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Smolin Efim Markovich

( writer and satirist, humorist)

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Biography Smolin Efim Markovich
photo Smolin Efim Markovich
Yefim Smolin was born March 13, 1946

. The writer-satirist Efim Smolin - fighter invisible front, by the largest radio and television projects ( "Baby Monitor", "Dolls", "Wheel of History"), creator of monologues for the most famous performers.

. - Winner of 'Golden Calf'
. - A veteran and a friend of 'Club 12 Chairs'.

. Efim Smolin has plans to organize a new humor show
. The only thing he fears that will not collect participants - young, unknown and talented. Comedians, says Smolin - this piece-goods.

. - Efim Markovich, then suddenly you are a graduate of Forestry Engineering Institute, the humor go?

. Yefim Smolin:
. - The funny thing was that, under the guise of the institution hidden unit, 'baking' personnel for the missile industry
. However, I am in 'lesniki' something not eager to get - just escaped from the army at the institute:

- Near to you, on a nearby stream, he studied Boris Berezovsky. How did you remember?

Yefim Smolin:
- A little dark-haired guy, a very capable and terribly arrogant. Several times we have faced in the cafeteria. He constantly shove all the way to the rack. Then, when I was working on the stage, we met again. One day before the New Year inviting me to speak at Moscow's control 'AvtoVAZ'. I went - there very often drunks heavy. And I do not have the money to get, and that success was. Success is not light - and I turned to one hundred and eighty. Already at the entrance catches up with my nimble bald man (I have it right 'identified'): 'You were driving to us, time spent. Take the money: 'I had with him then zakontachit:

- Efim Markovich, your ideal audience - who is he?

Yefim Smolin:
- Women. This is the most rewarding part of the hall. They thinks better men.

- What, in addition to performances in front of the audience, you now live?

Yefim Smolin:
- I write for NTV new TV series. 26 half-hour stories. Called 'Mani-Mani'. At the end of this year he is due for release.

. - At what is now 'cool' to laugh?

. Yefim Smolin:
. - Even Freud once rightly remarked: mankind is laughing at three things: sex, administration of the rectum and the government.

. -You continue to make parodies of politicians?

. Yefim Smolin:
. Parodies well-fed, but be honest, from some of the 'original' I have a little nauseated, they try not to touch
. Recently wrote for Michael Grushevsky parody of Putin. The whole situation is related to a previous profession of President. His late arrival to the meeting of the Government, he explains that the habit was trying to escape the 'tail'.

- What are you dreaming?

Yefim Smolin:
- I do not like the global dream. So dream 'concrete'. On its author's comic television. And that its director, the producer did not try to 'kill' me, the dramatist, as it has been more than once, in the same program 'Dolls' on NTV, for example:

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Smolin Efim Markovich

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Smolin Efim Markovich, photo, biography
Smolin Efim Markovich, photo, biography Smolin Efim Markovich  writer and satirist, humorist, photo, biography
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