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HLB Triple

( Wrestler)

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Biography HLB Triple
photo HLB Triple
Titles and ranks

Throughout his career Paul 12-times world champion in the heavyweight division: 7-mi times WWE champion and five-time World Heavyweight Champion. He also became the second Grand Slam Champion, Champion of the seventh Triple Crown winner of the King of the Ring tournament in the 1997th year and won the Battle Royal in the 2002nd year.
. Activities outside the ring

. Outside of wrestling Paul did not once appeared in movies and on television
. It was withdrawn in the lead role in the upcoming film from the company WWE Films, Journey of Death, release of which should take place in the 2009th year.
Life before wrestling and career

Paul Levesque was born in Nashua, New Hampshire. In his youth Paul was a fan of wrestling and his favorite wrestler was Ric Flair. At age 14 he became interested in bodybuilding as well as in 1987th year graduated from high school, participated in several competitions in bodybuilding. At 19 he was awarded the title of Teenage Mr. New Hampshire. At the same time he met Ted Arkidi and began to think about professional wrestling career.

In 1992, Levesque was in school, Killer Kowalski, which he recommended Ted Arkidi. Levesque joined the Independent Pro Wrestling Federation (Independent Wrestling Federation) in which students used the school Kowalski. There Levesque became the champion of IWF and began using the name Terra Ryzing.
Professional wrestling
World Championship Wrestling

In early 1994, Levesque signed a contract for 1 year with the Federation of World Championship Wrestling (WCW). In his first televised match, he fought as a healing, and defeated Brian Armstrong. He continued to use the name Terra Ryzing mid-1994 when it was renamed to Jean-Paul LцLvesque. This Gimmicks were called to his French roots and was asked to speak French accent, as in French, he did not say. It was at this time, he began to use his crown reception The Pedigree.

There Levesque was a small fyud against Alex Vrayta, which ended on PPV Starrcade. Between late 1994 and early 1995, Paul played in a team with Lord William Regalia. Their team was short-lived though in early 1995, Paul left WCW after his request was rejected by the move to a single wrestler.
. World Wrestling Federation / Entertainment
. The Connecticut Blueblood (1995-1997)

. In 1995, Paul joined the World Reslingovoy Federation (World Wrestling Entertainment) to use the name Hunter Hearst Helmsley
. He continued to use part of their French Gimmicks of WCW. Paul has appeared on recordings in which he talked about the rules of etiquette. His debut April 30, 1995 on an episode of the show WWF Wrestling Challenge. Despite the fact that it strongly pushili for several months, his career in WWF began in 1996 when he was fyud with Duke "The Dumpster" Droese, which ended for him the first defeat for Royal Rumble 1996 PPV. Until next PPV Levesque appeared on television every time with different women. Sable was his manager at the PPV WrestleMania XII, and, after his loss to Ultimate Warrior, on a plot he vented all the rage at Sable. Then another debut, Mark R. Murrow came to the aid of Sable and between Hunter and Mark got into fyud. May 28, 1996 Triple H participated in the show WWF Superstars in which he fought against Marty Garner. During the match HLB tried to hold his crown reception, but Garner did not know that for the reception is going to Paul and as a result injured shoulder. Helmsley was known as chastgruppirovki 'Click', a group of people, which also included Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Voltman, and that influenced Vince McMahon and the WWF Creative Team. Triple H was in line to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1996 but was up to the level jobber after the incident at Madison Square Garden where, 'Click' away from his characters to popraschatsya to leave the company and Nash Hall. Despite all the punishment the same case with Paul again started to go up the hill after the incident. He found a new manager in Mr. splendor and was recorded to win the match for Interkontenentalnogo championship against Mark R. Murrow. After Mr. Splendor left the WWF was obyasnino as something that after Triple H won the title, he turned away from his manager. Paul held the title of 4 months before losing the title Roku (while speaking under the name Rocky Mivan). At a very short period of its plot was a bodyguard for Mr. Hughes. After Paul Interkontenentalny title he lost some time fyudil with Goldust. Fyud Triple H ended in a victory over Goldust at WrestleMania 13 PPV. During their fyuda, Chyna debuted as a new bodyguard, Paul.
. D-Generation X

. Push Helmsli resumed in 1997 when he won the King of the Ring tournament on June 8 defeated Mick Foley (vyystupavshego at that time under the name of Mankind) in the final
. Later that same year, Shawn Michaels, Helmsli, Chyna, Rick Rude formed a group D-Generation X (DX). This group later became known for his characters 'Solder sucker' (Suck It) crossing arm. At this time, Levesque completely renamed itself Triple H. Once finished fyud DX against The Hart Foundation, and almost all of its members went to WCW, the player continued to fyud Ostash Owen Hart for the title of European champion. Helmsley defeated Hart for the title on Reslmanii XIV.

. After Reslmanii Michaels was forced to temporarily withdraw from the ring due to a back injury he received at the Royal Rumble and Triple H became the leader of the group claiming that the former head of lost skill and no longer worthy to lead the group
. He presented the audience returning wrestler X-Pac. Also took a group Billy Hahn and Jesse James. At this time, Triple H began fyud with the head of the Nation of domination and the then feeble, Rocque. Fyud led to the match for the title of stairs Interkontenentalnogo champion on PPV Summer Shot. Triple H held the title for long as he was denied the title due to leg injury. At the same time, Rock won the WWF Champion and fyud between the player and rock continued as the corporation Vince McMahon in which Rock was the star struggled against DX. Triple H got a chance to the main gold January 25, 1999 in the match 'I give up' against Roca. But the match ended so that the Triple Eychu had to choose, or give up ill look at it as Cain holds a crown in China. Later, China predola Triple H and joined the Corporation.

At Reslmanii XV player won Kaц¦na with China to Score returned to DX. That same night, Triple H gave the player the night Sean Valmana helped when Shane Makmenu win and retain the title of champion of Europe and the process of joining Koproratsii. Becoming feeble Levesque made her hair shorter and no longer looks like a member of DX. Later, he repeatedly tried vyygrrat main gold but to no avail. Player teamed up with Mick Foley against then-champion Steve Austin, 'Stone Cold' in the triple threat match in which the special judge was Jesse Ventura. Mick Foley won the title in that match but at the next show RAW Triple H defeated him for the title of Champion WWF. Triple H lost the title to Vince Makmenu Sept. 16 at the show and later won the SmackDown him again in the match six of PPV Unforgiven. Player won Austin at No Mercy PPV but Seriyaz Survival lost the title of Big Show.
Champion Title

With the advent of 1999, the player preresmotrel its position in the WWE. For a complete happiness he lacked the title of Champion of WWE, but at that time the most important pet company was Steve Austin, and the player was aware that fans would not have liked it if he decided to make an attempt at the title of their favorite. January 25, 1999 The player had the opportunity to fight for the WWE Champion against the Rock on the PQ in the match, according to the rules which the loser was forced to resign. At the match, players literally forced to surrender, threatening that if he did not lose, Cain will Chokslem in China, sokomandnitse Player. Once the player has surrendered, China itself has betrayed attacked his savior and joined the Corporation - the opposing team. At WrestleMania XV player last appeared as a positive hero. A few months China has betrayed Corporation, beat Cain and returned to the player in the DX. Later, the player gave his old friend X-Pac, Shane McMahon to help capture the title of European Champion WWE. This act caused the player to fans hate this, but he was well advanced in the direction of a WWE Champion. Then the player at all and joined the Corporation, where he had to make friends with the rock. Because of the turmoil of the old friends they have not succeeded. As a result, Rocha made a positive hero and the brightest stars in the WWE for all time.

Then the player had to work twice as diligently to get close to the Champion. Then he finally got rid of the black-green image of the leader of the "DX" and completely changed his view. He began winding wrist bands, ceremonies in short sports shorts and cut the hair. Before the match for the title of the player even managed a few times to change the image. After the collapse of the Corporation the player finally approached Champion. After numerous attempts to throw the Summer 1999 Player Napara with Mankind was summoned to fight the then champion WWE - Steve Austin. Judge at the match was Governor of Minnesota - Jesse Ventura. The player lost to Mankind.

At the next PQ player Jimmy Ross threatened to break his hand if Mankind will not give him one more match for the title. Mankind has agreed to battle with the player once again and this time the player finally won the coveted title of WWE. After winning the title, the player has an interview with Jim Ross and asked what Ross is thinking about it. Ross replied that the player - "a bad drunk SOB" Then the player almost buried in the ground. After that the player enmity with many wrestler WWE: rock, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, and many others. He won the hatred of fans around the world to its terrible behavior, dishonest tactics, treydmarkoy sledgehammer. He began to call himself a "player," implying that he - the tip-wrestling world as "cerebral murderer", alluding to the fact that he was smarter and more talented than the rest of WWE.

The new player entered tysecheletie champion WWF. His feud with Vince McMahon sparked the attention of fans around the world and even from outraged when McMahon won the title at the player on SmackDown!. This brief feud spawned the famous storyline - "Hunter Hearst Helmsley - Stephanie McMahon, which lasted right on to two years. This storyline completely changed the life of a Player. Spite Vince McMahon player stole his daughter, Stephanie, and forcibly married her, thereby upsetting her-delayed wedding to the test.

. As soon as the Rock won the title of the player, some fans decided that the player give up and will no longer fight for the title
. But his rivalry with Mick Foley changed their opinion. A player wins a street fight at the Royal Rumble 2000, and even the match Hell in a Cell at No Way Out 2000, due to the effects kotorogu Foley resigned. By removing the main competitor, the player has shocked all the fans, after covering Rock, in the main match at WrestleMania 2000. Over the history of WWF it was the first time a champion of WrestleMania out negative character - usually the title of it to pets. Since then, the player has become one of the most stellar WWE WWF, Steve Austin and Rock.

Despite the fact that he was one of the most hated WWE to WWF, but the secret of his popularity is not in this. In 2000, Kurt Angle started to stand between him and his wife, Stephanie. The player was furious at England, and the fans stood on his side. They were rooting for the player when he hated unichnozhal Engle. Fans were on the side of the player even in his match against Chris Benoit, but in November 2000, he again turned into a negative character. In 2001, Player enmity with Steve Austin and Undertaker. In the end, he suddenly has teamed up with Austin to get the WWF Tag Team titles.

. The most difficult moment in his playing career occurred during the match live on the RO 21 May 2001, when he was injured, calling into question his entire career
. Because one false move player tore the quadriceps in his left leg. Even though he could not stand on the left leg, he still brought the match to end, fully adhering to the plan. For this player highly respected colleagues and professional wrestler, appreciating his dedication to the work. Later the player even allowed one of his rivals - Chris Jericho make it a crown Reception - The walls of Jericho, although this method is very painful, because pressing on the quadriceps. After the match the player underwent surgery. Rehabilitation azh dragged on for seven months.

January 7, 2002 Hunter returned to the show, held in Madison Square Garden, and received a standing ovation. Then he came to the PPV Royal Rumble 2002, won the battle itself, and received the title of the Joint pretendenstvo WWF Champion and the match on the main event of WrestleMania X8. Here only the wife Player - Stephanie in his absence completely out of hand. Then the player demanded a divorce. After the divorce, Stephanie became the patroness champion Chris Jericho. In the weeks before WrestleMania H8 Jericho and Stephanie did their utmost to bring the player out of action, but to no avail. Hunter won the title of the Joint Champion at WrestleMania H8 at Jericho. After keeping the title a month, he lost his Hulk Hogan at Backlash 2002, and then only because of the fact that Hogan helped the Undertaker. After separation of the show, according to the draw the player landed on SmackDown! There he continued to fight with the Undertaker for the title. This time he did not work. Three months later, an old friend of the player - Shawn Michaels persuaded him to move to RO. July 22, 2002 The player again played a villain, betrayed his old friend Shawn Michaels, after covering him in the ring corona reception during reunion team DX. The next week found that someone brutally smeared snout Michaels about the car glass. It was later discovered that it was Hunter. He said that he did it to prove that Michaels - weakling. This statement led to a long murderous feud between Hunter and Michaels, which culminated in the roll of the Summer 2002 in favor of Michaels.

September 2, 2002 World Wrestling Entertainment has introduced new rules, which place titles RO and SmackDown! combined into one. Then Brock Lesnar signed document from which it followed that the title applies only to SmackDown!, Leaving no champion RO. General Manager PQ - Eric Bischoff put into circulation a new title - The title of World Champion HAB and assign it to the player. The player holding the title for almost a year. Then he in turn was taken up by Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Bill Goldberg and Batista. Each of them had difficulty to win the title of the Player. With the exception of Chris Benoit and Batista, all relatively quickly lost his players.

In January 2003 he formed a team player evolution with Rick Flerov, Randy Orton and Batista. The team represents the greatest WWE three generations: the past generation - Fleur, . Today - The player and the future - Orton and Batista, . mainly to the team helps the player to defend his title, . other team members interfered in the title match, . helping to keep the player honest title,
. At a home show in February, Batista and Orton were seriously injured, so the team stopped work for four months. Once evolution has been the dominant force in the RO, which kept the player from losing the title.

Once the player kicked Orton out of the team because he won the world title in the Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit at the 2004 Summer roll. A month later and does the player away from him the title. Their feud continued, it Orton served as a positive hero. At first it was planned to Orton and the player will meet at the match for the title at WrestleMania 21, but then it was decided that instead of Orton for the title would fight Batista, because at the end of 2004, he became much more popular among fans.

. Batista won the Royal Rumble 2005, which proves that he is the main contender for the title of Player
. Player understands the danger that his sokomandnika has all chances to take away his title, so he decided to convince him to move to a side show - SmackDown!. To do this, Triple H adjust the situation in which Batista almost knocked the limo like a limousine Leymfilda John Bradshaw, in the hope that Batista will want revenge and would fight for his title. But Batista learned about who was the initiator of the plan overheard a conversation between Triple H and Rick. Then he left the evolution of signing the contract and left in Rho. Batista and Triple H met at WrestleMania 21 and Batista went otduda Champion. When the team left a player and Ric Flair, Evolution quietly disbanded.

Before the match at WrestleMania 21, where the player lost the title, it was reported that the player is injured. He had injured the upper part of the neck and back of the head after the match with Rosie, where Rosie has made it a Leg Drop. The player himself did not complain of discomfort and not poured on them defeat. Moreover, immediately after the player lost the match went to a rematch with Batista at Backlash 2005.

Unfortunately, the rematch ended also in favor of Batista. Doing nothing, the player had to go to the title from scratch. At the next RO players participated in the tournament 'Gold Rush', the winner of which became the first contender for the title. The tournament he lost to Chris Benoit, who helped Batista. Next week, the player announced that at the time of going to the RO, because, according to him, without him Batista not survive even a champion of the week. But Batista handed. In their last joint title match in a cage won Batista, obdolbiv Player of the iron staircase.

The player returned to Raw on Oct. 3, 2005, participating in the WWE Homecoming. He is the team with Rick Flerov fight against Chris Masters and Carlito. After the match the player attacked Flair with a hammer, starting between them fyud. After they met in a steel cage at the PPV Taboo Tuesday for the title Interkontenentalnogo champion, who at that time wore Flair, and Flair won that match. A player wins the match Flair Last Man Standing is not for the title, thus ending their fyud.
. Return of D-Generation X (2006-2007)

. In 2006 to the year of the player participated in the Royal Rumble before saying that Reslmanii King of Kings will return to the throne
. To win the Royal Rumble, he was unable. However, the player won the tournament Road to WrestleMania thereby receiving a match for the world title at WrestleMania 22 PPV. On PPV WrestleMania player and John Cena fought in the main match for the WWE Championship title in which players lose. Later on PPV Backlash player participated in the triple threat match for the WWE championship in which more involved John Cena and Edge. After the match the player attacked with a hammer and Edge and Sinu after showing signs of DX. After the player has not once tried to win the title from Sina. In the end, he blamed Vince McMahon from large fyud between him and McMahon.

On June 12, 2006 RAW Shawn Michaels is back and they (the player and Sean) have resumed command D-Generation X, thus became a player again Facey. DX defeated the Spirit Squad, click on PPV Veangeance in the match 5 on 2. They continued fyud with Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and the Spirit Squad for several weeks. DX defeated the Spirit Squad back to Saturday Night's Main Event in the match 5 to 2 on the fly. Later, they defeated McMahon at SummerSlam PPV. On PPV Unforgiven DX defeated McMahon and Big Show (then bore the title of ECW champion) in the match 3 to 2 which took place in Hell In A Cell. During the match the player and Sean disgraced Vince McMahon that stuck his head into the back of Big Show. DX won after a player broke a sledgehammer on the shoulders of Vince and Shawn spent his crown reception.

. At Cyber Sunday PPV for DX fyud started against the team Rated-RKO (Edge and Randy Orton) in a match in which the special judge was Eric Bischoff and he and Orton Edzhu allowed to use weapons, after which they defeated
. On PPV Survivor Series DX got revenge when the team DX (player, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy) defeated the team of Edge and Orton (Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox, Gregory Helms). On PPV New Years Revolution player and Shawn fought against Edge and Orton to stop the match. After the match it became clear that the player was injured the knee (like the one he received in 2001). Successful operation was conducted on Jan. 9, 2007 by Dr. James Andrews.
King of Kings (2007-2008)

Most of the 2007 player recovering from injury. Returned to PPV Summer Shot for battle against King Booker. A little later at Vengeance after Vince McMahon handed the title WWE Randy Orton Orton called for a match for the title and win. That same evening, the player has successfully defended his title against Umag. But in the same evening Player Orton lost the title in the last match on his feet. Eleventh world championship was the fourth player of the shortest World Cup championship. On PPV No Way Out The player won the match Hostages blood. The victory gave him a match for the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania XXIV PPV. But Reslmanii he failed to seize the title. Player Win the title on PPV Backlash in a match 4 corners which also included Randy Orton (still champion), JBL and John Cena. Victory in this match put him in one place with fate, he also had 7 Cup championship WWE. The player has successfully defended his title against Randy Orton at the PPV Doomsday in steel cages and PPV One Night Stand in a match last on legs. During that match, Randy Orton was injured and retired a few months.
Go to Smackdown (2008-today)

During the 2008 draft of July 23, 2008 The player was moved to Smackdown. Turning to another brand of player took the title with a WWE title later became exclusive to SmackDown. On PPV Night Of Champions The player has successfully defended his title against John Sina (John Cena). At the very first show after the PPV Smackdown General Manager Vicki Guererro appointed match: Edge vs. Player for the championship title at the WWE PPV Great American Bash. On PPV player has successfully defended against Edge (Rated R Superstar). At SummerSlam player defended his title against Cali ... and at Unforgiven defended his title at the last second of the match against MVP, Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick and Shelton Benjamin. 2nd January 2009 Levesque became embroiled in a scandal related to the general manager Vicki Guererro, stating that he had discovered her erotic photos on eBay. Later, these photos were posted on the official site of World Wrestling Entertainment www.wwwe.com, of course, after censorship. Manager was furious, . and stated, . that at the next show, . January 9, . Triple H, . will participate in 3 games for the show, . Tables Match (Fight with tables) against [[John Morrison John Morrison (John Morrison), . Handicap Match (Match-giveaway) against The Miz and Chavo Guerrero, . Last Man Standing Match (Match up KOs) vs. The Big Show,
. Levesque vyigal first and second match, however, was attacked Mizom and Chavo after first match. For the third match with Big Show Levesque was too tired and beaten, so was knocked out by a blow commentator on the table.

Family Paul Levesque - Canadians with French roots. Incidentally, former Minister of Parliament of the Canadian province of Quebec - RenцL LцLvesque - a relative of the player.

Before marrying Stephanie McMahon, Levesque some time met with Tea. Their personal relationships are reflected in the ring as a partnership in the team DX. And with Stephanie McMahon, Paul became close, thanks to the storyline in the ring. In a scenario player power married to Stephanie McMahon. Later, they began to perform together in a duo, that's when Paul and Stephanie truly converged. October 25, 2003 after his divorce in the ring, they were married in this. Father Paul was best man at their wedding.

As Stephanie's husband and son in law of Vince McMahon, Paul became a full owner of the WWE after the resignation of Vince. Already, Stephanie manages the program SmackDown!, And Levesque often affects the decisions McMahon in scenario cases.

Levesque - one of the most scandalous figures in the history of wrestling. Many experts have criticized him for his political machinations to increase airtime, the illegal retention of titles, pushing his friends in the hierarchy, and the deprivation of talent likely to fame. His former sokomandniki of the clicks are concurrently friends in private life: Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Shawn Uoltman enjoyed his illegal privileges in the late 90s.

. Number of fraud only increased when Paul became a son-promoter WWE - Vince McMahon
. Former sokomandnik player from D-Generation X - Billy Gunn admitted to recently at an interview that even witnessed such machinations Fields.

At the same time during his career LцLvesque fought with the most elite wrestling world. Wherever he played, he always gave the fans a strong reaction (positive or negative). His professional success was recorded throughout the world.
Movies, Shows, Books

Levesque appeared on the famous talk-show MADtv and Saturday Night Live. He played in the movie Blade Trinity vampire named Dzharko Grimwood. Some believe that the player will hit soon and go into acting in Hollywood after the rock and Hogan. The player has denied this suggestion for an interview, saying that above all he will remain a professional wrestler, and only then accept roles in films.

. He starred in the title role in a film titled WWE Way of Death - Jornada del Muerte.

. There are rumors that Levesque would replace Arnold Schwarzenegger in the continuation of best-selling book - Conan the Barbarian.

. In late 2004, the player has released a book called 'Making the Game: Triple H's Approach to a Better Body'
. In the book a lot of tips on bodybuilding, as well as a few items and autobiographies, memoirs, and inference.

Levesque tazhe participated in an episode of comedy series Punk'd on MTV, in which celebrities act out. According to the scenario of the drawing adjust so that the player had spoiled the wedding that the bride had broken his nose, opened the door.
. Titles and Awards

. 2000 - Year Fyud against Kurt Angle

. 2003 - The most hated wrestler of the Year

. 2004 - Year Fyud against Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels

. 2004 - Year Match against Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels (Triple Threat Match for the world title in the Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX, March 14, 2004)

. 2004 - The most hated wrestler of the Year

. 2005 - The most hated wrestler of the Year

. In the list of 500 best WWE Year:

. 1995 -? 84

. 1996 -? 79

. 1997 -? 31

. 1998 -? 24

. 1999 -? 26

. 2000 -? 1

. 2001 -? 6

. 2002 -? 10

. 2003 -? 2

. 2004 -? 3

. 2005 -? 4

. 2006 -? 21

. 2003 -? 139 in the list of 500 best WWE ever

. 5-time World Champion Heavyweight

. 7-fold Champion of the WWE / WWF Champion - last championship as the United WWF Champion

. 5-time WWF Intercontinental Champion

. 2-time WWF European Champion

. Team World Champion - Steve Austin

. Winner of the 2002 Battle Royal

. Winner of the King of the Ring 1997

. Seventh Triple Crown Championship

. Second Grand Slam Champion

. 2000 - Wrestler of the Year

. 2000 - Year Fyud against Mick Foley

. 2004 - Year Fyud against Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels

. 2005 - Year Fyud against Batista

. Member of the Hall of Fame WON, introduced in 2005
. Independent Wrestling Federation

. Champion IWF Heavyweight

. Team Champion IWF - with Perry Saturn

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