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30 seconds to Mars

( group of Southern California.)

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Biography 30 seconds to Mars
photo 30 seconds to Mars
Group members:

. Jared Leto [Jared Leto] - vocals, guitar

. Solon Biksler [Solon Bixler] - guitar

. Matt Uochter [Matt Wachter] - bass guitar

. Shannon Leto [Shannon Leto] - drums

. and former member of the team

. Kevin Drake [Kevin Drake] - guitar

. Frontman Jared Leto is a group [Jared Leto], . which is known for such films, . as "Requiem for a Dream" [ "Requiem For A Dream"], . "Fight Club" [ "Fight Club"], . recent "Panic Room" [ "Panic Room"], . as well as the show "My, . so-called, . life "[" My So Called Life "].,

. Welcome to the Universe
. Exploding the atmosphere, power and melody, their songs at the same time make you think about the end of the world and the meaning of life, full of heroes who battle with alienation, paranoia and dark obsessions, in anticipation of his escape from this world.

. 30 Seconds To Mars - is an exciting and imaginative group of Southern California
. They produced the their self-titled album with Immortal / Virgin, together with the legendary Bob Ezrin [Bob Ezrin], and a novice in this matter by Brian Virtue [Brian Virtue] (group Jane `s Addiction). They found the Ezrin, . because growing, . listening to his stunning work with Pink Floyd, . Kiss and Alice Cooper [Alice Cooper], . and understand, . that he was the only, . who could help them to realize the size and scale of the, . what they wanted to achieve on their debut album,
. Large sound team, filled with adrenaline and subtleties, poised on the brink of heavy guitar tracks with vocals, sing the praises of something higher, and the organic synthesizer with electronic basis.

. Even before the release of the album sound around them was so great, . that the group Puddle Of Mudd made uncharacteristic step, . and invited 30 Seconds To Mars open for them a 6-week tour in spring 2002, . despite, . that the group was absolutely unknown, . and nobody has heard their music on the radio.,

. Having received the impact of such grants, as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Rush, as well as Brian Eno [Brian Eno] and The Cure, 30 Seconds To Mars transcends the chaos of the modern world, allowing listeners to imagine myself somewhere far away
. The name of the team appealed to the accelerated society we live in, suggesting that escape from it may be only a few seconds away. Water element Steam Mars over us has always been iconographic way, not to mention the fact that he is the god of war. Tracks 30 Seconds To Mars - real stories and episodes from the life that challenge the personal experience of human. As for Tex, the songs are filled with metaphors, and elements of fantasy that capture your imagination.

. In such songs, . as a dynamic "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)", . mentioning about the mysterious disappearance and a presentiment of "The End Of The Beginning", . with soaring vocals and tight rhythm, . 30 Seconds To Mars make startling unique mood, . even more, . than now,
. Enjoying duty of the artist, rather than simply presenting the obvious, the band pushes itself to the environment of sound, which they created, leaving an indelible imprint characteristic. In a provocative "Oblivion", pulsating guitar and keyboards lead to frenzied Prevention: "Everybody run now, everybody run now" [ "Run all at once, run all at once"]. Powerful vocals, . compelling guitar riffs and dramatic narrative dominate in "Buddha For Mary", . stories about "the girl a warehouse" [ "different girl"], . which "always liked to fly" [ "always liked to fly"] and which had a "desire to astronauts" [ "a thing for astronauts"],
. Living on Mars, that it was imperative, she "left the politics to madmen" [ "leave the politics to madmen"].

. 30 Seconds To Mars entered the alienation Big Sky Kauntri [big sky country] in Wyoming [Wyoming], to record their debut album
. Team and Ezrin chose an empty warehouse on the 15-thousand acres, fighting for the exact location that would improve their sound. Began an intense period of recording with manic selection of about 50 songs written previously. After the initial chaos, between the musicians and the producer formed a fruitful relationship that led to the artistic atmosphere that influenced in all respects to the band's debut. Extended its scope helped to sate their imagination and play. Although the songs were already written, virtually nothing is left intact to the extent that they embody in their guitar riffs and tones, step by step, and have designed every note and detail to achieve its goal.

. While, . the heroes of their songs are involved in their own search, . 30 Seconds To Mars are involved in their search, . seeks to capture something unique in today's world, controlled by the commercial music - something with depth and substance, . work, . which will live forever.,

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30 seconds to Mars, photo, biography
30 seconds to Mars, photo, biography 30 seconds to Mars  group of Southern California., photo, biography
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