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Wanda Holloway

( Killer)

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Biography Wanda Holloway
In a quiet Texas town something unimaginable happened. Schoolgirls starved himself hunger, to become leaner. Their mother, of course, did not see anything wrong with that girls care about their appearance. But the impossible happened: Wanda Holloway, the mother of one of the students, decided to hire killer.

Rarely has something extraordinary happening in Texas town Channelvyu. He drew attention carriageways motorists do not notice his wealthy neighbors of a large Houston, located within half an hour on the same line. The town is convenient and maloprimetno fit into this "main street America" by local wags disparagingly called the road to nowhere ".

Nevertheless Channelvyu residents are proud of their small quiet town, which dubbed itself the Texans' backyard of the Lord ". Since the US-Mexican War, when in 1836, General Santana and his army defeated the Yankees in the battle of the nearby San Hasingo, nothing happens in Channelvyu not attracted the attention of the world. In any case, it was not until 1991, when the serene life of a rural town suddenly roused the sensational case Vavdy Holloway.

This woman is pregnant with a diabolical plan of killing mother, girl, who was regarded as the best friend of her daughter. Wanda hoped, . that thirteen beautiful Amber Heath would be so shocked by the death of mother, . he could not remain a member of the school team girls - "Support Group", . which fuels the fervor of fans at various sporting events,
. In America, members of such teams are called "chierliderami". In the sophisticated brain Wanda ripe "brilliant idea", . that the withdrawal of Amber from the team will open the way her daughter Shenne, . also thirteen, . at football games state, . where it, . wearing brief, . skintight skirt, . will show off the stands of the stadium as a team member "channsletok", . that is, young residents Channelvyu,
. More than anything, Wanda wished that her daughter was just such a "chierltsdarom".

Soon she was able to persuade his brother's ex-husband to kill Mrs. Heath. In an advance she gave him the earrings with diamonds and said: "Do it as soon as possible. I want to remove this bitch till the end of the week ". But the former relative, taking the earrings, the police rushed in and laid there all the more villainous plan. After that he again met with Wanda, ostensibly in order to clarify the details of the operation. At this time he was hidden under his shirt tape. Forty-seven minutes from the lips of women, plots the murder, they poured out a stream of vicious hatred. It was enough that the police arrested Wanda and her intention of killing any innocent woman was publicized.
In town from all sides flocked reporters to verify whether it is true that a mother could wish for the death of the other mothers simply because their daughters compete for a place "chierlidera" school team. Newspapermen discovered that life in this town with a population of seventeen and a half thousand people is not so simple, what is seen with a "main street America". And especially where was involved the notorious "chierliderstvo".

Thirst Leadership

As it turned out, the students Channelvyu were victims of stupid ideas of their parents, which cleverly used the dealers of Medicine. Some adults with no less fanatical than Vandy, eager to see their daughters to be leaders among their peers.
Girls passionately wanted to lose weight, and many of them, brushing, as they thought, "extra" weight, took dangerous for young organism tablets. What did not do to gain fame as the best "chierlidera" your football team! Arrest Vavdy Holloway and her crazy idea killings prompted the police to look into a harmless looking high school sports world. Thus opened an extensive and thriving network of trade drugs, which bought the children, pursued by a desire to conform to the requirements of the map weight ", developed in the school. This map establishes a "right" size for girls who wanted to become members of the "support group" of athletes. In school, unusually many girls suffer from diseases caused by starvation

. Mrs. Barbara Blekstok, . mother of two daughters - Laura and Loretta, . members of the team fans School Channelvyu, . said: "Many of the girls after eating superficial vomiting, . taking laxatives and diuretics, . to get rid of "excess" fluid,
. Everywhere was talking about that diet drugs and on how to get. Children's health is under threat ". And yet no one tried to prevent it.
Daughter Barbara Laura also suffered, falling into total madness. She swallowed fifteen pills a day, the evening ran, wearing two sports suit, to get a good sweat until you got to the hospital. After the arrest of Wanda teacher Julie Dansford that met qualifying competitions in the "support group", retired. In parting, she said: "Parents have had on the children's tremendous pressure to those necessarily involved in the contest. Incredibly, the children were willing to this. I heard one girl said: "I am ready to kill somebody to get to this command". It is sad that young creature such thoughts. But even more disgusting, when the mother thinks the same way "

. Assistant District Attorney Joe Maglioli, . who supported the charges against Wanda Holloway, . said: "It's incredible story, . but when you think, . that we have parents, . that can hit a baseball a teacher or a judge for, . that those allegedly hurt the child was, . when you know, . that the father's and mother's vanity for the sake of their own ambitions of the children all squeezed juices, . No wonder, . that these people are able to cross the borderline and are willing to commit murder for the sake of their children? "bitter revelation ..,

Wanda was obsessed with his daughter

Wanda Holloway lived with her third husband and the children from his first marriage - a daughter and son Shane Shennoy in his own house. This squat little house-type bungalow with strong gates and a small pool in the garden was surrounded by shaggy firs and pines. System of air conditioning system maintains a cool throughout the long hot Texas summer.

Wanda wanted all at once - and for himself and for his daughter, which adored. This feeling grew stronger to the extent that both grew up Chennai. Psychologist who has studied the state of mind of Wanda, came to the conclusion that she looked at through the eyes of his daughter, trying not to miss a single detail of her life. In the sphere of interests of mothers and school grades were daughters, and friends, boys, and dresses, and, finally, hobbies Shenny on "chyuerliderstvu". And in this school team Shenne wanted to get more than anything else.

The daughter was surrounded by love and care a mother. Wanda herself as a child not seen anything like. Wanda Ann Webb was a very impressionable girl, keenly perceived opinion of other people and never had a chance to become a member of the team "chierlvderov" in their school. She spent days alone with the piano and looked at his future life from the perspective of an adult: for example, she would not object to become private secretary to director of any corporation. Wanda grew up and raised in Channelvyu, so their future with the city petrochemical enterprises. But the secret desire to stand out among her peers never left, but "chierliderstvo" was the top social status among adolescents. However, Wanda's father believed that the uniform worn by girls, was too blatant and they looked at it a little better than prostitutes. Therefore Wanda did not even hinted about his desire.

After an unsuccessful marriage to former football player Tony Harper, the father of Shane and Shenny, Wanda took a job a secretary in a small industrial company. Former colleagues remember her as an eccentric, brightly painted woman sorivshuyu money and loves her litter Shennu.

In 1981, she married again, this time for the divorced Inglharta Gordon, who worked in the same firm. She left her job, moved with the children in a big house on the outskirts Channelvyu and fully devoted herself ... "chierliderstvu" daughter.

The collapse of the second marriage

Friends remember as her hobby gradually became an obsession. Even when Chennai was quite a little girl, Wanda dressed her in a tiny sports suit and kept watch as her brother played in the children's football team. The first husband of Wanda recalls: "For Shenny it was a real event: costume, jewelry, tumult around ... Sometimes she would run to the edge of Wanda football field with a bullhorn in hand, to lead the emotions of fans. Shane often found himself in an awkward position - it appeared that he had a personal lead, while the other guys do not ".

Vandy's second marriage broke up in 1983. Around the same time, the oil industry downturn that has some impact on her husband's affairs. When Gordon and Wanda were divorced, she moved to a more modest house. Among her new neighbors were Verne and Jack Heath. Their daughter Amber was a great "chierliderom".

Soon Wanda met with the local banker Charles Holloway. In 1986, he became her third husband. Once it went to a former colleague from the firm where she worked before, and invited to a party with old friends. In response, Vanda only laughed contemptuously: "Now I am the wife of a wealthy man, I have no time for you". Wanda Holloway moved with the children in a bigger house, but neighbors have remained the same.

Every evening after school with their girlfriends Shennan repeated cries and gestures of senior girls who are actively managed at the district football fans matches. It followed the shadow of Amber, her friend and idol. Chennai is well perform complex movements and perfect possession of a rod, but she was far from Amber, who studied these techniques with the age of two. Her mother was once a champion among the "chierliderov", and my grandmother taught tap dancing and two generations of schoolchildren.

Amber and Chennai were inseparable, despite the fact that Amber was in front of friends and in school and in sports. During Advent the school election in 1990, both girls claimed the presidency of the school board. Amber won. In the two months before the election to the board, they competed for the title of "most popular" in the class. And once again defeated Amber. They both passionately wanted to get into the command "chierliderov" school Channelvyu, which he entered in September 1991. That honor could only worthy of one of them.

And again defeated Amber

Before entering high school Amber and Chennai have already laid claim to a seat in the team "chierlvderov" School Alice Johnson, where both studied. And Amber has won this contest, despite the noisy campaign in favor of Shenny arranged by her mother, Mrs. Holloway. Wanda paid fifty dollars a manufacturing company stationery and ordered the pencils with the inscription: "Elect Shennu Holpouey chierliderom!". She handed out pencil cases the guys with the same inscription, special badges to parents, meeting them at the school gate.

But all her efforts were in vain: a daughter lost Amber. Police came to the conclusion that it was from this moment Vatsda agreed to whatever was achieved, and to arrange his daughter to the command "chierliderov". Here's what he said about that Assistant District Attorney Maglioli: "I think it without hesitation be called a woman that maternal feelings brought to the last line. She tried to compensate for his unsuccessful life care for offspring. Neg doubt that the thought of the murder appeared at her daughter after a failed attempt to win the friendly competition ".

Wanda hires assassin

Wanda refused to believe that Shenny had the same chances to get a place in the team, as other. She demanded from the leadership of the school counted votes and the judges were shocked to see that her daughter only took third place among the thirty girls who participated in the competition.

She was not familiar with the girl's mother, who took the second place, but his mother knew well the winner. Ann Hudson, the mother of the girl, who met with Wanda's son Shane, said: "Wanda considered herself a victim of fraud and suffered from this. She suspected that Amber and Verna made a conspiracy against her. This she said all the time. Another topic of conversation she had no ".

In everyday life Vatsda Holloway behaved like an ordinary housewife: watching daytime soap operas, cooking meals for her husband and children, staged a party. But for a moment it did not leave thinking about the fate of daughter. It is painfully sought to arrange Shennu the team leading the new school.

January 4, 1991 Vanda met with ex-husband's brother, Terry Harper. From her point of view, Terry is ideally suited to the role of accomplice. Behind him stretched a cable improper actions, including the distribution of drugs. In 1985, he received a suspended sentence for driving while intoxicated, after he was accused and illegal possession of a pistol. Wanda knew that Terry is a hunting rifle. Detectives were convinced that this fact prompted the idea of using Wanda Terry in the role of an assassin. The prosecutor explained it this way: "She was confident that Terry Harper or anyone who knew Terry, willingly accept money to kill Mrs. Heath. First, she asked him to inflict a double blow "- to kill the mother and daughter. Mr. Harper explained that this is probably too expensive for her, and that's one murder will pull about 2,5 thousand dollars. She said that this amount is quite happy with it, because you can get it right all the money ".

Terry Lynn Harper was not the slightest desire to participate in such dirty business, as the murder. He immediately went to the police, George Helton. Helton was a senior officer in the department, struggled with drug trafficking and organized crime in Harris County. Helton said: "This guy was spotted in questionable crib, not very true, for the serious charges. I did not believe him when he said that the former wife of his brother asked to commit murder or to find a suitable for this person. This alerted guy. He did well to come to us ". Xelton gave Harper a tape recorder to record the next conversation, which could serve as proof of criminal intent Vavdy Holloway.

Advance - earrings with diamonds

From the tapes, scrolled later in court, any listener could throw in tremor. They were written and telephone conversations, and conversations between Harper and Wanda at meetings. There were these tirades: "This is a crucial year. If it does not achieve its goal this year, it will never reach it! "When Harper said that it would be difficult to find someone to kill a child, Wanda coldly replied:" But Terry, you're not familiar with this little girl. If you knew her! I can not stand it. She bitch! I'm sick of it ".

During a subsequent meeting Wanda Harper described in detail life mother and daughter Hit. (Now, thanks to Harper's rep, the family was under constant surveillance and police protection), Wanda Harper said then: "From a mother far more harm than from daughters. She covered them with me on all sides. I do not care, let her be taken away to Cuba or somewhere else for fifteen years, most importantly, that it was not here, okay? I want her to get out of here ". In an advance she gave him her diamond earrings worth about two thousand dollars.

Then again he heard her voice: "Do it as soon as possible. I want to remove this bitch off the road before the end of the week ... Burn the car, scatter the house, do so if the robbers climbed into the house, in short, do what you. You know, Terry, I do not think I could shoot myself someone. But I'm willing to do it someone else ".
Here it is poisonous hissing "kook Vandy, which wanted the woman killed before the end of the week, before the next statement contenders for the title of" chierlidera ". She hoped that if Mrs. Heath will be killed, Amber refuses to speeches and Chennai will have the opportunity to shine before the public.

There was another meeting with Wanda Harper, as a result of which was written forty-five minutes of conversation. In the film there is no word which would indicate that her husband was aware of those devilish intentions. It was entirely up to the idea. For Wanda murder has become an obsession.

After the preliminary hearing, Wanda Holloway, who has declared his innocence, was allowed to post bail of 10 thousand dollars and up to the court to remain free.
I must say that Mrs Holloway, were found in the town friends. They argued that Wanda fell into the trap, customized ex-husband. As evidence they cited the fact that immediately after his arrest he tried to draw Wanda custody of orphaned children.

Tony Harper, the first husband of Wanda, said on this subject: "I am very worried for the safety of children, their emotional state after the incident. In such circumstances it would be safer in my house. The children lived in a stressful condition, they were paying the neighbor's kids, shouting that their mommy was militant mafia. This year, the son finishes school, but the whole story had deprived him of rest. It would be idiocy to suggest that I somehow connected with this. Wanda - very strong-willed woman. This is totally her idea ".

"Chennai necessarily would break the team"

Many residents Channelvyu not seriously allegations Wanda on her innocence. They said: "All this is just horrible. She needed to leave these children's problems most Shenne. The girl knows how to accept defeat is much easier than my mother ".

Verna Heath, so much shocked by what had happened, that was under the supervision of a physician, could not believe that human life can be sacrificed such nonsense as "chierliderstvo".

The trial of Wanda Holloway was held in summer 1991. He hit all the newspapers of America, and television took reports from the courtroom is the best time. The main argument of his defense Wanda elected assertion that the words of the murder of his daughter and mother Hit were just words. They can not be taken literally, as the lead in action on his threats, she was not going. The jury found her guilty and sentenced - fifteen years imprisonment. It released on bail pending appeal. But a month later the court decision was overturned because one of the jurors had concealed his conviction for possession of cocaine. He had no right to serve on the jury and render a verdict on someone's guilt or innocence.

Repeated trial was postponed for two years, but experienced lawyers believe that the verdict will remain the same. Postponement retrial gave "kook" Vande expensive to sell his "story" television and film. Her lawyers refused to comment on such transactions, but the family of Heath, as it became known, is also ready to sign such a contract with the agents of some companies in Hollywood.

Instead epilogue

Chennai does not go to school. Friends say that Amber refused to participate in a group of leading. Verna, her mother, still reeling from the shock experienced.
Rodagedi and teachers finally drew attention to the anomalous role "chierliderstva" in school life. Urban public was scared occurred. "Map of weight" disappeared from the school walls. Girls who are resorting to diet, are under the constant supervision of doctors. The harm caused by excessive consumption of tablets has become a concern of doctors and parents.

Maybe someone from the readers of this ridiculous story, recently taken place in Texas - "the most American" of the fifty U.S. states - may seem too small event for a book titled "Crimes of the Century". But it is an absurdity, incongruity, truly Texan "identity" of the nature and act Wanda Holloway made the proceeding was unique. With some degree of confidence we can assume that nothing like this in this century there was already, in all likelihood, will not.

However, the senseless crime - not uncommon in today's America. In spring 1995 the world shook the tragedy in Oklahoma Shiga, when a car bomb parked in multi-storey office building, killing more than hundreds of human lives. According to their results, this diversion recognized as the largest in the United States. Of course, compared with her crime Wanda Holdouey may seem an innocent joke ...

Source: Encyclopedia of "Crimes of the Century"

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