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Ilya Kovalchuk

( Honored Master of Sports of Russia)

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Biography Ilya Kovalchuk
photo Ilya Kovalchuk
Honored Master of Sports of Russia.
Left extreme forward 'Atlanta'.
Born April 15, 1983 in Tver, Russia.
Height - 186 cm. Weight - 100 lbs. In the game right-handed.
Bronze medalist of the Olympics-2002. Champion Junior World Cup-2001 (the best player of the tournament).
Silver medal Junior World Cup 2000. Member of the Youth World Cup-2001, 'adult' FM 2003 and FM 2004.
At the 2001 NHL Entry Draft newbies selected by the first number (the first case in the history of national hockey).
Winner of 'Maurice Richard Trofi'-2004 (best sniper NHL). 'Kharlamov Trofi'-2004 (best Rossiyanin NHL, according to compatriots).
The most popular league player (as voted by fans before the match 'All zvezd'-2004). Participant Match 'All zvezd'-2004. Most valuable player of the match 'Young zvezd'-2002 (scored 6 goals).
Meet Kovalchuk!
This talented in every way and literally from all sides of a gifted hockey player does not appear here, probably, since Paul Bure. That is not so much on talent 'second Bure', the second Bure - is Valeri Bure, younger brother. He has grown up, was considered among those who understand such things, even poperspektivnee brother. But the elder brother grew up in the 'Russian rockets', and the youngest - in Burenka. So the younger brother of star gently, without a shadow of neglect, call in any Russian-speaking hockey company: or Valera, or Burenok. Who knows, however, gifted people disappear into some mediocre anywhere. This is about a man in whom genius lives very organically. Beautiful, very large, with a confident gaze guy looks exactly the same way and on the court: power, power, coupled with the grace. Playing as a walking, . wants - sweep aside, . fractured through, . as desired - will perform this trick, . what then finger VCR going to frame scrolling, . that there, . not understand, . but just a little more to consider, . as it happened, . that the puck in the goal and the fools left in the cold,
. In general, well a guy. Ilya Kovalchuk.
Meet Kovalchuk!
- Hockey way for me to chose a father. I was only four years, and we had already went to the gym, where I was jumping on the trampoline, chasing the ball, in general, trained. The fact that my father, I myself an athlete, playing basketball. He looked at me, so to speak, coaching glance. I decided that the costs do hockey. (27.03.01)
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. Statistics
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. Career Milestones
. SEZON-2003/04 - October 18, made a second hat-trick of his career - in a match against 'Chicago'! - October 23, made the third hat-trick of his career - in a match against the 'Nashville'! - Repeat your personal record by pocketing goals in four games in a row (all 8 washers)
. This happened with 18 to 25 October - scored nine consecutive matches (11 +6 = 17), . from October 18 to November 8! - Two weeks in a row been named the best attacking player in the league - from 8 to 19 and from 20 to 26 October - recognized as the best attacking player in the league in October! - Establish a personal record - 4 games in a row (from 3 to 10 December), . in which the handed helps (of 5) - to establish personal and club record, . collecting points for 8 games in a row! 8 (3 +5) points in the period from November 25 to December 10 - December 20 in the match with 'Pittsburgh' scored 5 (2 +3) points, . repeating a personal and club record - was the fourth in the NHL in points, . recruited in December - 17 (5 +12) - repeated the club record for points, . recruited for three games - 8 (3 +5)! This happened with 20 to 26 December,
. - The most popular player the league, according to a vote of fans, chosen by a participant Match 'All zvezd'-2004 - Member of stellar weekend. In the match 'all stars' played for the East team and scored one goal - February 21 in a match against the 'Philadelphia' scored the 100 th goal in the NHL, . becoming the fifth youngest player league, . reached this classic mark - April 2 in a match with 'Pittsburgh' to establish personal and club record, . causing 14 rolls, . Having received 32 shifts and 34 minutes and 5 seconds of game time - the best in the NHL among forwards in the league and eighth in the average number of playing time - 23 minutes and 41 seconds - to establish personal and club record, . and became the best in the NHL on the number of throws in a season - 341! In 40 games Kovalchuk was the best team on the roll,
. In 30 games for throwing the gate 5 or more times! - Establish personal and repeated the club record, . victory scoring 6 goals in the season - top scorer 'Atlanta' in away matches - 48 (21 +27) points - won second place in the dispute over the 'Sheraton Road performer Award' (best in the game on the road), . yielding only Joe Sakic of the 'Colorado' - The best in goals (20) and points (39) at home 'Philips Arena',
, . receives more than 80 points in a season - the best sniper in the history of 'Atlanta' - 107 goals - the best sniper League (41 goal) and the owner of 'Maurice Richard Trophy'! This title Kovalchuk shared with Rick Nash ( 'Columbus'), and Jerome Iginla ( 'Calgary'),
. Ilya also set a record of the club in goals for the season - to establish personal records in goals (41), . assists (46) and points (87) for the season - Named Most Valuable Player 'Atlanta' (award, . established by Chevrolet), . and became a player, . who are more likely to hit the number three star match (award, . established by Bud Light) - Recognized as the most outstanding player in the league as voted by fans on the official site of the NHL (the award established by 'Pauereyd') - won the prize 'Kharlamov Trophy' (established by the newspaper "Soviet Sport '), . Rossiyanin as the best in the NHL, . which have chosen his fellow countrymen,
. In the vote was attended by 58 Russian enhaelovtsev. Kovalchuk received 122 points, ahead of Pavel Datsyuk (88), Sergei Fedorov (52), Sergei Gonchar (44) and the remaining contenders - Member of the World Cup in the Czech Republic. Held 6 matches, scored 4 (3 +1) points.
Career Milestones
"I have a happy family. Educated parents, and the nature of their hard. Pope Valeriy playing basketball, my mother Lubov - doctor, nurse Arina - lawyer. Good trio.
Ilya Kovalchuk (30.10.03)

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Ilya Kovalchuk, photo, biography
Ilya Kovalchuk, photo, biography Ilya Kovalchuk  Honored Master of Sports of Russia, photo, biography
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