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Ferraz Carolina

( Actress)

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Biography Ferraz Carolina
photo Ferraz Carolina
Carolina Ferraz

Autumn 2002 brought to life Maria Carolina Alvarez Ferraz many new and good. First is the premiere "Wild as the Wind" at the Theater of Sao Paulo, . where Carolina has a major role, . her heroine, a tragic character, . woman had lost only lyubov.Vo Secondly it has selected its advertising face for 2003, . fashion brand Verty, . which creates women's clothing, . Brazil is very populyarnuyu.Teper, . radiant face Carolina in the course of the year will be decorating all the shops and advertising Verty.,

. Third, . Brazilian magazine "Style" Caroline put the photo on the front cover of its premiere numbers, . moreover actress led the advertising campaign of the journal, . participated in the presentation, . and posters of "Style" with the image of a smiling Caro were covered all major cities, . including the capital Brasilia.,

. And finally at the beginning of autumn fell the height of the novel with the Carolina Millionaire Alexandre Aksioli, . love playboy actress piled flowers, . jewelry and expensive antique curios, . so dear to his heart krasavitsy.On sent her helicopters and limousines, . but something went wrong with love and now the Brazilian press hastened to announce that, . Carolina Ferraz that already occurs with other, . this time with producer and that they have already made a joint trip to Paris.,

. Height: 1,71 m
. Weight: 52 kg

. Bust: 84 cm Waist: 65 cm

. They say that the charm Carolina resist is not possible, because in addition to the refined beauty it possesses intelligent, clever, education, and the good, sweet and has a subtle, aristocratic taste.

. No wonder every year it is called not only the most beautiful, but also the most stylish and elegant among the most famous women in Brazil.

. What is the secret of beauty Carolina, . possibly as a pronounced individuality, . its warmth, . its honesty, . its tselustremlennosti, . think so many of her friends and they all insist, . that women are the least similar to the actress simply does not exist.,

. She was born in Sao Paulo, . parallel with the classical ballet classes engaged in the History Department at the Pontifical Catholic University of Gavea.Prepodavala at school dances, . Then she was invited to model biznes.Pryamikom Carolina and came out on TV, . where the first was leading scandalous show called "Shock",
. Otherwise, . she suddenly became an actress was for her full neozhidannostyu.Direktor and teledramaturg Jaime Monzhardim always insisted, . to Karo starred in some soap opera, . but she stubbornly otkazyvalas.I once Jaime set an ultimatum, . or she agrees to appear in new TV series, . or he dismisses it out programmy.Karolina agreed with great reluctance, . the only thing that attracted the young beauty, so it is a diverse professional experience,
. Gradually work in serials superseded everything else and the Brazilian telenebosklone shone bright star Carolina Ferraz.

. For the first work in the series "Pantanal" aroused great interest the audience, . during display of love scenes between the characters, . who played Carolina and actor Paulo Dzhorzhulo, . in front of television screens froze all Braziliya.Eta work earned her a very lucrative financial plan contract with TV Globo.Kstati ibid, . on Globo, . Caroline and her husband found, . he became one of the company, . 44 - year-old Italian Mario Koen.V breaks between shootings Caroline gave birth to her beloved daughter, Valentina, . is now 7 years old.,

. Next in the telenovela "Por Amor", . Carolina where lit with Eduardo Moskovishem, . brought even more resounding success young aktrise.A Lusine major role in the series "Crazy Money" and does become an actress zvezdnoy.Poklonniki pursued at every step, . and once Carolina was seriously scared, . her car which was still a little daughter, . throughout Ipanema pursued some abnormal,
. At the same time in her house began receiving letters with threats and in the evening heard the mysterious phone calls, . Someone called and molchal.Ispugannaya Carolina, . suspecting the worst, . to the extent that her child wants to steal some maniac, . politsiyu.Neskolko turned into weeks, her phone tapped, . and she always appeared in Carolina, accompanied by a retinue ohrany.No maniac, or rather not to the extent of persistent suitor was not found, . truth mysterious phone calls and letters prekratilis.Kstati ever since Carolina house is equipped with modern alarm system and it has two personal bodyguards.,

. Unfortunately, after filming a TV series "Pecado Capital", . Carolina long shot at televidenii.V Brazil said that the blame quarrelsome character actress, . allegedly not someone wanted in a kissing scene with an elderly actor Francisco Cuoco (Senor Salvyanu), . however, this information is not confirmed by anyone, . but probably some conflict with the Globo y Carolina still suschestvoval.Potomu that almost three years, the actress was in free flight, . starred in advertising, . participated in fashion shows, . attended all the secular parties and even shot two documentaries, . the first was devoted to the development of mankind, . Second, the issue of gays and lesbians.,

. In 2000, the actress accepted the proposal to withdraw the film "Amores Possieveis", . where her partner is actor Murilo Benicio, . time is a beloved Carolina and in real life. (the first time co-starred in a big movie in 1994, . in the film "Alma Corsaria", . the film won awards for best film at the Brazilian Film Festival of that year,
. The next film was a cinematic experience "Mater Dei" (1996)).

. But in 2000 opal Carolina at Globo ended and she starred in the TV series "Estrela Guia" (2001) in the role of villain Vanessa Rios, . and then in the mini-series "Quinto dos Infernos" in the role of Naomi, . and now Carolina is preparing for a new job, . most likely it will Globo novella titled "Women in Love.",

. But apart from the work of Caroline enough different cases, . She has a daughter, . adorns his huge house, . loves hiking the antique magazinam.V free evening the actress sits in front of TV, . turn off all phones and watching old American movies with Grace Kelly and Richard Burton.,

. The secret of her beauty

. The beauty of Carolina's perfectly natural, delicate features, slender figure, but even such a charming woman, as she has to keep himself in shape and take care of her appearance.

. At dawn and at dusk the day is not hard to find this popular actress on the northern beach in Sao Paulo, . where she walks in meditation on the edge priboya.Karolina loves the sea air, . considers it a panacea for many diseases and calls himself "the most passionate fan of the beach." But this does not mean that Carolina headlong throws herself under the scorching rays of the sun beach, . she never forgets about the protective lotion, . sunglasses and a hat.,

. And in the city, it takes no less care of their own skin, . in her purse is always a jar of cream protects the skin from sunburn, . Actress carefully spreads his knees, . hands and face, . while repeating: "Even God can not save us from old, . but I can help your skin resist!. "Such a cautious attitude to one's own appearance brought noticeable results, . camera crews spotlights, . who ruthlessly highlight every wrinkle on the face of actresses, . favorable to Carolina, . in her 34 пЁпЎпЄп° skin remains smooth, . velvety, . beautiful peach color.,

. Carolina, involved in gymnastics for individually designed program, perform a set of exercises for the muscles of the chest, press, thighs and arms severely three times a week.

. Each lesson ends with a 40-minute jog on the simulator.

. Every day she drinks three liters of mineral water, . it has long been a sacred ritual for the actress, . and no gazirovok, . no alkogolya.Kogda she wakes up late, . a glass of fresh juice completely replaces lunch, . which in other days is a bit of fresh vegetables and a couple of leaves of lettuce,
. Lunch Caro prefers to roast beef or chicken little file.V special cases allows himself to eat pasta with moreproduktami.I ... Who would have thought, . that such a refined lady like Carolina Ferraz loves cheeseburgers and hamburgers from McDonald's (!). And indulge yourself these "terribly harmful, . high-calorie sandwiches from time to vremeni.Tak that of the most elegant Brazilian divas have their own little ways!,

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Ferraz Carolina, photo, biography
Ferraz Carolina, photo, biography Ferraz Carolina  Actress, photo, biography
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