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Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans

( Actress)

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Biography Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans
photo Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans

Although passport Evelyn Bledans - Russian, actually - a rattling, and an explosive mixture of Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Russian and French blood. Her grandmother on her mother - Lettish German origin, and Dad Visvaldis Karlovic - clean Lett.

By the way, surprisingly, but the name and surname of the actress - the real. It turns out that the mention of the names Bledans (in different sources - Bledanis, Bled and Bledansh) was first found 600 years ago - in the "Chronicles of the German Order of the Sword."

The name of the actress occurred almost anecdotal story. The parents wanted to call his daughter Nastya, and almost called, but fate immediately brought about changes. True, . in this case it was made in the person of the Yalta midwife Aunt Hannah, . which picked vociferous child in his arms, . lifted higher, . and meticulously examined a future star on the right and left, . skeptical question: "That you sho!: Well, . and yak train tse Nastia ?!.." Then again Studying looked at the baby and are absolutely confident, said: "No, . tse not Nastya!.,
. Axle pobachte: So Well Evelina! .. ". Young mother failed Nastia so confused that he could neither argue nor object: So Evelyn acquired its sonorous name.

Evelyn's childhood spent in Yalta, where in the local pioneers visited all the existing circles. Evelina Bledans: "All the childhood I am very patriotic young lady. Read poems "Hello, School of gold" and "Day of Pioneers", banged on a drum and sang in the choir, doing everything possible. But the main, for which I was valued and praised, was, as I have on patronage concerts with the expression of reading poetry ...".
. Education

. Imagining acting career, went to enter the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, where they presented: "Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans, 17 years
. Igor Vladimirov, head of the examination board, happily: "Everything!".. Already we take! Over one name:. Of course he was joking, but the name still to some degree helped to go to college.

. The institute instructors indicated temperament and textural aspiring actress.

. In 1991, Evelyn graduated from university and as the top graduating student was sent for training for the classic American musical theater in the center of Eugene O'Neill (USA).
. Masks show "

. Upon graduation there was a question of the distribution
. Evelyn was eager to get to Lenkom to Zakharov. But her dream was destined to fail, and Evelyn with classmates went to Odessa. There they organized from scratch Cabaret Theater "Sweet Life", which quickly became the most popular sight in the city, and Evelyn - his prima donna.

. Among her classmates, many were familiar with the guys from "Masks show" and when George Deliev needed extras for the filming of Masks at the wedding, Eveline offered to participate in the chorus girls.

. Deliev rated outstanding energetic actress, and a series of "Masks in the opera" for it was written by a special episode
. In the scenario he was designated a fairly sparingly: a girl playing a flute, all the rest were given Eveline "farmed out".

It was a triumph. The country has received an unconditional sex symbol, and Evelyn came to the state's most popular team of the country, in the prime time of the central TV channels, in hits sales of pirated videotapes. "But we just pinned it heartily, as to the result is a variant, which entered the film" - recalls Evelyn.

In the famous series of scampish semeika Evelyn created the image of nurses, followed by constantly drag himself Pere. The role was played with obvious with "erotic", but very funny and exquisitely. Super sexy image of nurses had become not only "business card" Evelina, but also deprived the rest forever stronger than half of its population.
Work after "Masks"

In the late 90's Evelina Bledans left the "Masks". She has participated in beauty contests, in numerous auditions, has not yet appeared in the musical "Metro".

Simultaneously, Evelyn started acting in movies and on television. Among her works - role in American film "Red Skverz" and "Barbarian", as well as in the comedy series "Car" by Alexey Buldakova.

. In 2001 took part in the play antrepriznom Danae, where Christine Orbakajte and Anna Terekhova rehearsed all the female roles.

. Currently Evelina Bledans pursue a solo musical activity
. She recorded a video for their song "Nurse", where he made many artists from the group "Masks show".

Way communication with "Masks" Evelyn Blledans continues to support. At the invitation of George Deliev she starred in another series of "Masks in the casino, where she played as soon as roles.
. Life

. Contrary to popular versions of the people, the husband of Evelina Bledans - not George Deliev, and not Boris Barsky, and in general to "mask" has no relation
. Actress herself does not like to dwell on the personal life. "Personal life is personal and because that is not public domain," - says Evelyn.
. Filmography:

. 1988 PE regional scale

. 1991 - 2002 Mask Show

. 1993 Italian contract

. 2000 Barbarian - USA

. 2000 Red Square - USA

. 2002 Friendly Family - Series

. 2002 Car - series

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Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans, photo, biography
Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans, photo, biography Evelyn Visvaldovna Bledans  Actress, photo, biography
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