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Elena Biryukova

( Actress)

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Biography Elena Biryukova
photo Elena Biryukova
* Elena Biryukova was born Nov. 7, 1970 in Minsk.

* In 1996 she graduated from GITIS (Workshop A. Heifetz) and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Academic Theater. Mayakovsky, where he served for seven years.

* Shot in the film 'Yellow Dwarf', TV series 'Sasha + Masha', 'Grandfather of my dream', as well as several commercials.

* Playing in antrepriznom Performance 'Boeing-Boeing'. Married theater director Alexey Litvin. Daughters Alexandra 9 years.

. KM TV: Hello, in the air 'private life', and now the hero of our program is a wonderful actress Elena Biryukova.

. -Biryukov: Hello.

. KM TV: What are we going to do today?

. -Biryukov: We will do as they say, a dish in haste, when you come to visit and need something quick to cook something delicious that all ate and were satisfied
. The best way to prepare, as an option, the meat in French. Call all the different. I'm not sure that the meat in French, that France makes it so the meat, but I do like that: very quick, easy and quite tasty.

Recipe for meat in French by Elena Biryukova, actresses from popular TV Show 'Sasha plus Masha'. Necessary ingredients: 1 kg of meat, 5 onions, 300 grams of cheese, 250 gr mayonnaise.

. -Biryukov: beef, veal, pork, who he loves - in fact it is not important, it is important to cut it into thin slices, it is best to repel: it is faster then propechetsya and will be much softer
. Or, cut with a knife, if there is no hammer. We are doing this quickly, but here quickly.

. Some lady in order to discourage meat, without sullying the table with blood, pieces of pre-wrapped in polythene or food wrap and beat off the meat through it, and someone buys the supermarket ready chops
. What is better - to prepare himself or to save time - you decide.

. KM TV: It turns out that each piece we will have one serving?

. -Biryukov: Yes, actually this is one serving.

. KM TV: In principle, we are now preparing dinner or lunch for five people.

. -Biryukov: There are people who eat two pieces, someone wants a double portion: In principle, you can do as much as will fit on the baking sheet.

. According to the recipe Elena Biryukova, meat can sprinkle any spices, mixtures of different peppers or French herbs
. We advise all the same one portion to cook separately only with salt without burning spices: typically, one of the guests do not tolerate spicy food.

. -Biryukov: Pour a little sunflower oil or any vegetable, olive or sunflower oil, so that was quite a bit
. What I do: for revolting smear meat, put the meat tightly to each other, just like that patty. Onions cut as you wish, to taste, rings or half rings, who both like. I am a chef suggested: that the bow did not cry, you need to put a cup of water, a glass of water, and then the tears will not flow, we now check it out.

. KM TV: We cut parallel to the two people who quickly:

. -Biryukov: Let.

. Onions sliced most ordinary circles
. By Prescription Helena is to be the ring of 1cm thick. French chefs recommend, except onions, cover the meat with a thin layer of mushrooms. We are preparing a cost-effective option - without mushrooms.

KM TV: So, what else have we? Also, we'll sprinkle cheese, eh?

-Biryukov: Yes. In principle, some are added on top do not add tomatoes or tomato, someone he loves. You can add.

KM TV: Yes, let's.

-Biryukov: Then just such slices, again, circles.

By this dish as a side dish can be cooked baked potatoes. Potatoes cut into large chunks and paritsya to a state of semi-in salted water, . then it is necessary to shift in any capacity for cooking in the oven, . pour cream low fat, . Bake until the state of readiness on medium heat, . then sprinkle with cheese and let stand in oven,
. If desired, decorate the dish can be green. Well, until the meat back to the French and the stories of Elena Biryukova.

KM TV: Here I look at you at once on a tray with meat crumble cheese?

-Biryukov: So fast. Of course, you are correct - for each and all of this expanded:

KM TV: In principle, it is possible on a large grater. Or not necessarily?

-Biryukov: Not necessarily, it is possible for small. What is the difference, it is still melted. We make a beautiful cake. Opanki, as we all quickly - even ready-made.

We put the meat in preheated oven for 15-20 minutes at first, extinguish it at a temperature of 150-180 degrees, then 30-40 minutes at 180-200 degrees. It is important to ensure that the melted cheese into a crust, but not burnt. By the way, meat recommend sprinkle cheese for 20 minutes until cooked dishes.

KM TV: While we wait, we can talk. What recipes seduction of men do you have? That's it cooking?

. -Biryukov: Honestly, never deceived men recipes, because in my life, thank you, there were not many, but they were men who did not pay attention to: Love them was not through his stomach
. My husband - a wonderful clever man, he and director, he is a poet and musician, and playwright, and teacher, so he, in general, is preparing himself. Man I have a very good cook. What recipes?.. Yes No recipes. The main recipe - this is love, this tender, is to be soft with a man to be weak, give feel Leader. Then the man feels strong, it pulls the deed was. As I stand my husband - I do not know.

KM TV: By the way, there is a prejudice that two women can not get along in the kitchen. Here today we have quite a number of well being.

. -Biryukov: Since I can get on almost everything, and women and men, and I am very substantive and mother, and with her mother in law, and with his daughter.

. We asked Helena what the most complicated dish she had to cook.

. -Biryukov: Vegetable cake
. T. e. a salad, . but it is beautiful: the top layer consists of grated beets with apple, . mixed with mayonnaise, . is laid down, . then is spread shredded cheese, . egg and onion, . mixed with mayonnaise, . then the next layer - grated carrot with apple, . can with walnuts, . Who else loves,
. And the result is a beautiful, three-layer, multi-colored cake: one layer of purple, the other yellow, the third orange. All this topped with walnuts, and can be boiled carrot to decorate - flowers. And get this cake, very tasty. But while all this natresh, folded, welded:

. KM TV: It is not satisfying.

. Take a recipe for the New Year table to note are: low in calories - one of the main rules of the festive table, otherwise the morning would be unkind at best, and she met the new year will end on the severity of taking the pills in her stomach.

. KM TV: That's the way, about calories
. Acting diet, it includes a?

-Biryukov: Actually acting diet - is the work. Here I am, for example, losing weight when they begin to actively work, removed, rehearse, because there are forgetting, because a lot of wasted effort and energy, and mental and other. My diet - is the work. When I'm not working, I convalescing. As someone once said of 'Looking for a woman': when I was on vacation and sit at home, I start to eat, and then did not wet any clothes, so that leave is not very promotes weight loss.

. KM TV: In any process of preparation begins the wonderful moment when you have everything to clean, wash, all fold:

. -Biryukov: Yes, it is most unpleasant, so when we moved into a new apartment and changed the kitchen, the first thing I added - it is a dishwasher
. So the dishwasher good. Remove most unpleasant, but, on the other hand, when retracted and the table clean, you can eat and enjoy it.

Well, now we have this and move from there until we have all ready. Since I do not cook, wash dishes, I'll. The meat is almost ready, it remains only to lay the table. Psychologists say that table setting affects the taste of meals. Is important and the choice of dishes: restaurateurs say, for example, in cups of fine china tea tastes better. For table decorations for New Year's night must be approached with a special responsibility.

-Biryukov: In principle, each covers, as he likes, depending on those sets, which have. There are beautiful small sets of dishes and cutlery, you can serve nicely. I would like to add some bright napkins under the plates, put the candles, decorate with silver knobs, various fir trees and their crafts, which you will be pleased to see that you have done with his own hands, with children, such as. And the child will be very attractive to add, put in a glass of any toy on a stick, which he did, the star and some angel, he will be very pleased. Can think of some little notes with the wishes of that wrapped in napkins, and each will be deployed, and something to wish him a pleasant. Let us, therefore, will lay on the table, bed cloth. In fact, I really like table covered with cloth. When covered with oilcloth tablecloths and imitation under the cloth: Better good some kind of cloth. Such a warm desk becomes. But how is it difficult to wash, when leaving guests.. Of course, this is now the second shortcoming. Therefore, you need to stock up a good powder, washing machine, stain remover.

. KM TV: Here it is, are identical moment!

. -Biryukov: Krasoten.

. Our dish is ready, but completely DцLcor, we did not, it's still only a rehearsal of the New Year evening
. The meat is well fried, cheese is not burnt - in general, we have achieved the desired result.

-Biryukov: Good luck with your wish. I wish you bon appetit, and that your house has always had many guests and friends, and you'll be happy to accept them, and then they gave you the opportunity for a return visit and also you were treated and fed with something very tasty.

. KM TV: Well, you had the program 'private life', thank you for your attention and see you.

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