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( Swedish metal team Hypocrisy)

Comments for HYPOCRISY
Swedish metal team Hypocrisy, whose catalog includes dozens of albums, but history has recorded many stylistic twists and qualitative and quantitative permutations - from one to five participants, knows the only constant. Its name - Peter Tgtgren (Peter Tagtgren). Swedish journalists called him a man of the Renaissance, the living embodiment of music, the central figure of the Scandinavian metal movement. The European press dubbed him Rick Rubin of Scandinavian metal. It is no accident. If Rubin, . Tgtgren American counterpart, . their achievements must, . among other, . Beastie Boys, . Red Hot Chili Peppers, . Aerosmith, . Run DMC, . Public Enemy and Slayer, . then on the conscience of the Swedish master - the success of the leading teams in Europe Metal: Dimmu Borgir, . Immortal, . Marduk, . Dark Funeral, . Destruction and Celtic Frost.,

. The central figure of the extreme metal movement, Peter Tgtgren (born June 3, 1970 in a suburb of Stockholm), their success is simple: "Music for me - all
. I work in the studio for ten hours every day seven days a week. Through my hands are dozens of different groups. For days I am surrounded only music ". In this mode, he lives a long time, at least the past 15 years, ever since he was first struck by the idea to gather a team that would find their niche at the intersection of traditional heavy, black, thrash and gothic-metal. By this time, Peter had three years to live in Florida, where the fascination with watching the careers of local metal-command Morbid Angel, Deicide, Death and Obituary. I managed to play the drums in the Florida group, Malevolent Creation, promised before the departure of its frontman Phil Fashiane (Phil Fasciana), that the next time will return to America at the head of his own metal band. Even managed to record a demo tape "Life f Pain" with one of the intermediate groups Seditious.

History of the Swedish metal band Hypocrisy began in 1990. Initially, it was nothing like a solo project of Peter Tgtgren. Demos he produced independently, performing the role of the vocalist, keyboardist and guitarist. Other artists managed to attract when we found a record company, risked to start cooperation with the newcomer.

. In 1991, Peter brought the project is four musicians - vocalist Masse Broberg (Masse Broberg), . guitarist Jonas Osterberg (Jonas Osterberg), . bassist Mikael Hedlund (Mikael Hedlund) and drummer Lars Coke (Lars Szoke), . he had known for many years,
. Tgtgren himself took the role of second guitarist. The first attempt to make themselves known - album "Penetralia" (1992), which was recorded in home studio, Peter - was not very strong. Music was carrying a clear imprint of creativity Morbid Angel, Entombed and Deicide - Tgtgren have not yet found his own style, and adhere to the standards of that time - skrezhechuschie guitars, growling vocals and loud drums. Attention turned to the group after the second release - "Osculum Obscenum" (1993), which the experts rated as a competent balance between the old school death metal and energy-black metal.

. In 1994, the group declined - it remained Mikael Hedlund, Lars Peter Coke and himself
. This is the trio over the next years was associated with Hypocrisy. The first issued in this part of the disc - "Inferior Devoties" (1994) - all vocals ispolyal Peter, and sound, despite the downsizing, it became even tougher and more confident. In this part Hypocrisy made a tour of neighboring countries in the company of colleagues on the label - Brutality. Metal-community has welcomed them with enthusiasm, and journalists dubbed them "the masters of musical carnage.

. The same year saw the light of the third full-length album - "Fourth Dimension", . which Tgtgren showed all his considerable vocal range, . and later became characteristic of Hypocrisy use keyboards, . dark, . expressive melodies and tracks at a slow pace,
. Emotionality and mesmerizing atmosphere and excellent guitar work are proprietary features of their music.

. The next release - the album "Abducted" in 1996 - was a bright alloy substiley different metal incapable of any coherent classification
. As subjects for songs Tgtgren used his themes have long been interested - alien life forms, ritual magic. The first step in this direction was the composition "Roswell 47", dedicated to the events in Roswell, where it is alleged in 1947. crashed flying saucer. Besides, . on the album there are two acoustic tracks and one [tag] ambient [/ tag]-sketch, . which were written by Peter in 1994 for one of the side-projects, . but the application is not found, . Two years later, his mates themselves proposed to use the musical material for "Abducted",
. Name fifth album - "Final Chapter" ( "The Final Chapter"), suggested that the release may be a point in the work of Hypocrisy. Published in 1997, he was much more popular than previous releases. The Panel has received greater prominence in the world metal, . but in this moment Tgtgren decided to "freeze" the project - in addition Hypocrisy, . he was busy with a solo industrial project Pain, . and continued to serve as a producer in a recording studio Abyss Studios,
. Time is desperately short, and after extensive touring in the summer of 1997 he gave Hedlund and Coke indefinite leave of absence, and he continued to work at Abyss Studios, selecting a few groups (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal and Dark Funeral).

. In January 1999, was released a live album "Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken 1998", which gave hope for the return of the collective
. The final decision to return was taken after a speech at the Milwaukee Metal Fest, where they expect such a reception, what they have not met yet nowhere and never. Published in late 1999's sixth album "Hypocrisy" provoked rave reviews from critics, who awarded this Long-play commentary, "100% natural metal". The following year saw the light of the disc "Into the Abyss", almost all the material which was sativa in the same creative impulse - for several weeks, and the sound was closer to that variety of death metal, with which the group began its work.

. Several months later, the group invited its fans to select the tracks for the box set "Ten Years of Chaos and Confusion"
. He left in 2001, all the selected songs were dubbed in the more difficult arrangements.

In 2002, the group presented a boldly experimental album "Catch 22", a sound which is a clot of aggressive, violent, vibrant energy. The success of the album was confirmed by two lengthy U.S. tour, where the group each evening gathering full houses. The next release - "The Arrival" (2004) - was filled with new finds and excellent vocal passages. This was the last album, which participated in the recording Lars Coke. On the forthcoming tour of his place on drums agreed to take Reidar Horghagen (Reidar Horghagen), he simply Jorge (Horgh), former drummer Immortal and Grimfist, musician, whom Peter has long admired.

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HYPOCRISY, photo, biography
HYPOCRISY, photo, biography HYPOCRISY  Swedish metal team Hypocrisy, photo, biography
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