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Tokarev Willy

( The Legend of Russian chanson)

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Willie Tokarev

'WILLY - not an alias. I have a passport and written - 'Vilen Tokarev'. Vilen stands as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. During the 30 years it was fashionable to give children 'revolutionary' names'. Willie talks about this with a smile. We are sitting in a small cafe on the shore Yauza. Legend of Russian chanson drinks only green tea. The singer tries to avoid sweets and alcoholic drinks. Although vodka for Willy - holy.

- I never smoked, not stabbed. He tried to lead a moderate lifestyle, because the actor is important to maintain good health. Last ten years, I have an iron rule - I drink per day for 100 grams of vodka in three steps. In the morning, afternoon and evening for thirty-three grams. From this tradition relates a story of. Once I came on tour to Brazil, arrived from the airport to the hotel, and there I met a wizened old man-porter. I was terribly ill with angina, all of his throat was swollen, and two days later it was necessary to act. That old man gave me simple advice - always drink ice water. I did so. And two days later my throat was. Moreover, since I can drink beer from the refrigerator, cold milk, and I did not happen. The same old man, who was 89 years old, gave me and other advice - drink a hundred grams of vodka a day. The important thing - just drink a hundred grams, no more. Vodka, like sandpaper, cleanses blood vessels of fatty plaques, improves digestion and makes a good memory. I started this purpose a special flask and never go out without a home. I feel great!

A hundred bucks - and that's that!

In America I went in 1974. In the Soviet customs did not let me bring my bass and musical manuscripts. Since I even took off a cross. They said that it is valuable to the state. I left with a small suitcase in hand and a hundred dollars in my pocket.

First time in New York, I took care of a charitable organization that paid for the training courses of computer programmers. However, I did not become a programmer, because I was offered work in Auckland, but I got used to New York and did not want to go there. We had to courses of health workers. Nurse from me was excellent, the patients did not even notice how I did them injections. And the work was lucky - got into a private clinic, where they paid $ 250 a week. The only orders that prevail there, I put it mildly, surprised. Nurses often ignored requests bedridden patients to feed water, pretended to not hear. A couple of times I have seen how they kicked the patients for what they went by themselves. I became angry and complained to the eldest sister, who was black. She said: 'Hey, you're red, you have come from Moscow and get out there back. They set up their orders, and here we are - the owners'. And although I do its job better than other nurses, she literally szhivala me with light. I had to go to the owner, but he just shrugged and said: 'I can not rein in her, because I was immediately accused of racism. I would rather fire you for unemployment, you will receive your $ 90 a week, and maybe find another job '.

'Dark Night'

So I was unemployed. Every day he went to the exchange. But one day late, and I was expelled from the lists. My modest savings melted away before our eyes, the day I could only afford milk and bread. At this time, my friend, the pianist from Lithuania, invited to try their strength as a musician in a prestigious Broadway nightclub. There is just a few days of scheduled play. We decided to perform a song in Russian and chose 'dark night'. When I finished singing, the hall hung deathly silence, and I thought: 'failed'. But a minute later - applause. The owner of the club has signed a contract with us. When we were working for the second week, came up to us one of the visitors - in jeans, sneakers and a mink coat. She asked to perform the song "How deep the ocean '. Loew, despite his musical erudition, confused. He did not know this song. Yes, and I also. Then in the break we ran to a nearby street, where he worked around the clock music store. The seller, ancient old man, got some folder and fished out the song you want us. Paying one dollar, we hurried back. In the second division performed this song with sheet. The lady was terribly moved by, ran up to thank us and gave each $ 20. I so well remember the amount because it was my first American tip.

Nice traveler

Five months later the club was sold to a new owner. He decided to rebuild it, and we again found themselves without work. At that time I had accumulated material for the first disc, but to write it, required a minimum of 20 thousand. U.S.. I set out to collect the money. This has mastered the profession of taxi driver. This work is one of the most dangerous in New York. Several times I was on the verge of death. The first time I was attacked a month, I began to turn the steering wheel. Already in the evening to me sat a man over forty in a black hat, which he really was. A few minutes later, he instructed me to 'gun' and demanded to turn into some lonely place. In his glassy eyes and demeanor, I realized that he took a dose of drugs. His speech was incoherent. I remember he said: 'I fought in Vietnam, my little daughter had recently died. I hate all. I have already sent to the next world 25 people, you will be 26-m '. Here I have for no reason at all collapsed, that in Russia at the time, too, killed the 26 Baku Commissars. He became interested in this story, but his gun is still pressing against me in the ribs. Then I began telling him Russian jokes in English. He laughed almost to tears, and then said: 'You liked me, I give you life'. It shook me out of the car on some wasteland. I got up and whispered: 'Lord, thank you, I believe that everything will be fine'. However, I found myself without a car, no house keys, no documents. But what it all meant in comparison with the fact that I remained alive?

And in the restaurant and the restaurant:

A few years of a taxi driver, I still accumulated the required amount for the issuance of the first disk. I called it 'In the noisy farce'. From that moment my life changed 180 degrees. Disk first became popular in the American immigrant environment, and then at me showered with offers to publish it in Canada, Germany, Australia. He quickly recouped the money invested. I was invited to sing in the most famous Russian-speaking American restaurant - 'Odessa'. His visitors were mainly expatriates and tourists from the Soviet Union. The restaurant was a lightning rod for a variety of feelings, perhaps, is why there often had fights. I well remember one. The evening had just begun. Came a young man, a tourist from the USSR. When he settled down at the table, he was approached two local immigrants and asked for a smoke. It turned out that he does not smoke, but they apparently decided to make fun of him, said something rude. So this guy, not long thinking, he wrapped his hand with a napkin and began to beat those three with a speed and strength that they have a few minutes later with swollen faces were strewn on the floor. It turned out that this visitor - a world-class boxer who came to America on the competition. It was the most beautiful fight, which I saw in my life.

In 'Odessa' I earned good money in tips. Sometimes for one evening to receive up to fifteen thousand dollars. It so happened that all the albums I published his own money, all of them came 22. Is true that among them there is no disc at number 13. The fact that I am a superstitious person.

Court of Pugacheva

In 1989, I received a formal proposal to come on tour to the Soviet Union. Organization of concerts was to engage Theater Alla Pugacheva. But the relationship we have not formed. I could not agree with the claims of Alla. For example, one song is generally required to remove from the program to another to change the music, throw in the third verse, and the performance of the Fourth 'to hand like this'. I thought: 'How is it that 15 years I have lived freely and again taken to the slave, when I dictate how I should behave on the stage'. And although the contract with the Theater Pugacheva promised me a good fee, I decided to terminate. Began the trial, which cost me 20 thousand. U.S.. But I still won it. Then accepted an invitation Mosconcert. I visited 70 cities. I accompanied the orchestra Kroll, a total of nearly 70 musicians. My Soviet tour was delayed for a year. In financial terms, this was more than a successful company, because I played in large halls. But not a single penny of this money, I never used. Ate inflation in the early 90's. In this sense, one should pay tribute to my American Bank. For more than two decades that I live in America, I have not gone there, no cents.

Cinderella of the metro

In my life I often fall in love. I do not see anything wrong. People change their shoes, shirts, flats, even the state. And why not swap partners, if you are not satisfied?

His Cinderella, I found in the Moscow metro. Five years ago was in a hurry somewhere late in the evening and did not know how to get to the desired station, I. On the platform stood two young girls, and I turned to them for help. While riding in the car, met and exchanged phone numbers. Then I went away for a month in Germany, but when he returned to Moscow, I was invited Chuck Norris to speak at his club, which opened in Moscow. I thought of Julia, she studied at the moment VGIK, and invited her for this evening. Then I invited her on TV, radio, concerts. I saw that we have the same sense of humor. We had met her, so still and laugh. Julia had already graduated VGIK and is now studying in graduate school. She gave birth to my daughter Evilina. But we will not stop there, be sure gave her a brother or sister.

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Tokarev Willy, photo, biography
Tokarev Willy, photo, biography Tokarev Willy  The Legend of Russian chanson, photo, biography
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