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Jakovenko Tatiana

( Actress, TV host, producer)

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Biography Jakovenko Tatiana
photo Jakovenko Tatiana
Tatyana Yakovenko was born August 25, 1964 in Moscow. She grew up and the future actress was raised in a family who had neither the theater nor the cinema irrelevant. Went to the ordinary Moscow school, fascinated, like all the girls, first dances, sports, the school was an activist and, of course, visited the circle of amateur. He even influenced the choice of life a girl: at the end of the school, with parental consent, Tatyana Yakovenko, successfully passing the entrance exams, was admitted to the famous "pike."

. After graduation Tatyana Yakovenko was adopted in a comedy troupe at Rosconcert, which later transformed into the theater on Pokrovka
. The team of Sergey Artsybasheva on Pokrovka actress is from the date of creation. Perhaps, therefore, Tatyana Yakovenko so little and was shot, though, despite the workload in the theater, she kept thinking about the movie. Yes, and Artsybashev not stand when his actors somewhere left. He believed that they should be brought only theater, but in her life lacked movies! Cinema has always attracted Tatyana Yakovenko.


The first meeting of the actress with the film began with a supporting actor in the director George Nathanson social melodrama "Valentin and Valentina" in explanation of the play Roshchina. A first major role was the role of a girl Zoe, unwittingly fallen into the hands of ex-criminals in criminal drama Arcadia Cordon "Condemned".

Cine world noticed a beautiful girl and talented actress. Alexander Black had called her the lead role in Ross-Polish-American project, while metaphorical comic melodrama "He's not tying shoelaces" about the love of the living dead men and women in the literal sense. Yakovenko succeeded brilliantly reveal the essence of her character Victoria, which is not at all dead, but only a ghost of the wife of a certain Stanislav, the charming actress for a role of a partner Sergei Makovetsky

. Fate gave the actress, . what it is she is very grateful, . with Valery Priemyhovym: first it was a romantic role in the social drama "Migrants", . and then an interesting image of a cult in the late nineties, tragi-comic melodrama, "Who, . unless we, . in the latter's work,
. If it were not for his tragic death, the actress is confident that today she would be in the team Priemyhova.

Some time later, Tatyana has been in the team amazing man, a professional producer Vitaliy Moskalenko. Moskalenko all well thought out, when he made his movie 'One life': all the scenes were rehearsed in advance and the film so filming only half months

. Painting with a touching story: the heroine Yakovenko - Editor in Chief of fashionable women's magazine, . called her name 'Marina', . recovering from a serious illness, . - It, . heroine, . pregnant! Coincided with the pregnancy itself and actress and a very happy coincidence Moskalenko: "Tanya, . child - is the most fundamental in our picture! Well done! ",
. Favorite of viewers, popularly known "cop" with "the street of broken lamps Alexei Nilov in the film was made in a very unexpected Role - Nilov played the hero-lover.

In the movie "cottage for sale" the young director Potapova Tatiana Yakovenko playing with Alexander Pankratov-Cherny. Now comedians are not so many, such as Leonid Gaidai, for example, but still love to laugh and wait for this film - subtle, with humor. And it depends on many factors: the material, text, on how the actors have played, here and had the audience liking the main characters of this film:

. Producer

. Tatyana Yakovenko whole life was an actress, but now the time is that it is possible to do and their projects
. Now on the screen - the dominance of male movie: fighting, blood, aggression, and everyone wants a bright, clean. That is what prompted the actress to go to the producers. I wanted to move forward, creating a quality film. It became interesting to form the team. Being in the context of a talented creative team. That's made Tatyana Yakovenko in a mystical thriller "The Gothic Collection / Water" not only for themselves in a familiar role, but also proved to be a successful producer.

Of course, Yakovenko brilliantly combined the role of the protagonist and producer, and the role was really interesting and works well because the team is very professional, people are young, energetic, lively. In the picture were shot, and the stars of the first magnitude - Smolyakov, Alyona Yakovleva - a wonderful actress and the young actors, their faces are not zamyleny ".


Tatyana Yakovenko, of course, considers himself a strong women. In fact, it is of the opinion that it is now very little weak women. Most likely, the conditions of life do not allow to be weak. We must educate children, but beyond that you can still take place as a personality, self-respect. Men, of course, also be respected, but how else?:

And at Yakovenko little strange hobby - it is constantly studying: English, French, playing the piano and this is certainly a good example for their children. Or maybe it's just normal?

She - absolute fatalist. Virgo, a good sign that all can get along. In her hand, two lines that do not converge, it is a fatal sign of fate. And because the actress draws in communicating with children, their families, husband, friends. It breaks the stereotype that it is impossible to work with friends. Even as possible! It's an absolute understanding! Tatyana Yakovenko very good to people and expects the same attitude to himself.

. Filmography:

. 1985 Valentin and Valentina
. 1989 Sentenced
. 1997 There was a blessing in disguise
. 1998 Who, if not we
. 2003 One Life
. 2005 Garpastum
. 2005 cottage for sale
. 2007 Gothic Collection / Water - actor, producer
. 2008 The Vanished Empire
. 2008 cold sun

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Photos of Jakovenko Tatiana
Jakovenko TatianaJakovenko TatianaJakovenko TatianaJakovenko Tatiana

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  • Love for Jakovenko Tatiana
  • The beautiful actress! Films with her participation ( "He's not tying shoelaces" and "One Life") will remain in memory for long.
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    Jakovenko Tatiana, photo, biography
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