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Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich

( Star 'Yeralash')

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Biography Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich
photo Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich
Born 28/01/1988
For the first time on screen Misha Cossacks appeared in the children's comic reel 'Yeralash'. Appeared and immediately won the hearts of many viewers. The good-natured, smiling like a goof was created for 'Yeralash'. That's why it took off year after year, the last time - in 16 years. Total Michael participated in the 21 plot, on all counts - the present record.

Misha loved not only the many spectators, but also people around him. He grew soft, good boy, though, as he himself acknowledges, fuzz, amateur fooled around. Nevertheless, the teachers treated him well, because when you want, Michael was able to meet and learn a verse on the change of three seconds before the lesson. But, then, after reading the lesson, he could just as easily to be forgotten forever.

Two murders

In January 2005, millions of people shocked news: hero 'Yeralash' killed a man! Killed with a panga. And who? - The same Kazakov Misha! Immediately details surfaced two years ago, when in Tver was killed (and also with a knife) Misha's father - a well-known merchant, a manufacturer of carbonated water under the brand name 'Cossacks'. The murderer then found, but later withdrew the accusation - it turned into a self-defense

And now under investigation himself was Mikhail Kazakov. Incidentally, he never denied his guilt, immediately confessed that defended the familiar girl Vika. During the investigation it became clear that Wick asked Michael to go with her to meet with her boyfriend, 20-year-old Cyril Gurkin, with whom she had quarreled before this. 'I liked Cyril, - she said later - just wanted to let me porevnoval little'. Cyril came to the meeting drunken. Inflamed, he rushed from the club at Vicky, Michael, defend, hit him three strokes of the knife ...

At trial, many came to the defense of Michael. Then the court asked the victim's mother guy. She asked to terminate a criminal case against Mikhail Kazakov, writing an application for 'reconciliation of the parties'. As a result, it turned into a 'excess of self-defense' and closed.

Ilya Polezhaykin

Cinema could not pass such a textured actor. At first, Michael starred in the episodes in the film 'Escape' and 'Day of money', and in 2007 he was offered a role of Ilia Polezhaykina in the series 'Daddy's Daughter'. In fact, the actor was already 20-th year, and he had to play a tenth. But, looking at this huge guy with the baggy baby white-toothed smile on his face, unconsciously believe that it really sixteen.

Hero Mikhail Kazakov - of those about whom they say: 'Power is - do not mind'. Edakii dear dunce. Education is given to him with great difficulty, and helps him classmate Galina Vasnetsov (Lisa Arzamasova), which for a lot of knowledge respectfully referred to as Galina. However, the hero of Michael is of great sympathy with the audience of its spontaneity and childish simplicity. At a meeting on the street audience is often called the actor Ilya Polezhaykinym and sincerely grateful for the series.

. The translator, a financier, an actor?

. Currently, Mikhail Kazakov studying in Moscow financial-legal academy, after which we obtain at once two degrees: a translator in information systems and financier
. He admits that he is a very interesting. But in the film removed him too very much. And what he still will - a financier or an actor, Michael and myself are still not decided. But 'Mosfilm' its database updated. So, concludes:

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  • Faina for Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich
  • With great pleasure watching TV series "Daddy's daughter. But despite his "invoice", I had to shoot another actor, because with such a good series in the past has nothing to do. Rate Rate, and honor and conscience in the first place
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    Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich, photo, biography
    Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich, photo, biography Kazakov Mikhail Sergeyevich  Star 'Yeralash', photo, biography
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