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Cameron Diaz

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Biography Cameron Diaz
photo Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz (Diaz Cameron).
Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, Mr.. in Long Beach (California).
Cameron Diaz in her veins the blood of nearly all major American ethnic groups - Indian, English. German (mother's side), Spanish, Negro (from the father, an emigre from Cuba). In this extraordinary confusion and should seek the roots of the artistry, which is clearly reflected in the first of its film. On these girls like Cameron Diaz, usually say: "Not very pretty, but nice". Round face, full lips, which every now and then there is a sly smile that betrays her kindly nature and open, immediately disposing of his heart. Moreover, it is very reminiscent of a young Michelle Pfeiffer. When Cameron was 16 years old, at a Hollywood party, it noticed a photographer from the model agency "Elite". Soon, Cameron signed a contract and the subsequent three years spent traveling around the world the way, in Paris, its valued no less than at home. In 1994, filming advertising video Cameron met with the producer of the movie "Mask" and received their scripts. Young model had to seriously compete for the role of Tina Carlyle, canary from the nightclub and at the same time girlfriend gangster, it went to her. A pretty blonde, who falls resilient hohmach with a green mask on his face graced the film its charm and artistry. She sang and danced beautifully and with a charming throwing heels, when her lover turned and dangerous seducer. By the way, Cameron is not blonde. She has dark blond hair and that it repainted them white, was a tribute to the Hollywood tradition. Today, Cameron looks back on this role with great reluctance, stressing that he had always dreamed of becoming an actress, not sex-bomb.
However, without the "Masks", which became the hit of the season, her career would hardly have developed so rapidly. A month later she started acting in a "black comedy" The Last Supper ", which once again demonstrated her outstanding comedic talent. Cameron admits that loves to laugh and joke, but it is recognized that the first thing she wanted to play a dramatic role. This opportunity she got in the movie "Feeling Minnesota". However, that role went to her accident, after Gwyneth Paltrow refused to her.
"Feeling Minnesota" - one of the most talented independent film recently. Freddie, the heroine of Cameron Diaz, becomes the object of rivalry between two brothers. One (of her husband, Sam), she hates, and in the second (Jakes) falls in love at first sight, run with it straight from the wedding and, after many adventures is in the city of your dreams Las Vegas, the scene of the famous cabaret.
. Cameron Diaz in the film - a typical girl from the American heartland, endowed with extraordinary vitality and downright blazing sensuality, but very strong and tseleustremlemlennaya
. Seeing that Jakes does not capture the money hated her brother, she takes on the case itself and after high-risk activities is owner of almost 100 thousand dollars secured by no means the way of righteousness. This heroine is not so easy to stop. Furious, Sam-blank shot in Freddie. Bullet touches the liver. Under the influence of pain shock Freddie plunged into a coma Jakes buries the girl in the woods. However, she returns to life and slapped a terrible wound plaster, continues to hunt for the money. It is noteworthy that in the movies, where Cameron Diaz is removed, there is always the beginning of a criminal. Overcoming difficult circumstances as it is programmed in the nature of her heroines, always aimed at fighting.
Interestingly, in the same 1996. Cameron Diaz starred in the movie "She - the only", which also show the rivalry of two brothers, deriving from the enthusiasm of one and the same special. However, it is a different woman - tenacious, fierce predator. Cameron was not very happy with the role: "I could not understand why all the men go crazy movie on such a disgusting woman". And in the process of filming tried to make Heyzsr turned, if not attractive, at least humanly understandable heroine.
In 1994. Cameron Diaz first appeared on the screen, and two years later in rolling out four (!) Film with her participation. This lovely actress is becoming more prominent figure of American cinema. In the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" is very touching acts as a pretty girl Kim, who easily gains the upper hand over the treacherous rival (Julia Roberts). Following 1996. Cameron Diaz won the prize "The Star of Tomorrow".

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Cameron Diaz, photo, biography
Cameron Diaz, photo, biography Cameron Diaz  Actress, photo, biography
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