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Comments for GULYAKOVA Catherine
Biography GULYAKOVA Catherine
photo GULYAKOVA Catherine
Pope Catherine Gulyaeva - a former soldier, a colonel in the reserve exploration. My mother graduated from the Commerce and Economic University, Education merchandise. His parents instilled in her daughter such things as commitment and discipline. Katya had never walked in late, and well studied in school (her father helped her with math, and English). However, despite a strict upbringing, Catherine admits that she had a happy childhood.

From an early age the actress named Katya. Yes, and how differently - because she loved to sing and recite poetry. Later, while studying in school, Catherine led the children's command of KVN and became the permanent director of school productions. With such a data it was a straight road to the theater. However, she herself had this really did not think. All her relatives received trade and economic education, and that's not going to violate the First Lady tradition. So would it would be an economist, if not the teacher of Russian language and literature, Olga. Having the choice of Katie, she exclaimed: 'But what about talent? " and persuaded the girl to change his decision.

. Youth

. Catherine heed the advice of her teacher and the next day filed papers in the Kiev National University of Culture and the Arts Faculty at the theater directing them
. I. Karpenko-Kary. Parents, of course, it was disheartening, but understood and supported his daughter. And Kate entered, and the first time, despite the insane competition - 60 people in the place!

On arrival at the institute began its independent life. Catherine, feeling that she, like any creative person needs freedom, has to live separately. For many years, rented an apartment, then acquired their housing. It is recognized that cross the threshold of your own home - it was a great happiness!

But back in his student years. For the third year Kate started to appear in the pages of glossy magazines, to appear in promotional projects. More - more. Just before the end of the institute she was asked to become the leading program "O-TV Models' at one of Ukrainian TV. Female enthusiastically set to work. Herself looking theme, interviewed, worked on the assembly, and all it does. But two years later, she felt that develops framework TV. Catherine really wanted to play in the movie, and this opportunity presented itself to her:

Victim Chikatillo

Since the debut of the cinema of Catherine Gulyakovoy lucky. The young actress was invited to the Italian painting 'Evilenko' (shooting took place in Ukraine), where her partner was a famous Hollywood actor Malcolm McDowell. In the film, he played a major role maniac Chikatillo, and Catherine inherited the role of his victim. In a scenario of its heroine - progressive punk girl, who, faced with a maniac decides to fight with his own methods. Here only cope with the mentally ill, it is beyond the power ...

Catherine recognizes that terrified filming with Malcolm McDowell and even saw valerian. But as is often the case, than a man 'starry', so it's easier to communicate, the less it pathos. Not an exception McDowell. Working with him for a young actress was a real pleasure. She recalls: 'I remember the whole day was a 30-degree sun in a black leather jacket and languished in the heat. The first, who noticed it, was Malcolm. He immediately offered to put me in Tenek and bring water. And during the breaks he took my umbrella and chair, and sit down to talk. Because such benefits - an umbrella, a chair - were provided only for the Hollywood stars! "

Abroad, the film 'Evilenko' highly commended. At the festival in Cannes, he even won the prize for Best Director. With success was rolling in Russia. But in Ukraine it is not accepted. Perhaps the reason for this was a very difficult subject:

'Kiss the stranger:'

The second work of Catherine Gulyakovoy in film role was in the teen comedy directed by Ukrainian Oleg Udovenko 'kiss the stranger for 20 minutes' (2005). In this fascinating stories about flirting, dating and love street, Catherine played a major role - radiodidzheya Anastasia. Its heroine - a young, cheerful, trendy girl, who does not complicate the life of anyone and is easy to contact with the outside world. Actress easily got used to that image, perhaps because she herself lives in the same - a light and pleasant in communication.

. 'The heart is not laid himself'

. Role of Nastya, daughter Varlamov, in the series 'heart is not laid himself' actress was due to SAG Ukraine, which it recommended
. Then she, like everyone else, was a serious casting. Actors auditioned an incredible amount. At first, the creators of the series saw it in the form of Maya - the good, good girl. It seemed that this role is ideally suited to Catherine. But then the producers changed their mind and adopted the role of Catherine evil, hamovatoy girl Nastya. The actress, this did not upset. The contrary, the role of Nastia, she found it a godsend. After all, this actress is always fun to play diverse characters.

The series 'heart is not laid himself open' - it is an adapted version of the Romanian television series 'The tears of love', with success coming out of Eastern Europe in 2005-2006. However, the Romanian equivalent series resembled a first. Then, under pressure from the actors, the producers have made concessions and changed a few plot lines are heroes. From this project just won:


Catherine Gulyakova married. As she acknowledges, her husband, a businessman Igor, became her first great love in life. Incidentally, in his time he was against the proceeds of Catherine in a theatrical institute, considering the profession of an actress - a matter of frivolous. But now, under the influence of Catherine's success, has changed his opinion and very happy for his wife.

. Filmography:

. 2004 Evelenko (Italy)
. 2005 Return of Mukhtar-2 - serial
. 2005 kiss the stranger for 20 minutes (Ukraine)
. 2006 Return of Mukhtar-3 - serial
. 2007 The heart is not prikazhesh (Ukraine) - TV series
. 2009 Territory of beauty (Ukraine)

. Born 29/03/1980

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GULYAKOVA Catherine, photo, biography
GULYAKOVA Catherine, photo, biography GULYAKOVA Catherine  Actress, photo, biography
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