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Chadov Andrey

( Actor)

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Biography Chadov Andrey
photo Chadov Andrey
Born 22.05.1980, Moscow

. Winner of the prize of the festival 'Moscow Premiere' as 'Best Actor competitive film' (for the role of Ed in the film 'Russian')

. Education

. Andrew Chadov, brother of popular actor Alexei Chadov, was born on the outskirts of Moscow, in Solntsevo in 1980
. Andrei and Alexei educated the mother, which the cinema has no bearing on the formation of her accountant.

After school, Andrew worked for some time PE teacher, taught dance. He graduated from the Drama School Theater School. Shchepkina (workshop VP Selezneva).


As a third-year student Andrew Chadov began acting in film. His debut was supporting actress in a melodrama directed by Ivan Solovova 'Avalanche' (by the way, having no more success).

Popularity of Andrew came in 2004 when he played Petya Glushchenko in the series 'Cadets'. In the same year he starred in the melodrama, 'Russian', which appears as a young writer named Ed (film placed on the early works of the famous opposition leader Eduard Limonov). For this work, Andrew was awarded the prize of the festival 'Moscow Premiere' as 'Best Actor competitive film'.

In 2005, Alexander Veledinsky invited Chadov in the picture "Alive" (original title 'What we do not'). Originally it was planned that Andrew will play a priest. But then this role gave Alexei Chadov, and Andrew went to the role of Cyrus - a guy-contractor, the last Chechen campaign and returned home without legs. Andrew admits that he was very pleased at this change, because he likes to play open and honest characters.

Andrew Chadov: 'In this film collected drama, elements of comedy and tragedy. This is the way of man to repent, a film about conscience '.


2001 Avalanche
2004 Cadets - series
2004 Russian
2006 Live

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  • Chadov Andrey
  • Chadov Andrey
  • Chadov Andrey
  • Chadov Andrey
  • Chadov Andrey
  • Chadov Andrey

Photos of Chadov Andrey
Chadov AndreyChadov AndreyChadov AndreyChadov Andrey

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  • Tatyana for Chadov Andrey
  • Andrew, you me, too, have something to say. I am very like your work in "live". Personally, I was left feeling that I was there, in this film, as if inside the hero. To quote you, but I like to watch and think, sometimes talk. Similar feelings were after "Passion of Christ". but still more than emptiness left, and after the "live" - no. I znayuvseh subtleties, but in my opinion, the work was done a lot. Thank you, this is really high quality, qualified, professional. although as in any profession skill - can be acquired. And I like your life position, your relationship with her brother. My brother has recently jumped with a parachute. and so we close, do not tell. I can not judge, but it seems. that you chose the right path. Good luck, believe in you and in fact. what are you doing. Luck
  • kristina for Chadov Andrey
  • ja obaschau etowo artista ja sama s germanii no wse rawno obaschau peredaawajte emu ogromnij poyeluj
  • cutie for Chadov Andrey
  • Hi I really liked how you played in the movie, 'Alive' movie just class, я?п?пҐп?я?п?п°, continuing in the same spirit! GOOD LUCK.
  • Zoulfiya for Chadov Andrey
  • I really liked the movie "Alive" and you do to me as an actor like you.
  • Alla for Chadov Andrey
  • You know, . I looked at your film, . I really liked you, . but after this movie I realized one thing, . I greatly love my boyfriend, . it for me one edinstveny in the world, . what a pity that he did not know! Stobie and I would like poobschatsya and all! ...,
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    Chadov Andrey, photo, biography
    Chadov Andrey, photo, biography Chadov Andrey  Actor, photo, biography
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