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Parker and Hulme

( lesbian assassins)

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Biography Parker and Hulme
photo Parker and Hulme
Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme outwardly no different from ordinary schoolgirl. But they, underage lesbians, killed his mother Pauline. Who were they? Killers, or just not quite normal girls?

Analyzing the behavior of the accomplice, criminologists have come to the conclusion that apart girl never would have crossed the final line. For their transgressions led fateful partnership.
They behaved as if some sort of madness seized the two light-minded friends, who locked in their little world apart perverted sex, coupled with the murder.

When Juliet Hulme and Pauline Parker appeared before the court in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, this scandalous process was widely publicized because of the intimate details revealed during the investigation. As in the case of Leopold and Loeb, psychologists were powerless in trying to explain how the union of two seemingly normal young men led them to the crime. And this is what happened. When their little world was in danger outside interference, Juliet and Pauline decided to murder.

The victim was mother Pauline - Honore Mary Parker. Beating a woman to death, the couple tried to hide his crime, stating that the woman had an accident. But in the end ordinary police methods revealed that girls committed the murder.

The full picture of their crimes was revealed in court, the like of which he did not know the provincial Christchurch.

... 22 June 1954, two blood-spattered girl flew into the room crowded restaurant, interrupting the quiet mid-day tea party. Mama hurt - snapped Paulina - she was not breathing and covered in blood ". They begged the hostess to call the police and swallowed in one gulp a cup of sweet tea, trying in vain to come to. Several visitors, together with the police rushed to the place of the tragedy - in the nearest park. Mrs. Parker was lying in a pool of blood with a disfigured face. It was a terrible sight.

The girls said that Mrs. Parker slipped and fell. "She hit her head badly," - not very convincingly repeated Pauline police, trying to explain the origin of 49 serious injuries on the head of the mother. The police realized that they were dealing with something more serious and suspicious than an accident. Sixteen Pauline and Juliet had been arrested fifteen.

When they were taken away and alert police officer noticed near the path a few steps away from the body of a brick, wrapped in an old blood-stained stockings. Upon closer examination it turned out that it has stuck chaspschy hair Mrs. Parker.

Now the police have left no doubt as to what caused the death of the unfortunate woman.

Once in jail, terrified Pauline confessed to the murder. She said that even a few days before this event "has decided to kill his mother during a walk in the park, and Julia, who went with them, not implicated in the murder.

She assured the investigator: "Juliet did not know. She believed what I told her, though it could have some things to guess. But I doubt it. Most likely, however, that she did not know ".

During the interrogation, when the police turned back to her, she tried to destroy a piece of paper on which he wrote: "I take the blame". This note is intended girlfriend. Juliet, upon learning about the complicity of unsuccessful attempts to contact it immediately changed the evidence and pleaded guilty.

Was this madness?

"I took a stone, wrapped in a stocking, later admitted Juliet, and struck her. I was frightened. I wanted to help Pauline. It was terrible - her mother Pauline twitching in convulsions. We both held her. Finally she calmed down, and then we left it. After the first blow, I knew that we needed to kill her ".

In the long trial, accompanied by media-bashing, there was no need because the couple pleaded guilty.

But the girlfriend - obviously, not without the help of lawyers - have chosen cunning tactics, arguing that committed the crime in a state of frenzy. This version of the court, however, was not going to take seriously. While in jail, they could well understand that they had made, but both did not repent and wanted only one thing - to return to his former microcosm sophisticated sex

. In his tough speech prosecutor Anthony Brown said: "I feel obliged to tell you, . that the investigation is absolutely clear: the accused, . Two young girls, . conspired, . to kill the mother of one of them, . and fulfilled his plan to the most cruel manner,
. This crime was planned in such a way that could be achieved only through joint action accomplice ".

Brown tried to explain how the criminal tendencies developed in the relationship between two girls. Initially, they met just as school friends, but their mutual affection gradually transformed into something other than the usual girlish friendship. He noted that the existing relationships between friends, it is natural for the people of the opposite sex and older, but it is hardly possible for schoolgirls.
No wonder that Mrs. Parker was shocked to learn about the relationship, and did everything possible to break them. My mother fought for the honor of his daughter with all my might until the last minute ...

The investigation revealed that she met with the father of Juliet, the rector of University College in Christchurch, Dr Hulme, trying to make him their ally in this fight. Earlier this year, he retired with the intention to obtain a new assignment in Cape Town. Father agreed to take Juliet to take her away from Pauline. Departure was scheduled for July 3, and girlfriend vowed to kill Mrs. Parker as a punishment for the upcoming separation.

A week before the murder, pretending that they are no longer concerned with separation, accomplice persuaded Mrs. Parker to go with them on a country picnic. Juliet seized a brick from the garden of his house, and the case was made.

This was confirmed in a adduced diary of Pauline Parker and the correspondence between the girls, which, as stated by the Court, characterizes them as hardened criminals.
"Here, - Brown continued, waving his diary Pauline before the court, the defendant acknowledged that he and his girlfriend have repeatedly engaged in shoplifting and blackmail. In the court order there is clear evidence that in February, Pauline longed mother's death and within a few weeks to choose how murder ".

Brown cited a diary entry for Feb. 14: "Why, oh why can not the mother die? Tens of thousands of people die every day. So why did not the mother or father? "Later, in April, will appear the following words:" Hatred of the mother begins to boil in me. That is the main obstacle in my way. Suddenly, I found a way to circumvent these obstacles. I'm trying to think about some details. I want it to look a natural death or death by misadventure ".

In June, the diary continues the same theme: "We discussed a plan to get rid of the mother and made it clearer. Strangely enough, but I had no remorse ". June 22, the day of the crime, Paulina wrote: "I write early in the morning before the event. Last night I was very excited, just like Christmas Eve. Although pleasant dreams I had ".

These revelations criminals, read aloud in court, made a striking impression on all. But the girlfriend looked on judicial action with curiosity ordinary schoolgirl, . while cited more and more evidence, . proving their falseness and hypocrisy, . pathological craving for perverted pleasures, . depicting their miserable, . limited world,

Strange Deborah and Lancelot

Most of the evidence the court has received from the mother of Juliet. Mrs. Hulme said that the girls were going to write a novel and practiced in the book of strange messages to each other, using historical aliases. Juliet took the name of King Charles II, then became Deborah. Pauline Parker since the beginning of this strange correspondence referred to herself as a noble knight Lancelot.

All these were well-known characters of the medieval drama.
At first the letters were full of romantic scenes, woven into a fantastic world, which gradually sank heroine of the action of the. Soon, the tone of the letters became more gloomy. They have appeared describing the incredible sadistic scenes of rape and torture girls knights. At the same time increased mutual attraction girls. Soon they began to sleep together. One of them later confessed: "We presented themselves holy, making love in bed. We were doing it without feeling tired. How wonderful to feel satisfied! "

Her friends often ran with the lessons and would be alone in a rural barn, which indulged in amorous pleasures, ending his day drenching each other in a stream. They dreamed that leave for America, will become rich and fabulously together buy a nice house, which will serve them eunuchs.

Juliet confessed that she felt "safe" next to Pauline. It turns out that a child was brought to London during the war, and this situation is deeply traumatized her. One of their appearances was on "military" theme: Pauline embraced Juliet, and she at that time published a howling sound of falling bombs.

It was, as Pauline wrote Juliet, only their undercover world in which nobody was allowed.

Mrs Hulme arrived in New Zealand with her husband and daughter, when she was five years. At first, she welcomed the friendship Juliet with Pauline. Mother thought it would help the little girl quickly get used to the new location. "I knew I would, where it leads, I would have killed myself a callous creature!" - Sobbed the unhappy woman, answering the judge's questions.
Here is another excerpt from the diary of Pauline. "Prostitution - a good lesson to make money, and what fun you get doing this, we engaged in a brilliant abilities in sex. Probably not left anything in this field, which we do not know ".

These words are unlikely to make anyone doubt that the girlfriend knew perfectly well that worked. Later, when Pauline was summoned to testify, her arrogance nullified all defenses. When asked whether she had known that the murder - a crime, Pauline replied with a grin: "I knew that killing is a sin. I knew it when killed. Only an absolute idiot does not understand that it is flawed ".

The lawyers said they had no doubt the guilt of their clients, but not sure of their normal mental state

. Medical expert Dr. Medlikat claimed, . that each of the defendants' fragile, . a child, . which only begins to walk ", . that the ancestors of the two girls were prone to disease and this has led to unbalanced, . and then to the mental disorder of young offenders,

The doctor referred the application of one of the girls during the medical examination: "I believe that we are geniuses. I do not want to put themselves above the law - I'm just out of it ". "From my point of view, - concluded the expert - they are aggressive, socially dangerous and can be declared insane".
This view was not shared by another medical examiner, Dr. Charles Bennett, who defended his views on the court: "I find that the two criminals, no doubt, is fully aware of their deeds. But I doubt very much that these juveniles are wicked woman even give any value to what society thinks of them ".

After careful consideration of the case the court had to decide whether mentally ill defendants. Judge Adams appealed to the jury: "The key word is the word" know ". It should be considered in relation to each moment of the crime. Were the minds of these girls in such disarray that they do not know what they do? This, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, and you have to install ".

After two hours and fifteen minutes was convicted - guilty. Wandering smile flitted across the faces of juvenile murderers, when they announced that they will be jailed indefinitely.

But four years later, after numerous psychiatric and medical examinations, criminals out of jail.

Pauline and Juliet still friends, but the flames of past relationships during separation extinguished.

Ripert Herbert lived with his mother Pauline 25 years, although officially they are not married. Perhaps the latter circumstance is somehow affected the nature of the girl, who since childhood has known a feeling of alienation.

When Pauline was released, the man who was her father's place, he exclaimed: "This is not retribution for man's lost life. Only the devil could make this! He who is the devil! "

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