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Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna

( actress)

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Biography Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
photo Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna

Maria Mikhailovna Poroshina was born November 1, 1973 in Moscow into a theatrical family. She went to school with in-depth study of French language, was engaged in a dance ensemble "Birch". After high school, entered the Moscow Art Theater School, but the actor's education in the Higher Drama School named after B. Shchukin. Vela television program "Shire Krug", played in various productions of modern and classical
repertoire, including the Theater at Pokrovka Sergei Artsibashev. Currently working in the theatrical company of Sergei Vinogradov, "LA TEATR", where in 2000 debuted the role of Chloe in the production of "Froth on the Daydream". Now the actress is playing on this stage the role of Cecile in "Dangerous Liaisons, and Anais Nin in" Venus ", and also engaged in the enterprise" magnificent man "and" Happy New Year, Belgrade "


Creative Path


Maria Poroshina in film began with small roles in television series, the first of them - Katia in ABVGD Ltd "(1992), then were" Rig "(2000)," Beauty Shop "
. (2000), "Kamenskaja" (2002), "Turkish March" (2002), "Land" (2003)
. Then she started acting in "big cinema" - "Fan" (1999), "There is no third" (1999), "Antikiller" (2002). Famous actress brought a small role in the Tamar
popular television series "Brigada" (2002) and the main role in the TV series "Always say" always "" (2003). Then Maria Poroshina played a major role, the actress Anastasia wind, in the movie "The Fourth desire" (2003) and the leading role of Svetlana in the
fantastic tape Timur Bekmambetov Night Watch (2004).

Photos of Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna

Photos of Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
Poroshina Maria MikhailovnaPoroshina Maria MikhailovnaPoroshina Maria MikhailovnaPoroshina Maria Mikhailovna

User comments
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  • Angel for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Masha you just play their roles perfectly! I admire you! I also had a dream, . or rather have become an actress, . but it does not work! I can say one thing, you just igrete beautifully and competently ! I have just п╬п╠п╟п╤п╟я▌ as actress ! I am sure that you are a good man not only in cinema, . but in real life !,
  • nataha_ng for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • MASHA! Respond! This is Natasha from Kiev! I'd like to meet May 30 in Moscow will
  • nataha_ng for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Masha, my e-mail. Address ngroove@yandex.ru If you can, write, pliz!
  • Natalia for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • I have you discovered recently, as a good actress. And the role in which you have opened a very psychologically complex. After watching the movie "Always Say Always!" and "Start snachala.Marta" Your acting, which revealed the image of the heroine, became for me a tremendous. Now you - among my favorite actors. I'll look forward to the movies with your participation.
  • Anna for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Maria, you are very rare man. Enough to see once close your eyes, to see how deep your inner world. You are perfectly convey all of the true experiences of women in the form in which they are in the soul of each one of us. Strong women never easy ... but it does not happen on my knees and we do not crawl ...
  • hatch for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Masha more than six months there on your screen. Awfully long time. Where are you. Your loyal fans Saratov
  • Nastya for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • OY! Maria Mikhailovna a wonderful actress, moreover a great voice, looks, eyes. Why do not you uchavstvuete show with the stars? We would have more videli.My you п╬п╠п╟п╤п╟п╣п╪ =))))))))
  • Anonymous for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Mashulya you most classroom actress you igraeshsh their roles superbly You have excellent smile, but in general, excellent appearance, we are proud of such an actress, we are proud of you :))))))))))))))))))))) )))) True !
  • EUGENIE for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Maria Mikhailovna you most zamichatelnaya actress ;))))))))))))))))))))))))))) You have a very beautiful smile :)))))))))) )))))) You zamichatelno play their roles, . Yes ivooooobsche swami probably very pleased to be on ooooooooooooooooooobschatsya would like very much ! I would very much like to have such a girlfriend you, . Here are lucky your friends ;)))))))))))))))))))))) Maria, I wish you more good roles ! I you admire ! From HC . to YOU EUGENIE ))))
  • Sofia for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • You are very beautiful and neoboknovenaya woman, vie perfectly igraete their roles
  • Lily and Zhenya for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Hello, . Maria! "We are very impressed with the heroine of the series" Always say always ", . where you played a major rol.I you played it so, . that is still under the impression hodim.Bravo! you clever! Thank you! We wish you the most important thing, health and love, . more central role and creative success! Sincerely Eugene and Lily.,
  • Sveta for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Hello Maria, I am one of very many of your fans and I want to say that you are very talented actress! Always Say Always a wonderful movie! A pity that in life or so. But thanks to your participation in this film (so I was under the impression), I reviewed my life and now I look a lot easier for all! May God give health to you and your friends and family!
  • Irina for Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna
  • Hello Masha! I congratulate you on Happy birthday! I wish you lots of health, happiness, feminine, well-being of all and always. You are the most wonderful actress, you are so genuinely play their roles, that you can not possibly fall in love, I love all movies with your participation, but especially "Always say always". I think that you are in life so sweet, kind, gentle, very gentle. Thank you for cho you are!
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    Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna, photo, biography
    Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna, photo, biography Poroshina Maria Mikhailovna  actress, photo, biography
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