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Biography AGAFONOVA Tatiana
photo AGAFONOVA Tatiana
Born 08/10/1963
A strong desire to become an actress Tatiana had not experienced ever before, even during the misty youth. As often happened with the then young, the girl went to take exams in the Moscow Art Theater School for the company with best friend. External data Agafonova selection committee evaluated the "troika". "Business-something" - thought sixteen Tanya and carried documents in medical school, where, in fact, was going to do from the very beginning. Tatiana has been two months sitting in a medical cap on lectures on the pharmacology of the Moscow Art Theater when it notified her enrollment in the first course. And this is the contest of 245 people in the place.

Refined beauties "blue blood" in the cinema and the theater has always been abundant, but someone had to play the conductor, weavers, cooks and other toilers era of developed socialism. The image of a girl Lisa buns, hateful bun from a lyrical comedy "Lone granted residence, where Tanya has played his first role, was successful.

After this student Agafonova lit up in several scenes: "Inter-girl" (Vera, "The Muscovite"), "Zina, Zinulya", "fast train", "On the main street with the orchestra. Then there was and the main role in the film "Ladies Day". Her heroine, as a rule, women were strong and strong-willed, while necessarily good, though not always happy.

. Among other works Actresses: Paradise Paukova in detective adventure comedy "Five kidnapped monks", . Natasha in the film "The Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin, . Mack in the series "Alaska Kid", . Glasha in the television series "The denouement Petersburg secrets.",

. Even before graduation, Nour began playing at the Theater-Studio of Oleg Tabakov, where each new performance becoming a cultural event in Moscow.

. 90 s

. With the collapse of the Soviet Union has changed
. New pictures are not removed and were not offered the roles of Tatyana. To survive, she, like everyone else, she acted in commercials.

Soon realized that we must stop clinging to old life. And in the thirty-three years became a student of law faculty of the Academy of Economics and Law.

At the same time, she got a job on TV. Two years of her smiling face appeared in the transfer of "Pharmacy" to "TV-6 Moscow", resulting in the magazine "TV-Park" awarded her the title of "most healthy televeluschaya". Confidentially looking into the eyes of viewers, Tatiana advise how to put an enema, to sit on a diet of science, etc.. Then transfer closed, and Tatiana, typing in a deep breath, rushed into a new profession.

Business patted her pretty. Where is she just was not: legal adviser, director of the company was selling spare parts for passenger car. I tried to combine art with business, leading the creative union, but the default of 1998 put a fat point in his career Tatiana-businesswoman. Sometimes called a "Mosfilm", offered to play a stubby rolishki in movies about gangsters and Chechnya. From this fuss would run. Where? To my mother.


My mother has long moved from Moscow to the village. Strong little house in Zalazino grandfather built more. When he died, the house was used as a summer residence. Though far away, but not six hundred square. But the real estate of. Garden, garden, sauna. Tatiana loves this house. As a child, parents sent Tanya on vacation here, to the ancestors. Wooden carved furniture of the last century, shades, dull grandmamma hands, the smell of dry grass in the passage. The creaking of the gate. Here lives an eternity.

When my mother died, go to the village was like no reason. But once, when Tatiana arrived, found out the house, he seemed to her desolate old. Well, as it can sell, give the wrong hands? And Tatiana realized that not betray grandfathers house ever. Spring garden planted with potatoes, whitewashed apple, fix fence. Fight with life helping relatives living in nearby villages. Rhode Agafonov was strong and prolific. Almost three hundred years, they plowed the land in the Tver region.

A year later, when the question arose of replacing the leadership of the kolkhoz, 105 people, full of the ten surrounding villages, offered to lead the economy to Tatiana. And unexpectedly for herself, she agreed.

"If fate gives me a chance to learn something new, why not try?" - She explains this decisive turn in life.

From Moscow apartment Tatiana took the life of the countryside only a library and TV with video. But the apartment is not locked up forever. The actress is open to suggestions. Recently, between harvest and planting time to weigh in the movie "Kill the evening" with Sergei Zhigunov.

In the village Agafonov called by my name, but in the administration area of the eye are calling "Tanya-Hollywood". Kolkhoz "Forward!" Tatiana went with a huge debt of seven million rubles.

Land lot: twenty kilometers from the rule of right and left as many. Once this piece of land was cultivated flax. On the revival of this tradition dreams Duchess. And yet in her life is like in a movie about agriculture: knock-out money to spare parts for deflating harvesters, arrears of salary, milking and haying, the fight against alcoholism.

"Last - the worst. You'll give a salary, and the best people leave for a few days. Drink not only men, women losing themselves into drinking. Muffle vodka its lack of implementation, depression. Sometimes I think: My God, why did I do it for 2,5 thousand rubles salary? Criticized because I still have for all mercilessly. I listen to so smile. If I can these people give us something to help, I will respect myself, - shares his thoughts Tatiana, but once the writer's brother warns against hasty conclusions. - But do not write about me, as a former actress. Movies and d for me - parallel worlds. One does not exclude the other: ".

Light in the chairman's office is lit up late in the evening. With enviable persistence Tatiana filed in a folder with all securities reporting and accounts. Every day, the computer calculates the cost-parishes, trying to find through the Internet to who will buy next year's harvest.

Her day begins at six. And this is the most favorite time. Wash in cold water from the washstand, brew tea, slowly smoking a cigarette. And then looking out the window at the rising sun for ten minutes did not think either of fuel or about centners per hectare, and just listen, like a cat with a kitten milk from lacquer bowls near the stove.

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AGAFONOVA Tatiana, photo, biography
AGAFONOVA Tatiana, photo, biography AGAFONOVA Tatiana  Actress, photo, biography
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