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Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /

( actor)

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'The only thing I do best - a game on stage ". The son of wildly popular in the 70 years, comedian Freddie Prinze, performer starring in the comedy "Chico and the Man" does not palter, saying that in one interview. If fate had decided otherwise, and in the family Freddie Prince and his wife, Catherine, instead of the charming little boy was born to a daughter, then surely the critics would compare the story of her life with the tale of Cinderella. Why? Judge for yourself.

Ten months after a 22-year-old actor was born on a long-awaited first-born, he died as a result of negligent handling of weapons. His young widow and her son got no millionaire wealth, but only memories and a tape recording of television shows in which he participated. Despite its title Hollywood stars, famous comedian has left his beloved wife and child completely with anything.

Financial problems did not allow Catherine to raise his son in a world where his star shone brightly standards -
nitogo father. Therefore, in 1980, when little Freddy was four years old, they moved to Albuquerque, on the ranch of his grandfather. And, though the baby carefully concealed the true cause of death of his father, he still learned the truth: in a local school. "Students who played in the yard, told me that my father was a drug addict, who shot himself in himself," - says the Prince. Unlike other children who overnight obrushavayutsya such shocks, Freddie did not curse fate and grew friendly, but a little closed child. Unfortunately, his father and remained for him unsolved mystery. "All the impressions of his father, I was looking through his old speeches and knowing the high viewing assessment comedic talent stars" Chico ", - said the Prince, Jr..

The following ten years of his life the future star of the new generation of Hollywood watched cartoons, read comic books and playing video games, avoiding the gym. "My classmates thought I was a drug addict or a very strange type, because I was not engaged in sports". But it is a rest room in the school became a sports complex for the first scene of Freddy. Intrigued by her acting, he often performed scenes from favorite movies, when during lunch in the room was empty. Most other novice actor played scenes from comic books: Following the call of the heart, he finished school, became a member of the local theater troupe. "I refused to go to college, because education has placed a heavy financial burden on my family. I also do not relish the prospect of working at a local bar, proceeds of which would be enough only to pay insurance. Instead, I decided to try his luck in Hollywood ". According to the actor, his mother was not enthusiastic about this idea. However Catherine Prince resigned to the decision that took her son, since we always knew what the game gives him a real joy.

Armed with a firm determination to achieve his own and having such a quality of no small importance as a pleasing appearance, Freddie Prinze first appeared on the screen in the show "Family matters". He played a cameo role of the young offender, who brought weapons to school. And, although this role has been almost imperceptible, "Issues" have attracted the attention of Freddie's famous Hollywood producers. Soon it could already be seen on the set of controversial TV projects as "Too soon for Jeff", "kept after school" and "The Siege of school Jenson". The latter was the starting point in the career of two other young actors in Hollywood - Rick Shraydera and Henry Winkler.

In 1997, Prince made his first major theatrical debut, playing along with the actress Claire Denis in the production of "To Gillian in her 37 th birthday". Unfortunately, the theater critics did not react to this role as seriously as her executor, leaving virtually no attention to setting. But the next project with Freddie Prince - black comedy "The House of consent" (1997) was an event? 1 at the film festival "Sundance". However, . despite, . The film has caused a great commotion in the press because of its content (the theme of incest and murder) and the principal performer of female roles - the daughter of Aaron Spelling telemagnata, . - He spent at the box office even less time, . than "Gillian" to theaters,

Prince's career took a rapid step forward, after he starred with the TV star Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar in the film by Kevin Williamson, "I know what you did last summer". Even when he was a schoolboy, the original Lois Duncan novel, the writer has made a tremendous impression on him: "When I read this book, the horror that engulfed me for a month would not go to bed. And when ten years later, opening the script, I saw a familiar name, then decided that it was fate. Premonition not deceived Freddie. When the film came out in the rolling, it became a hit among teenagers. Along with fame and recognition of the actor finally found his true love, and in the person of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Spokesman pair confirmed that they announced their engagement at a party in honor of the birthday of the actor, but not yet fixed the date for the wedding ceremony. Replying to a question from journalists, whether the Prince wants to have children, he replied: "Certainly. I am sure that I will like to be a father. I would like to become one before I'm thirty ". It would seem that a bright future as an idol of the young generation of America Prince was achieved. But he did not want to become an actor, a stereotype, and signed a contract to participate in the filming of "Sparkler and the View" (1998), who gave him a unique opportunity to play in the one -
Noah team with Hollywood legends - actor Peter Falk. In the same year, Freddie Prinze was named the magazine "People" one of the 50 most beautiful people on earth. Get this honorable title he did not stop even received as a child during the execution of the role of Luke Skywalker's scar on his chin.

Then the Prince continued his career by taking part in the sequel I Still Know what you did last summer and played the leading male role in the John Hughes film "She's - it's all" (1999). In the following films: "Down to You," "Boys and girls" and adventure films in the genre "Action" "Wing Commander" - the actor returned to his already played them sensitive about the image of a guy. In the very near future is scheduled for release on the big screen last representative of the new Hollywood elite - a comedy of black humor "Head over the hills" (2001). Already, she tipped a resounding success that has struck in his time "Summer trap" - a film, which starred Freddie, along with the star of the film "Seventh Heaven" Jessie Boyle.

Prince himself said: "I know what I want to achieve in this life. I like to feel happy and not going to do things that do not give me joy. "

Photos of Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /

Photos of Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /

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  • Nika_nov-3 for Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • I love this actor, to look through all uchastiem.A movies with him today for the first time she read his biography, я+п¦я¦п+п+п¦ the word did not expect that he was so proshloe.On a very good, I wish him to do even very many success ! ! 1Yuliya Novikova.Moskva
  • Katia for Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • I also really like the actor is a pity that in everyday life you meet so few of these cute boys;)
  • Xenia for Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • Freddie is very beautiful and nice, I love to watch films with his participation I like his facial expressions and in general the actor simply wonderful actor and he is certainly a wonderful person
  • Anonymous for Freddie Prinze Jr.. / Freddie Prinze Jr. /
  • Yes! He is cute:) I really like it too:)
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