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Catherine Tsypina

( Singer, participant 'Star Factory 7')

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Biography Catherine Tsypina
photo Catherine Tsypina
20 years
Kate sings unprofessional. In music school did not go, just sang at home for yourself. Kate insists that was a direct child and always make their own decisions.
. So my mother was not surprised when his daughter, before that never appeared on stage, went to Moscow for the casting of "American Idol-7:" What do whatever I wanted, I always wanted, not asked, not capricious, and did everything herself "
. Works in Ufa in the showroom manager for the sale of automobiles: "I was always interested in cars, and I'm sure in the near future I earn yourself a car. Often faced with the fact that I understand better in cars than my friends male friends, but I tactfully kept quiet so as not to hurt their self-esteem ". In parallel studies at the Academy Katya service at the Faculty of Social and cultural service and tourism. In her hometown, though boring, so there are plans to move to Moscow.

Born 21.11.1986, 167 cm, 51 kg, his eyes like the sea after a storm, burning brunette.

Question: Imagine you filming your movie. What genre? Your role in it? Answer: This is a documentary film about a girl who seeks only itself, based on real events. With me in the lead role. You know, this poignant and present in all respects movie should receive.

Q: The most successful / unsuccessful purchase. Answer: The most successful - commercials, though, probably as a child.

Q: Your ideal of beauty. Answer: Monica Bellucci, magnetism, to whom can not resist.

Question: Whose cell phone number you dial most often? Answer: In the past often called his young man, now a friend.

Q: Favorite book, favorite movie. Answer: The book is a favorite - "Lace". Movies - "Krestny father", "One day in America."

. Q: The best sport for you - it is: A: Alpine skiing, the feeling of complete happiness and freedom.

. Question: Who would be in childhood? Answer: Aunt of the TV.)))

. Question: Sexy - is when: A: This is something inside when you go from sort of unusual energy through words, movement.

. Q: Your hero, the idol of his childhood
. Answer: Al Pacino.

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  • Serega for Catherine Tsypina
  • Katya, you are most remarkable, the best and beautiful. I'm sure you all will be fine! Good luck to the man whom you get at.
  • Andrew for Catherine Tsypina
  • Never fond Factory of stars, until I saw you. I work in the same area as you, and do not live very far away. Would like to meet you ...
  • Anonymous for Catherine Tsypina
  • Such a girl like you redkost.Esli would all be as Katya world a better place.
  • Acne for Catherine Tsypina
  • Many want to meet with toboy.Ya not isklyuchenie.Ya always dreamed about this as you.
  • Acne for Catherine Tsypina
  • If you want to talk can be in place (460,668,413). If not, it is your decision
  • Katia for Catherine Tsypina
  • Kate you are the classroom
  • Julia for Catherine Tsypina
  • Katia you cool sing
  • Anonymous for Catherine Tsypina
  • Kira for Catherine Tsypina
  • You're the best!
  • Catherine for Catherine Tsypina
  • Katia, you are very talented and beautiful chelovek.Mne really, really like you poete.Esli can, then please contact me in ICQ (583025023). I would very much like I have a friend like you.
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    Catherine Tsypina, photo, biography
    Catherine Tsypina, photo, biography Catherine Tsypina  Singer, participant 'Star Factory 7', photo, biography
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