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Chaliapin Prokhor

( Singer)

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Biography Chaliapin Prokhor
photo Chaliapin Prokhor
Prokhor Chaliapin - a graduate of 'Star Factory-6'. Born November 26, 1983 in Volgograd, in the ordinary working-class family (his father - steel-maker, mother - cook. He inherited not only the famous name of his great-grandfather Fyodor Chaliapin, but also the desire to become an artist. Prokhorov tried to pattern himself on his great-grandfather.

. Studied at the Volgograd secondary school and music school on bayan
. In the 2-m class was admitted to the school choir, which soon became one of the soloists
. From the general moved to the Central School of Art at the Volgograd Branch of Samara State Academy of Arts and Culture, where the musical items were combined with general
. Grade 5 became a member of the Russian national team 'Convolvulus'
. According Prochorus, this is where vocal coaches have taught him always smiling on stage
From 1991 to 1996 years, was one of the vocal soloists show group 'Jam', along with Irene Russo, Monokini and Sophia Taihu
1996. - Wrote his first song
1999. - Enrolled in the State Music and Pedagogical College Ippolitov-Ivanov at the Moscow branch 'folk singing'
In the same year took 3rd place in the TV music competition for young performers 'Morning Star'. Performed his song "unreal dream" and a song from the repertoire of Alla Pugacheva "Do not deny him, loving '.
2003. - After graduating from college, entered Rossiyskuyu Academy of Music Gnesinyh the correspondence department 'solo and choral folk singing'. To date, switched to 5-year student
2005. - With a song in the Ukrainian language "Kalina" took 3rd place in the international music competition Star Chance in New York, which passed 16 to 20 November in Millenium Hall. The competition is a former soloist of the St. Petersburg Music Hall Galina Skigina. Chairman of the Jury - ES eha. In this traditional annual competition involved young artists from Asia, Europe and America.
. In the same year he became the winner of the 10 th International Contest 'PILAR', established with the participation of the Moscow government, which skillfully combines the leaders of small, medium and large businesses and the brightest representatives of creative intelligentsia
. 2005 in the creative life of the artist witnessed the release of his first solo album, "Magic Violin", which included both his own song, and other authors
. 2006
. - Prokhor Chaliapin - participant and finalist of the First Channel television project "Star Academy 6"
March 20, 2007, Mr.. Chaliapin received the award "For the Revival of Russia XXI century"
In May 2007, Mr.. in Surgut held on 2 solo concerts
Winner of Award for Revival of Russia XXI century "and" The Peacemaker "

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  • Leah for Chaliapin Prokhor
  • Hello Prokhor Chaliapin. You wrote Leah Bulyakova. I will write about myself. I was born in Ufa, I'm 20 years old. I'm sick, in the sense of hard of hearing, ill go and ill see. so I want to do an operation, at least on the ears. I want you to help me. I know that you are good man. I knew it from the transfer of "Let them talk" when talking about your family. and newspapers, I do not believe, because there lies ... I have a character as you. You know, I love to sing, dance, write poetry. I would like to become a singer, but I know that no one will take me. because people do not like, like me ... I like people like you. I knew immediately that you are-good, even when you beat the factory. yet all, I'll wait for your answer. liy2332@yandex.ru
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    Chaliapin Prokhor, photo, biography
    Chaliapin Prokhor, photo, biography Chaliapin Prokhor  Singer, photo, biography
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