, and the actress went to work on other TV channels in Brazil.

Perhaps success would come to her for a few years earlier, but at 20 she suddenly discovered she was pregnant. Child's father was her then-boyfriend - a student at the Faculty of Architecture, Jose Mikelito. Young married Miriam had the time to stop shooting, especially since she had not left at this time as an actress has studied at two faculties - the history of art and acting.

. She was called Maria Elena: Miriam liked the name Elena, Jose Maria wanted her daughter, and, moreover, was the name of Aunt Miriam, a lifelong dream to have children, but was unable to give birth
. House as baby still are calling a funny name Pichu-Pichu.

Breastfeed young mother stopped just before the shooting in Hope ": daughter, then turned two and a half years. Playing in the series, Freeland was unable to pay due attention to the child: she worked six days a week from morning to evening. But Miriam, who became a star, can not safely walk with Maria Helena: fans surround the actress, frightening the baby to colic.

. After the filming of "Land of Hope" Miriam to go with little daughter to rest in Portugal (where just started showing this series), and now it plays in children's production of "Pluft, little ghost" - all for the sake of their beloved daughter
. And most of all wants to give birth to three more children - as much as it was in her own family.

For the role of Beatrice actress read the history of secondary education and the History of Women in Brazil ". And very sorry that Benedito Ruy Barbosa has not developed properly the subject of education and illiteracy, and turned his attention to love Marcelo and his teacher. By the way, another reason to praise Valsira Karrashku: new by the end of the series will return to the subject village school.

Enormous stress for the actress became a necessity for the role of Beatrice cut his long hair. However, the most difficult were sex scenes - the first in her career. To the great delight of Miriam, she did not have to undress in front of the camera: all the love the characters has been reduced to kissing in the bushes. But such scenes she had discussed with my partner for hours on the sets Emilio Orsiolo Net, honing in the imagination of every movement. About to rehearse a passionate embrace, there was no question. Most Freeland was afraid that the scene goes wrong, as we would like, and will take a lot of doubles. She now recognizes that work in Hope provided an opportunity to purchase a great experience, and now, if the script would have to undress, she will go to this. And that's about to take off naked for big money (for example, for the magazine "Playboy"), still does not want to even hear.

. Dossier
. * Full Name: Miriam Pacheco Freeland.
. * Date of Birth: October 11, 1978
. * Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro.
. * Favorite Actor: Raul Cortez.
. * Favorite actress: Laura Cardoso.
. * Dream: To play on the same stage with Gloria Pires.
. * Favorite movie: "Moulin Rouge".
. * The main drawback: absent-mindedness
. One fell off the stage in a dress queen, ruining the dress.
* Favorite thing in your free time: get a new hairstyle.

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Freeland Miriam Pacheco, photo, biography
Freeland Miriam Pacheco, photo, biography Freeland Miriam Pacheco  Actress, photo, biography
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