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Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)

( singer)

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Biography Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
photo Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
Way Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) in show business is covered with legends. Phenomenal debut in the early 90's, she became the fastest selling and popular American singer decade. As winner of 15 American number one singles, she reached the Guinness Book. Since 1990, there were years or even months to see U.S. singles charts done without Mariah Carey, raised at least Top 10. With hit single "Heartbreaker" in 1999 she set a new record (previously owned by Beatles), holding in rating Billboard Hot 100 record number of weeks in a row. Free possessing a unique range of five octaves, Mariah Carey feels at home in different genres. She gained fame as a performer and great soul ballads, and just good-quality pop songs, seasoned with elements of hip-hop and dance music. Even more surprising, she wrote almost all the material that performs. This makes it a truly phenomenal event in modern pop music, placing apart from other pop stars, with which it has traditionally been compared - Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, first.

Mariah Carey was born March 27, 1970 in Long Island in an extremely musical family. Her mother (Irish blood) in her youth she sang in the opera, and his father, a native of Venezuela, was a tutor in vocal. Even the name she got an ulterior motive - the song "They Call the Wind Mariah" from the popular musical "Paint Your Wagon". Is it any wonder that she began to sing in four years, and with ten years to write her own songs. Receiving matriculation, 17-year-old Mariah on the next day arrived in New York - her long musical career beckoned. A new friend, keyboardist Ben Margulies (Ben Margulies), helped to compose and arrange her songs. An excellent chance to show off their abilities Mariah received when it passed the casting and was backing vocalist dance-pop singer Brenda Starr (Brenda K. Starr). That Brenda at a party gave her demo tape Tommy Mottola (Tommy Mottola), head of Columbia Records. According to legend, stubbornly maintained by fans, Mottola decided to listen to the tape straight into his limousine on the way home and was so amazed to hear that spun the car and returned to the party to find a young talent. The contract with Columbia Records was already a matter of technique.

In 1990, the 20-year-old Carey was the first time in the studio as an author and performer of his songs and began to cast spells on their first album. Made with great enthusiasm debut "Mariah Carey" surpassed the boldest forecasts. The album itself was marked only in the first three of R "n" B-number one, but four singles in a row led the U.S. national rating: "Vision of Love", "Love Takes Time", "Someday" and "I Don" t Wanna Cry ". Course, excited musical public reacted immediately. Nominated for a Grammy debutante at a ceremony in 1991 won twice: as the best budding artist and best pop female vocalist.

On her second album of great expectations. And drive "Emotions", prepared a year, did not disappointment. He gave life to three hits: title track (# 1 in the U.S.) and two Top 5 finalists - "Can" t Let Go "and" Make It Happen ". Then he got up to 4 lines of album chart. In the wake of his success intensified sales and debut LP "Mariah Carey", which is in 91 th year, led the American rating. Its current circulation is more than 9 million copies. New release of Kerry in 1992, EP "MTV Unplugged", shot another hit single (a cover of "I" ll Be There "Jackson 5), became a good launching pad for a backing vocalist Trey Lorenz (Trey Lorenz). Starting with podpevok from Mariah Carey, he was soon able to conclude its own contract with the label.

In June 1993 the singer became the wife of Tommy Mottola, and their wedding a few days was the main topic on the front pages of newspapers. Within a month, Mariah gave another reason to talk about himself, issuing a third studio Long-play "Music Box". Album was destined to the fate of a crushing hit, which still remains the most replicated album in her career: already ten times he received a platinum certification. Two singles, "Dreamlover" and "Hero", went straight to the first line chart.

Only after the third studio release Carey decided to go to this tour. How loud was it known at this time, just as raznosnymi met the press with reviews of live performances. But good luck in the studio ever it has not changed, that she has once again demonstrated by preparing a Christmas album "Merry Christmas" (1994). Although not the highest in the charts, drive safely reached the five million circulation.

But the next Long-play "Daydream" (1995) proved to be another blockbuster with 10 million copies sold. This recording artist came up with special care, preparing a mature and powerful work, skillfully balancing between the urban rhythm and blues and pop music. The first promo single "Fantasy" was launched in the charts at number one, the second single "One Sweet Day", recorded with Boyz II Men, he repeated the trick. But at the same time set the record stay on the first line of the Billboard Hot 100 - 16 weeks in a row.

Triumphant rise artistic career badly affected the personal lives Mariah. Relationship with her husband and recording boss Tommy Mottola razladilis finally, and in 1997 the couple parted stars. Initially, at its professional activities that had no effect. Habitual successfully got a new album "Butterfly" (1997), which Kerry densely impregnated elements of hip-hop. The disc landed on the first line of the rating the U.S. and Canada. Five million Americans have willingly they paid him his money.

The same edition of Long-awaited playoff 1998 "# 1", a compilation of 13 singles, dominated the charts. Grade "chip" of this release was the composition "The Prince of Egypt (When You Believe)", a duet with Mariah main vocal rivals - Whitney Houston. Two of the brightest stars of American pop scene in one single - this place was just the duo at the top of the charts.

In 1999, the actress made her debut in cinema, starring in the film "The Bachelor". In the same year she released next studio effort "Rainbow". Promo-single "Heartbreaker", . naturally, . conquered rating U.S., . replenished the record Mariah Carey yet another remarkable achievement: it was the first and only artist, . whose songs over a decade, rising annually to the first position of the Billboard Hot 100,
. With the same single, Carey has set a new record for total stay on the first line of the national charts, beating even the Beatles.

However, no Book of Records does not guarantee love and live listeners' interest. And in the new century, the singer began gradually to lose both. 2000 brought her a new contract with record label Virgin - of course, a record at that time the amount of $ 80 million. This not only has added actress optimism, but as if on the contrary it has plunged even deeper into depression. All this could not hide from the eyes of the press tricky, and psychological problems Mariah became the property of the curious crowd. In addition, she was suddenly hit by charges of plagiarism made by American composers Swirski Seth (Seth Swirsky) and Uorrin Campbell (Warryn Campbell). They argued that her hit "Thank God I Found You" from the album "Rainbow" - a blueprint of their song "One of Those Love Songs". The case dragged on for two years, and only in 2002, the accusation of plagiarism was finally withdrawn. The actress was not in the best shape when started filming (and even in the lead role) in a rather mediocre film "Glitter" and recorded the soundtrack to it. A crushing defeat is difficult to expect. Critics rightly blaming the audience responded with almost complete indifference. The film barely made the U.S. the 4 millionth fees and soundtrack "Glitter" (the singer's debut on Virgin Records) with great difficulty was just gold certificate.

The reimbursement $ 28 million, executives Virgin terminate the contract with Cary and make it your own disposal. The actress, who is heavily experienced setbacks in recent years, has created his own label MonarC Music, became a division of Island / Def Jam. I continued to work. In late 2002, the hostess herself, she released ninth studio album, "Charmbracelet". Not a loud hit on the record was not, but thanks to the common good level of CD was marked by # 3 on the Billboard 200. By this time Maraya managed to withdraw in the new movie "Wisegirls", which is somewhat rehabilitated its line of business after the complete failure of the previous picture.

In 2003, the world-famous singer for the first time decided to go in this world tour, albeit a very modest: ten concerts in Japan, as many in major U.S. cities and a few dates in Europe.

In autumn 2003, Mariah Carey took the offer to work on his authoritative biography, which she said would be devoted to children's age, career take off and so difficult challenges it has faced. There are no scandalous revelations. Writing this memoir, she considers too premature. So far, a good record of her career, brief, but impressive, can serve at least a list of awards received. Besides the two prizes Grammy, it is eight times given an American Music Award, was named artist of the decade at the ceremony, Billboard Awards, and the best-selling artist of the Millennium version of the World Music Award.

No matter how evolved further her career, which after the bad luck apparently went to hoist all its achievements to cancel, no one able

. Discography:

. # Mariah Carey (1990)
. # Emotions (1991)
. # MTV Unplugged EP (1992)
. # Music Box (1993)
. # Merry Christmas (1994)
. # Daydream (1995)
. # Butterfly (1997)
. # # 1's (1998)
. # Rainbow (1999)
. # Glitter (2001)
. # Greatest Hits (2001)
. # Charmbracelet (2002)
. # Remixes (2003)
. # Emancipation of Mimi (2005)

Photos of Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
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  • Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)

Photos of Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)
Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)

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    Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey), photo, biography
    Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey), photo, biography Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey)  singer, photo, biography
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