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Night Snipers

( rock band)

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Biography Night Snipers
History of "Night Snipers" begins with the appearance of the acoustic duo of girls from different parts of Russia - Diana Arbenina (Magadan) and Svetlana Surganova (St. Petersburg), met in St. Petersburg in August 1993. The first performance took place at the All-Russia festival of art song in September 1993 in St. Petersburg, where the duo was awarded the title laureatskogo
. Living in different cities greatly complicates the creative process, . so first Svetlana went to Magadan, . and then the two girls eventually moved to St. Petersburg, . which received higher education and engaged, . Finally, . active musical activity,
. Incidentally, it was in "Magadan" period and was born the name "Night Snipers". The duo worked with the author's program at a local casino "Imperial", playing 50 concerts in it. Once, late in the evening at one of the central streets of the city casual motorist, . seen in the hands of the fragile creatures, . (both times en route to the casino to the statement) something resembling a rifle (it's been shrouding the violin and guitar), . asked: "Girls, . you're out hunting - or to go hunting? ",
. Since 1994, the "Snipers" played by small club from St. Petersburg
. Since February 1997, "Night Snipers" in an expanded format (with drummer and bassist) participated in the mass festivals, to which St. Petersburg has always been rich. Among the fans of acoustic rock group gradually acquired a cult status, though their songs on the radio almost no sound.
In August 1998, went double album "A Drop of tar / In the ointment". The number of new songs are growing rapidly, a concert program follows another, and in the tour schedule staff, in addition to traditional Magadan, Saint Petersburg and Moscow, added to Denmark, Sweden and Finland. By the end of the year in the rich fresh ideas head girls comes to mind to make an electric program. In this they are taken to help as much as the legendary rhythm section of "Nautilus" Gog Kopylov (bass) and Alex Potapkin (drums).
Exactly one year after the release of their debut they released the double disc "baby talk", which collects home and studio tracks "Sniper", written from 1989 to 1995.
March 1, 2001 the group released the album "Frontier", became a turning point in the career of. For the festival "Invasion of 2001" and appearances as the opening act Muse in "Luzhniki" "Night Snipers" have already reached the rank of stars, finishing the first year for a long time acoustic concert in the capital's club "B2".
Six months later, in May 2002goda - "Snipers" in the old acoustic composition gives a great solo concert at the Gorky Moscow Art Theater, presenting thus yield idopolnennogo reissued debut album - "A Drop of tar / in the ointment". In February 2002goda "Snipers" recorded a new album, "Tsunami", the output of which, for many reasons, took place only 10 months later in December 2002. For a considerable period of time between recording a new album and its release on the team, there were two major changes: the withdrawal of izkollektiva one of the oldest members Gogi Kopylova (new bass guitarist was Dmitri honest) and the emergence of producer Alexander Ponomarev,
Release of the album "Tsunami" was held on December 5. The disc contains 14 tracks, was recorded in Kiev, at the studio - Capital Sound recordings cult sound producer Evgena Stupka ( "Ocean Elzy", "Wolfmother", "Multfilmy", etc.). Just two weeks after recording the group once again undergoing fundamental changes: band parted ways with Svetlana Surganova. Nevertheless, the group does not slows down the pace of work and preparing for the upcoming solo concert in February in "Luzhniki". While preparing for a solo album is shooting two videos for songs from the album "Tsunami" - a concert video for the song "Capital" and the conceptual and documentary films on the "catastrophic".
To date, to its credit team has four full-length albums, three video, two books of poems and drawings. In 2003 "Night Snipers" celebrated its tenth anniversary.

The current team is:

Diana Arbenina - vocals, guitar, lyrics;
Ivan Oriole - guitar;
Fyodor Vasiliev - bass guitar;
Dmitry Gorelov - drums;
Airat Sadykov - keys.

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Photos of Night Snipers
Night SnipersNight SnipersNight Snipers

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    Night Snipers, photo, biography
    Night Snipers, photo, biography Night Snipers  rock band, photo, biography
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