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Keosayan Tigran Edmondovich

( Director, screenwriter, actor)

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Biography Keosayan Tigran Edmondovich
Born 04.01.1966, Moscow
Tigran Keosayan was born on January 4 in Moscow. His father - Edmond Keosayan - film director, famous adventure strip "Elusive Avengers' set them in 1966, based on a story P. Blyahina 'Red Devils'. Mom Tigran - Laura Ashotovna Gevorgyan - actress, Honored Artist of Armenia. His first film role she played in her husband's picture. She was the wife Kudasova in the film 'The New Adventures of the elusive'.

Childhood Tigran was on the set. He happened to play the way his father in the film 'crown imperial Russia, or again the elusive'. After graduation in 1984 he enrolled in the directing department at VGIK (workshop Yu Ozerov). By this time, Tigran has worked on a film studio "Mosfilm".

Ibid VGIK Tigran Keosayan directed his first film - 18-minute drama 'Sunny Beach', which tells about a soldier who could not stand bullying 'grandfathers', served in the running. In the short film starred his friend on WGIK Fyodor Bondarchuk. He also Tigran starred in the same 18-minute short film "A Midsummer Morning '.

. As a student Tigran worked in show business, has developed almost unknown in Russia, then the sphere of production music videos and commercials
. Together with Fyodor Bondarchuk, he continued to engage klipmeykerstvom and after VGIK. Tigran - by clips for I. Allegrova, Diana, M. Shafutinskogo 'Knives', I. Sarukhanov 'Violin-fox', N. Vetlitskaya 'Look into my eyes' (Grand Prix 'Generation 92', nominated in the MTV European competition ) etc.

. Director and actor

. In 1991, Tigran Keosayan first appeared in a full role in the adventure comedy Yuri Kuzmenko 'Joker'
. A year later, a real place and directorial debut Keosayan - he directed his first feature film 'Katka and Shiz'. And in 1996, screens out comedy miniteleserial Tigran Keosayan 'to do funny, family affairs'.

Directorial success was Keosayan Christmas comedy with elements of melodrama 'Poor Sasha "Alexander Zbrueva starring. Lightweight funny film narrated on the unlucky thief-safecracker Volodya Berezkin, helps girls Sasha rob my mother's bank, to her mother returned home to the New Year. The film was awarded TEFI as 'Best Picture in 1998', and Alexander Zbruev got on 'Kinotavr-98' prize in the category 'Best Actor'.

Were a success and following the director's work. In 1999 Keosayan took melodrama - "The President and his granddaughter ', which was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Festival' Kinotavr-2001 '. And in 2000 - a lyrical comedy 'Lily of the valley silver', which tells about the vicissitudes of show business. This tape also was awarded the prize at the festival "Window to Europe 2001 '. Incidentally, the 'Lily of the valley silver' one of the roles played by his wife, Alena Khmelnytsky

. The success of the audience had his series about the Chechen War 'Men's Work', where starring the same old Fyodor Bondarchuk Khmelnytsky and Allen, as well as Sergei Veksler and Nicholas Chindyaikin.

. In 2003, the audience finally able to see and another acting job Tigran Keosayan
. He played an operator in the TV series Nikita Bakradze Vsevolod Plotkin 'major role'.

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Keosayan Tigran Edmondovich, photo, biography
Keosayan Tigran Edmondovich, photo, biography Keosayan Tigran Edmondovich  Director, screenwriter, actor, photo, biography
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