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( Director and screenwriter)

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Biography JORDAN Neil
photo JORDAN Neil
Neil Jordan (25/02/1950 years [Sligo (Ireland)])

Neil Jordan's critics once called "perhaps the most poetically expressive personality in the English language film". And this, moreover, that the director shoots for the most part crime drama and mystery with a touch of black humor. Like the original, and the ambiguity of his work stems, in the words of the Jordan, from his childhood memories. He said that Ireland - the land is very dull and not subject to significant change, thoroughly imbued with the Catholic spirit, and a kind of detachment from the modern world generates a sense of irrationality. It is irrational, illogical and bizarre world of its inhabitants are most attracted the attention of the director.

His artistic career began with writing (which is why he is in the future, as a rule, he wrote scripts for their tapes). Releasing several novels and collections of short stories, Jordan was recruited as litkonsultanta famous director John BURMAN for filming the famous "Excalibur". Coming to the delight of those opportunities, which gives expression to the cinema, Jordan soon takes off his debut, "Angel", released overseas as "Danny boy". This criminal band had some success, but the real recognition came with the second picture "in the company of wolves", gracefully approached from a Freudian point of view of the well-known tale of Little Red Riding Hood. She brought the creator of the London Critics Award as best director, and several top awards at spetsfestivalyah fantastic and mystical movie and remember the audience is very beautiful visuals. It would seem - strike while the iron is hot, but Neil Jordan drastically alters the style and makes a hard loving-criminal drama "Mona Lisa". And once again gets to the point! The movie brings the triumph of the artist starring Bob Hoskins ( "Golden Globe", . "Oscar", etc.) then followed the original comedy "Fit spirits" (with Peter O'Toole and Daryl Hannah) and "We are not angels" (with Sean Penn, . Robert De Niro and Demi Moore), . after which Jordan switched to drama,
. "Miracle" - wrenching story of the rapid maturation of Irish teenagers - the world community had underestimated, but "Amazing game" real furor. This dynamic vnezhanrovaya tape, . in which the interwoven Irish terrorism, . affaire, . homosexual relationships, . collected a rare variety of prizes - from the awards for best foreign film in Australia and Europe before the Oscar for best screenplay, . written by Jordan,
. And soon the director secured their status by removing the fascinating saga of "Interview with the Vampire". Perhaps hardly anyone else would be able to comprehend the history of the vampire as a drama person, forced to go on killing against their conscience, and remove it so effectively and reliably. The picture flashed Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Antonio Banderas, once again proved that they are not just a Hollywood handsome, and the deep cast, and opened up the talent of the young Kirsten Dunst, is now one of the major young hopes of the American cinema.

. Being on the crest of glory, Neil Jordan was able to realize long ripening idea: rent a dramatic biography of Michael Collins - founder of the IRA, one of the most controversial figures in modern British history
. It's been a director for one hundred percent - proof of that "Golden Lion" Jordan and the Volpi Cup for Best Actor Liam Neeson at the Venice festival. And in 1998, Jordan received the Berlin Silver Bear "as best director for the screen version of the scandalous novel by Pat MakKeba" The Butcher ". This "black" comedy proved that the Nile has remained committed to the author (besides purely European) cinema.

. Last for today a great success was the master mystic melodrama on the novel by Graham Greene "End of the Affair", which was put forward two nominations for an Oscar and 10 (!) At the British Film Academy awards
. True, . by BAFTA award he received only Jordan for Best Adapted Screenplay, . but remember the audience and the key cast Julianne Moore, . Ralph Fiennes and Stephen Rea (who is the original card Jordan, . appearing in almost every of his movie), . and lyrical music by Michael Nyman, . and a fascinating camera work by Robert Pratt, . known for Terry Gilliam.,

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JORDAN Neil, photo, biography
JORDAN Neil, photo, biography JORDAN Neil  Director and screenwriter, photo, biography
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