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Kevin Nash

( Wrestler)

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Biography Kevin Nash
photo Kevin Nash
July 9, 1959 - Kevin Scott Nash, but it sounds so his full name, was born. Stars in wrestling at that time were Lou Tesz, Bruno Sammartino, and Pat O'Connor, and professional wrestling was far from a sports and entertainment shows, as it is now. In 1959, most American houses were black and white TV, the average car cost less than $ 2,000, and Barbie doll was a new and very bold idea.

. Did Kevin Nash destined to become a superstar of wrestling? In a newspaper interview in 1997, Kevin is a quote that contains the following words: "It's fate ..
. Should be, I knew that I would be wrestler. "

In school, Kevin and his buddies were able to see these fighters as Sheik, Bobo Brazil and Pampero Firpo. He never imagined that someday millions of fans will go with joy, seeing action "sexual giant in the arena. At school in Detroit, Kevin was able to play hockey, baseball and basketball. His dream was to become a professional basketball player. Kevin was invited to the basketball team of Tennessee, he hit the starting line-up at the position a center for the season 1979-1980 years. He was described as a strong, loving knock a defensive player of the plan.

"It was time to move" - describes that time, Kevin Nash, and he really began to move. He flew over the ocean and several years playing in various basketball clubs in Europe. He said the NBA club Cleveland and invited him to training camp. Kevin refused. His basketball career ended in 1985, when on the basketball court in Germany, he tore cruciate ligaments in his knee.

Not knowing how to plan for their future, Kevin joined the U.S. Army, in the detachment, which was based in Germany. In the army, he, in his own words, he learned discipline and perseverance in work.

After serving two years, strengthened Kevin Nash returned to the States, in Atlanta, where he began an apprenticeship at various clubs and bars. Dusty Rhodes, a famous wrestler of that time, said Kevin and saw a 211-centimeter Neshe future of wrestling.

. Already at that time was carried out struggle between the two federations of wrestling - WCW and WWF, the first exit to the arena Kevin has made in the federation WCW under the name "Steel", he went out in pairs with a fighter by the name "Mohawk", together they formed the command "Lords blasters"
. After a short time, in early 1991, Kevin took the name of Oz. Oz had silver hair, was dressed in green and was accompanied by a dwarf. under this name Kevin also briefly addressed, and soon he was Vinnie Vegas - a gangster, dressed in pink. Then he made friends with Diamond Dallas Page, but in general these scenic images Nash was too comical, and he was in this period was the star of the first class.

. Because Nash and decided to try happiness in another federation wrestling - WWF, with which he signed in 1993
. Under the name Diesel and reactive black hair, Kevin Nash began to look a lot better than silver or orange.

1994 was a watershed in the career of Kevin Nash. His crowning reception Jackknife Powerbomb not leave opponents no chance of winning, Diesel became a wrestler? 1 in WWF. In the history of this federation for ever a record 358 days, during which Kevin Nash was the world champion. By that time, WWF acted quite a lot of stars - Bret Hart, Scott Hall, Kevin with the latter especially became friends. It is time to take power into their hands.

. Power passed to Kevin Nash (Nash finally acted under his own name, to which he added the words "Big Sexy" - sexual giants) and Scott Hall, where they signed a contract with the federation WCW and formed an unbeatable duo of Outsiders
. Outsiders have that now in wrestling, they decide everything, "and all the good guys, they do not comply, get on his neck Jackknife Powerbomb". Things reached the point that Kevin Nash applied his crown against the reception of the Erika Bishop, head of the championship, and manager of the fighting - thus Nash showed that even now the administration should be wrestling with him.

. All this was accompanied by an unprecedented Christmas shopping among the spectators
. It was impossible to detach from the TV screens, they staged sold out in the stands just to see how the situation will develop further. Rating broadcasts fighting beat all records, and WCW was the sole leader in the world of wrestling (which is what it is to this day).

. By Kevin Nash and Scott Hall joined by Hulk Hogan, and together they formed supergruppirovku New World Order (nWo), New World Order for a long time simply dictate their terms all those who had not entered.

. But any group ever falls apart, fall apart and nWo - it is divided into two groups: Red and Black and Wolfpac, became the leader of the last Big Sexy
. Kevin Nash was still the most popular wrestler in the federation - he loved and knew how to work the audience, the audience went into raptures, not only from his actions in the ring, but also on its abolition sense of humor. In the ring he was not equal - he won the world title, defeated the undefeated Goldberg. Kevin Nash, by the way, struck Goldberg first defeat of his career - before that Goldberg did not lose anyone.

In 1998, Nash gave his championship belt Hulk Hogan, symbolizing the rebirth of the New World Order. In May 1999, are returned to Nash when he defeated his longtime friend Diamond Dallas Page's. The belt was in Nash's two months, then he lost it in this fight with Randy Savage. In response to Kevin helped defeat Hulk Hogan defeated Savage, which aroused dissatisfaction Hogan, who was accustomed only to achieve without assistance. The conflict between Nash and Hogan should have been resolved in a duel, the result of which all saw the victory of Nash and care Hogan indefinite vacation. But Nash did not displace the legendary Hogan from the championship, lost and left to rest himself. His vacation lasted a few months.

In May 2000, Nash was again a world champion, then lost his title, then back again, then lost again ...

Now Kevin Nash has more than 40 years. He already had everything that could only dream of this young wrestler, but Nash is in wrestling, and still is one of the main contenders for the title of world champion.

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Kevin Nash, photo, biography
Kevin Nash, photo, biography Kevin Nash  Wrestler, photo, biography
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