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Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)

( Actor)

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Biography Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)
photo Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)
Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway) was born July 20, 1969 in California, when the boy was two years old, his family moved to Georgia. Josh's parents lived in a hippie commune, but he dreamed of more than a nomadic lifestyle and marijuana in the evening. From a very early age Josh became interested in film. He successfully studied for one year at the University of Georgia, and then suddenly abandoned his studies with the intent to do filming in advertising. Career models developed successfully, and the young man with remarkable appearance has traveled the world.

Being a model, and taking part in displays of the world's leading designers, Josh found time to participate in auditions. In order to begin an acting career, producers are advised to get rid of Josh Southern accent (funny that, for the role of Sawyer on the show 'Lost' again he had to learn to speak like a true Southerner).

Since the beginning of the 90th, the future actor begins to receive small roles on television, for example, he starred in the video by Aerosmith 'Cryin' (1993), films' Angel. City of ... ' (1999), 'Cold Heart' (2001) and 'Sabretooth' (2002), and also participated in serials 'Steep Walker: justice ...' (2001) and 'CSI: crime scene ... '(2003).

. Holloway maintains an excellent physical shape a variety of sports: snowboarding, martial arts, rowing, sailing, motor sports, also an actor likes to play the guitar.

. In 2004, Josh married a girl with the exotic appearance on behalf of Yessika
. A pair is considered a model in terms of long-established family values (eg, . Yessika husband prepares his favorite dishes - fried chicken and chocolate cake and is accompanied everywhere by her husband), . but many believe, . that an actor with such external data is worth more beautiful wife ...,

. In 2005, all the newspapers spread around the news that the house of the actor and his wife Yzhessiki raided by armed bandits
. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the criminals stole a pair of cash, valuables and credit cards. The prisoners were soon arrested, but Josh is very much worried: 'hard when it happens where you live, because the atmosphere in your house still remains for some time'.

A year later, Josh again hit the headlines: he was fined for having arranged a race along a quiet road Hawaiian. 'No it was not a race! I just exceeded the speed to 75 kilometers, instead of a 50! " - Justified actor

. Josh recognized, . that he was much better image of the 'bad guy', . What a sweet darling girl (Josh, . by the way, . smokes a lot more cursing and foul language), he even asked the producers of 'Lost' does not make him a hero Sawyer too good and attractive: 'Yes, . I fully trust the producers, . But I would, . that Sawyer lost its sharpness,
. A bit of sharpness and a light hint of humanity - this is how I'd like to see him '.

Photos of Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)
  • Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)
  • Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)
  • Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)

Photos of Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)
Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)

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Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway), photo, biography
Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway), photo, biography Josh Holloway (Josh Holloway)  Actor, photo, biography
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