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John (Sid) Simon Ricci (Vishez)

( Truly a cult figure. Ask the first person to call the first gathering of punk, which comes to mind is likely to hear this particular name. The myth has arisen in respect Sid Visheza, became the embod)

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Biography John (Sid) Simon Ricci (Vishez)
photo John (Sid) Simon Ricci (Vishez)
And all this is supposedly from an infinite boredom and dissatisfaction rotten middle-class existence. There is a legend that the leader-vocalist Germs, being an ardent follower of Visheza, death peredoznulsya gerychem in memory of his idol. Also, according to this legend, the death Visheza was fatal (ie. inevitable), as he embarked on a path of destruction and passed it to the end, breaking all taboos, destroying everything around him and himself in the first place. Everything, as has been said, from the depression caused by the emptiness of reality. In short, a hero, a knight without fear or reproach, wicked rebel udolbanoy in all its glory.

Whatever it was, but what Vishez really was and what he became in the minds of millions - two different characters, not too dissimilar. To his friends and team members, including he was an incorrigible bungler, completely deprived of both intelligence and common sense, his shirt guy, which can be easily nailed to all sorts of nonsense. Despite the image of music-lovers, . all participants Sex Pistols really knew how to play their instruments, . all, . except Sid Visheza, . which, . true, . once made a heroic attempt to learn to play bass, . but quickly scored on a thankless business under the influence of fame and heroin,
. According to the group, they do not know what to do with it. Visheza not even been with them when he created most of the materials group, and the author of provocative texts and most scenic way Sex Pistols was none other than Johnny Rotten.

. Certainly, the presence of Visheza concerts gave the group aggression, its dangerous image attached statement acuity, with serious concern the band members caused his complete failure as a musician
. One factor to finish off our hero, was his association with systemic geroinschitsey Nancy Sponge, the whole appearance that suggests that any attempt to end Visheza jump off a complete collapse, that is a return to the previous way of life. This same way of life, after all, and wasted both, Sponge, which is found murdered in a double room in New York, and Visheza, which soon drove off with heroin overdose.

. Now, a few interesting facts from the biography of our hero.

. Sid Vishez was born in London on May 10, 1957, his real name was John Simon
. His single mother regularly amused drug and not objected to the fact that her son amuses itself on the streets of London. In childhood Vishez fanatel Roxy Music and T. Rex, trying to imitate them in every way. While still a schoolboy he met John Lydon, who, incidentally, and dubbed him Sid Vishezom in memory of the hamster, who once viciously bitten his dad. Friends started squats on zabroshkam, sometimes laboring performances in the metro. After Lydon (Rotten) have organized Sex Pistols, Vishez become their most ardent fan, so that came all the favorite dance 'rotten', which he invented furiously jumping into the crowd to see better music. He also played drums with colleagues Pistols - Siouxsie and the Banshees at their first presentation. Already at that time Vishez was known in some circles as a rare bespredelschik. Once at a concert he was arrested because he threw a beer mug at the scene of an unlucky coincidence, the circle jumped from pole and landed in the spectators eyes (presumably after she began to hear and smell). On another occasion, Sid beating music journalist bicycle chain (five times). Once in 1977, the Sex Pistols broke up with Glen Matlock, Rotten suggested Vishezu, given his well-deserved popularity with the press and the wonderful ability to learn, to join the group. Shortly thereafter, Sid and Nancy met with Sponge. They immediately agreed, and nobody could separate this pair Turretless. No matter how tried all friends and members of the group to get rid of Sponge and cure Visheza heroin addiction, they do so and failed.

In January 1978 Sex Pistols went on his famous tour of America. Until then, Americans knew Sid Visheza insofar as it was presented in the press. Upon arrival in the States Vishez all the way, try not to disappoint. Bill visitors guitar over the head and all that. Ibid happened to him and the first overdose. Rotten, who fondly hoped to reason with one another, exploiting the lack of Sponge, once again broke off. In August 1978 Sid and Nancy moved to New York where he spoke with a group called the Vicious White Kids. And on Oct. 12, 1978 Sid Vishez woke up in the hotel 'Chelsea' and found his girlfriend Nancy Sponge fastened in the bathroom. Events of the previous evening Sid did not remember. He confessed to the crime and was arrested. After the record company, Virgin has made him pledge Vishez tried to commit suicide, cut himself with a razor. Then he was again arrested for what he nastuchat glass in the face to some Todd Smith * y. He was released February 1 for the 79th, and he immediately threw himself from gerycha, who fouled his mother. He was merely 21 years old.

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John (Sid) Simon Ricci (Vishez), photo, biography
John (Sid) Simon Ricci (Vishez), photo, biography John (Sid) Simon Ricci (Vishez)  Truly a cult figure. Ask the first person to call the first gathering of punk, which comes to mind is likely to hear this particular name. The myth has arisen in respect Sid Visheza, became the embod, photo, biography
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