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Petrova Cyrus Kreylis

( Honored Artist of Russia (1993).)

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Biography Petrova Cyrus Kreylis
Kira Kreylis-Petrova was born July 1, 1931 in St. Petersburg. Terrible siege of Leningrad Cyrus with her mother and sister suffered from first to last. It was scary! Just then she was a child and, of course, it was easier than my mother, who on their shoulders all pulled from the jaws of death.

Actress Keira herself, has years with four or five: all constantly amused. And even when there was a terrible bombing, when everything collapsed, roared, wailed bombs, depicted Hitler as a clown and singing doggerel: 'Bombs syplyat as peas, so Hitler soon croaked ...'. But the choice of drama school still was accidental.

She studied at the College of Music on a famous violin teacher Landau Magda Vladimirovna, a pupil of Professor Auer. Served, among other things, high expectations. The teacher said: 'You have an excellent sound, more work! " A girl was very lazy, do nothing, invented all sorts of excuses, but we would do. In short, it's all stretched and could further. But once, when he saw the announcement of the recruitment in Moscow Moscow Art Theater School, Kira Petrova interested. Decided that his career as an actress she fits more than the endless range.

. Among the insane number of attractive girls in the wonderful costumes, with the magic hair was very scared to do: she looked ugly duckling in a dress with patch
. The poor were, and this felt very uncomfortable.

Overcoming the fear of wild, yet it was still before the selection committee. At the table sat folk artists - Blinnikov, and himself Skryabin. Suddenly, Kira Petrova angry, . angry: 'Sit here, . all you do not care! You have all the artists, . on the stage play, . in film shoot, . I! .. ' There is, . about, . with such thoughts and thundered: 'Raven somewhere, God sent a piece of cheese ...' And there was such a success, . probably, . first and last in her life,
. That's how she did.

. It was great to learn from the masters of brilliant MAT! It was fun and interesting: the happiest years of her life! C the day started quite a different life, and the continuous misery: the blockade, father care, poverty, remained behind.

. But at the Moscow Art Theater School Kira Alexandrovna as an actress not revealed
. All time playing something boring and not that given to her by God - not the grotesque and does not cascade.

At the end of the Moscow Institute of Kira Petrova returned to Leningrad, hoping to get on stage Alexandrinsky. But life turned out differently. Kira Alexandrovna worked in the theater of the Baltic Fleet, then at the distant Sakhalin - in the Regional Drama Theater, and after another returned to Leningrad - in the MDT and the Variety Theater.

. After much wandering, she was in the legendary Leningrad TYuZe
. Members of the artistic council were all young, talented. Quite sincerely, without any arrogance and pomposity, and took the actress took in the theater. But then these seventeen years have passed ... Not that it would be empty ... But the roles they had no. No, the actress, of course, with pleasure and play the stump, and a crow, but grew a little, she. What is there to play? Just loved the theater, loved the staff, but was still not in place. It would be a theater of satire in the theater of comedy.

At the Pushkin Theater Kira Alexandrovna came in 1980 with mature master. Particular success brought the actress roles such as Antonovna in 'Children of the Sun' Gorky, Khalid in 'Thirteen chairmanship' Abdullina and clubs in the 'Above the bright water' Belova, Sylvia, and Madame Couture in 'Father Goriot' Honore de Balzac. In the Pushkin had been put on the play by play Kira Alexandrovna 'the sounds of the orchestra'. Very brilliant actress played the role of the criminal prisoners, which by the will of fate was in a nursing home.

. Today Kira Kreylis-Petrova - one of the leading actresses of the stage Alexandrina (the same Alexandrinka, of which she had dreamed of), she is the executor of both dramatic and comedic, Distinguishing roles
. Among her roles in recent years: Agrafena Kondratyevna Bol'shova in the play 'his people - are numbered! " Ostrovsky and crackers in the 'Tale of Tsar Saltan' A. Pushkin, directed by Vladimir Golubev, Fana in the 'hood with bells' Pirandello, directed by Vladimir Vorobiev, Lyapkin-Tyapkinav comedy 'The Auditor' Gogol, directed by Valery Fokin. Bright creative individuality, comic gift, the highest professional actresses were still in demand, and made Cyrus Alexandrovna favorite theater audience.

. Today it readily invites and other theaters: the director Oleg Levakov invited the actress to play the comic opera 'The fate-turkey', as set out in the Theater of Musical Comedy based on the play Ostrovsky's "Wolves and Sheep '
. In the theater, 'Shelter comedian', she played in the play George Vassiliev 'Moscow-Petushki' by Erofeev, and is now engaged in the play 'Marriage' Gogol, director Fedotova. Kira Alexandrovna works entreprise: 'Doves', 'Love is not the potatoes - do not throw it out the window ...'

The first experience in film Kira Alexandrovna - bad experience. They began to shoot the film 'Wedding in Malinovka'. Kira Alexandrovna invited to Gorpina Dormidontovnu. It was her direct role - to dance, sing, 'Bitte, dritte, Frau, Madame! "..' She was so happy! Actress is dressed up, and apparently all is well, everyone liked. And at this moment appeared in Leningrad's famous Zoya Fedorova. Of course, it then took.

Kira Alexandrovna character actress, she was absolutely no need to worry about the exterior. It almost does not look in the mirror. She did not have to think as she grows old, what she has wrinkles ... How to eat - and went. So it was with the role of Ulithi in the film directed by Motyl 'Forest'. Actress was interesting to work with Tselikovskaya, this was her last film role, and with Stanislav Sadalsky, who was then not like now. Motyl said then he and Kira Alexandrovna: 'Now then, boys, you go! Cinema is now yours! " Sadalsky something went, and she - alas ...

. In the cult film 70's director Yuri Mamin 'in love by choice' - the actress played a mother, a woman, zachuhannuyu work, life, system
. And then - the role of the eccentric at the same Mom, young filmmakers Petersburg. Wide audience Cyrus Kreylis - Petrova is known to work in film, it is enough to remember such films as 'The Pit', 'Russian Symphony', 'To whom God would send'.

. Then there was the brilliant role of mother in law Gorokhov, two weeks filming in Paris tragicomedy 'Window to Paris'
. This was, of course, happiness! You can imagine - let our man in Paris! And, originally planned to spend a week there, and then because of technical problems had to stay another week.

. Kira Alexandrovna also appeared in several videos
. In the same TV show 'Chameleon' Yuri Mamin, where they participated very often young actors. All mischievous, funny, no one then unknown and unemployed 'cops': Celine, Lykov, Polovtsev, but the actress was there is not the last role. In any case, the viewer is no difference in age between the characters did not feel.

Again Kira Alexandrovna had to do the role out of nothing. As in the theater: you get the role - one page, and you start to write. One can not just hang out on the stage. Again in the same 'Menta' played a neighbor - the owner of cats in the film 'A drink for real men'. Well, the investigator finds that some wondered, something must be responsible. Boring. And around the heroine Kira Alexandrovna cats running around. Well, she picked up the 'Kitiket': standing, talking on inertia sending hand in a box with food, and throws in his mouth, like corn flakes. And then: "Damn you, Lord, .. ' That is ridiculous.
Curious on the set

With actress filming took place on a variety of curiosities. Invited her to play Brezhnev's daughter, Galina, in the film 'Pyramid'. The role had to learn during the night, it was a small benefit. In the evening of the play brought to film, put a dressing gown, made-up. Shot scene search. In a scenario Kira Alexandrovna had to drink a glass of vodka, to say the monologue about her grief-wife, get drunk and start flirting with a young policeman:

. The actress recalls: 'filmed in a rich apartment, furnished with antiques
. Her owner, an old professor's been here, watching. The films were very few, and the director warned - only one double. Started to rehearse. I take a crystal decanter, . poured from the water in the glass and quietly muttering: 'If only I could really poured vodka ...' Rehearsed, . had taken off: newly actress pours and feels, . that the countess had really vodka! Compassionate the professor tried ..,
. But can not stop shooting, the film ends, the director is nervous, and had to ravage the glass. At the head of one - do not forget to text. But when alcohol is something acted, it is time to flirt with a policeman. Who saw the film then, they say, the scene was a success as the Ah ...!'

The potential of the actress is so huge that it, of course, it was unbearably crowded in those little framework in which it was fated. For her, of course, had to write, set. It could be much. In general, we can not say that the actress in a movie already very lucky: "I have not played anything a travel. What I Ranevskaya out did not take off! Oh how it could use. And so it went epizodiki, epizodiki, epizodiki. But I'm not offended, I understand that nothing could be. To do this, most likely, his producer have. Now there are all sorts of competitions for young actors, they take off on television, they see. And we have none of this was. We did not interest. We lived as grass: you have a penetrating power - probeshsya. No - zachahnesh. I never found her out. I love to work - and all '.

At first, Kira Alexandrovna was just Petrova, and Kreylis - is the name of her husband Yakov. He Latvian. Male actress was the son of a very rich man, who had their own factories, homes, in a park in the estate walks gazelles, waited on the governess. Soviet power is selected. Before he died, my mother told the children that in Riga in their old clothes is a secret drawer, where the hidden gold coins. When the brothers rehabilitated, and they returned home, they found these coins. Thanks to them for some time they were able to hold. Jacob received his education, graduating from the Leningrad Theatrical Institute, studied on the same course with Alice Freundlich, went on television, where he worked all his life director.

They were introduced before the trip to Sakhalin. On the way they became friends, fell in love, got married and had already played a wedding on Sakhalin Island in the house where once lived Chekhov. Started another band. And until now - pah-pah-pah! - She continues.

In a wonderful actress's husband, adult daughter. And grandchildren. It is not known yet whether they will be artists. But Kira Alexandrovna would be happy if this happened. But the daughter has already taken place in another profession, and grandchildren ...

Husband was called in Canada, offered a good job - he has relatives there. But the actress refused: 'If you want to - go away. I'm not going anywhere. I can not live anywhere else, except Leningrad '. - 'No! Here the weather is bad, endless the rain ... ' - 'Well, well! The rain is falling, it is snowing, the sun - everything is all well in St. Petersburg. Only in St. Petersburg! " Of course, Kira Alexandrovna sometimes, not often think about death. Probably everyone thinks about it sometimes. And now, when she walks by Peter, somehow not so afraid of death. So are all native to her that even a single consciousness that it will repose in St. Petersburg, it calms. She feels eternity. It's kind of amazing feeling. It attracts a great actress, as a native person.

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  • Petrova Cyrus Kreylis

Photos of Petrova Cyrus Kreylis
Petrova Cyrus KreylisPetrova Cyrus Kreylis

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Petrova Cyrus Kreylis, photo, biography
Petrova Cyrus Kreylis, photo, biography Petrova Cyrus Kreylis  Honored Artist of Russia (1993)., photo, biography
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